Alienware Aurora R5 Review

When it comes to games, the real gamer always looks for graphics, and for the best graphics, I would say don’t settle for less than the best gaming PC, and if you’re looking for one, go for Alienware Aurora R5.

Hmm… I can sense your fidgetiness about its weight, or maybe it’s looks, but what about it’s potential? For that, you have to spare a few minutes and read this Alienware Aurora R5 review.

Get to know Alienware Aurora R5 desktop more closely; I am sure you will find it just amazing!

Short of why gaming desktops? They are powered with high-tech features and follow upgraded technology, making it easier to play all the graphically rich titles.

The Aurora R5 by Alienware is a revolutionary gaming desktop and kinda shame to other pre-built PCs, thanks to its clever chassis, compact size, and affordable price.


  • Less upgradability
  • Space-friendly design
  • Affordable
  • Interior access doesn’t require any manual work
  • Supports two graphic cards 


  • Obstructed cooling
  • Quite big and heavy 
  • Lacks the latest highest-end component.


The design of Alienware Aurora R5 can make or break your mind – users either call it a striking, sleek gaming desktop or an ordinary humidifier.

For me, it boasts a mind-blowing design wrapped in a matte grey finish, having the head of a tiny alien – look like an alien by Alienware.

One of the finest features of Aurora R5, which was not there in its predecessors, is its large, tower-like silver side panels that are connected with a deeply ventilated black center.

The convenient grips on its top & bottom are what made the device manageable and easy to hold and lug-around, but difficult to hold single-handedly.

Short of space? Worry not, this space-saving silhouette will easily fit in your standard computer desk. Even its asymmetrical and aesthetic design, especially the side panels of the tower that bulge slightly outwards, giving it a slightly angular look, will also meet your style.

To look more unique and dynamic, it comes with adjustable AlienFX tri-LED light bars; stress not, the PC ensures silent operation – no more boisterous distractions while gaming.

Like any other desktop, this new gaming pride of Alienware is peppered with a couple of I/O ports (a solitary USB Type-C port, a row of USB 3.1 Type-A jacks, USB 3.0 ports) – all lined-up decently.

The given essential ports & jacks are enough to connect with all the peripherals, including the keyboard, mouse, monitors, controllers, etc.

Keen on upgrading? Simply push off a handle and release the side panel slides, you will be welcomed with a cavernous interior, offering an excellent, quick, and seamless amount of customizability when making upgrades to the hardware.

Inside the casing, there is enough room to incorporate two full-length GPUs along with plenty of storage yet tool-less upgrade options, like 2.5in sleds (for standard-sized SSDs), M.2 slot, and others.

Curiously, the only element that’s missing here is the center spine.


Being equipped with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 processor, Alienware Aurora R5 delivers speedier yet finest gaming experience.

The included graphics card is of 16GB RAM; having such extraordinary graphical power means you can play games at UHD 4K resolutions and incredible frame rates.

Intel Core i7 processor, when coupled with GeForce GTX 1070 GPU, made the PC naturally robust, even for VR readiness as well.

This easy-to-upgrade PC GPU helps you enjoy vivid graphics and massive performance boost – so that you can reach the next level in your favourite games.

Add to that; Aurora R5 boasts a high-end power supply of 1000W. 

So, stop hesitating in investing in the amalgamation of potent configuration and CPU-GPU.

Being powered with superior technology, the gaming desktop offers the utmost gaming intensity, unleashing actions to satisfy everything a gamer seeks for.

Alienware Aurora R5 delivers the chance to ensure victory at any gaming critical level or position; all in all, Aurora 5 offers the best quality of both pictures and sound quality.

For those who want more, this Alienware Aurora variant is friendly to dual graphics cards of 300W each.


RAM and storage are the foundations of any PC setting; you will be flabbergasted to know these foundations of this Alienware Aurora device.

The desktop has a 2TB hard disk drive and a 256 GB PCIe M.2 NVMe SSD, assuring uncompromising gaming quality.

Packed with 16 GB RAM is what makes the PC more multitasker and lag-free – say NO to unwanted interruptions.

It means you can conveniently deal with any of your personal/professional projects on one monitor while leveling up your favourite game on the other.

Reliability and Durability 

Being a part of Dell, Alienware is a well-known gaming brand, offering different gaming devices and peripherals like laptops, desktops, consoles, and more.

The brand holds enough popularity in the market, introducing alien-themed designs every year. The same is the case with Alienware gaming PCs, which are highly focused and customized according to the tastes and wants of this generation.

For the last a couple of years, Alienware has been introducing a number of best gaming desktops, justifying its brand position and overall image.

Among them, Alienware Aurora R5 is one of the unparalleled platforms for avid-gamers, as already said. Other than offering an irresistible gaming experience, Alienware gaming desktops are versatile; they can also perform all the essential & professional tasks minutely.

Talking about its durability, the device is covered with plastic, while the barebone is made of metal; the only issue is the all-plastic body; otherwise, the internal barebones are durable.

The Types Of Dell Alienware Aurora R5 Available 

Dell Alienware Aurora R5 was launched in four variations to meet the requirements of different gamers and their needs.

The four variants are distinguishable by their processors and graphics cards, which also impacts the price. 

The first and the most affordably priced from the series features an Intel Core i3-6100 processor along with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 2GB GDDR5 graphics card. Considering the unit’s price, its performance does not disappoint, as it offers good value for money. There is also scope for hardware updates, which is a good thing for gamers who gradually want to improve their hard drives, graphics cards, and memory.

The second variant within the Dell Alienware Aurora R5 series comes with an Intel Core i5-6400 processor, plus the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4GB GDDR5 graphics card. There is a pronounced increase in price from the first variant because it has the specifications needed to support VR gaming. The performance is also better thanks to the processor and graphics card upgrade.

Moving on to the next variant, the third type of Dell’s Alienware Aurora R5 series is the second most expensive because it has the Intel Core i7-6700 processor and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4GB GDDR5 graphics card. This version is not only ideal for gaming, but it will also perform well as a mainstay graphics PC for designing, editing, and rendering graphics.

The fourth version, the last in the series, is the most expensive and the highest iteration within the Dell Alien Aurora R5 range. Its specifications include an Intel Core i7-6700 processor along with a high-performing graphics combination of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition 8GB GDDR5X. This gaming PC is packed with extreme performance to handle a variety of different activities.

Our Verdict

Overall, everything right from storage to the processor, from the graphics card to RAM, from configuration to design and to customizability, around Alienware Aurora R5 is just perfect.

Though the living-room-ready device is quite expensive, all of its high-end features worth the investment; Aurora R5 has everything an avid-gamer wants for VR & 4K gaming.

Worry not, all the solid pieces that come with this system are warranted, and even the given upgradability options are claimable from the makers, Dell!

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