The Best Building Ideas for Minecraft

Minecraft is an exciting video game that is compatible with many platforms. The game presents an exciting game plot where players are supposed to build various objects. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that making things is considered among the game’s primary goals, as Minecraft is all about exploring, building, and survival.

How to build in Minecraft?

Different building blocks & supplies are utilized in the process of making things. As you know, Minecraft games come in two modes, namely survival & creative, so the strategy of building things may vary with the mode you choose in Minecraft.

In survival mode, the players need to find food & building supplies in order to survive, and in this entire process, they may confront many creatures in the form of zombies & creepers that can put hurdles in the survival process.

Contrarily, in creative mode, players don’t need any food to survive, supplies are given effortlessly, and Creative players often have the caliber to break the building blocks. However, we found that the creative mode gives you more opportunity to build things by opening up limitless building resources to you.

Nevertheless, if you’re confident enough of your fighting & survival capabilities and ready to accept the challenges then you can opt for the Survival mode. In Minecraft, you have the choice to switch between the survival & creative mode anytime.

Best Minecraft building ideas

The fun things to build in Minecraft game may vary with the interest of players and the available building resources. You may come across an endless array of Minecraft build ideas, but sometimes, it may not be possible to make a specific thing due to the shortage of building resources. So, to create the cool stuff, you need to look over the best Minecraft ideas as per your game mode.

A question that may confuse many players is what to build in Minecraft survival and what things to build in Minecraft creative mode? The answer is relatively straightforward; generally, the survival mode involves the creation of basic & small level things. On the other hand, creative mode players can build anything, whether it is basic or complex.

So, here we have curated a list of a few cool Minecraft ideas that will help you to build the best thing in your game.


When it comes to cool things to make in Minecraft, a house is the most crucial thing as it’s the primary requirement to survive. Being a Minecraft player, you can quickly build houses on all scales. 

But if we consider the house building requirement in Minecraft Survival mode, building a big house won’t be a feasible choice; instead, you can create a small or basic level house with the least amount of building blocks you have. 

In this regard, the Simple Square house is often considered the simplest house that can be built quite conveniently in Minecraft using primary material. However, if you’re in creative mode, then you can easily create complex & large modern houses, too, using the unlimited given building resources.

Modern city

Building a modern city in Minecraft doubtlessly requires a lot of building materials. Therefore, the creative Minecraft mode is ideal for creating modern cities, and it can’t be built by a single player solely. For this, you would need to play the Minecraft multiplayer game and get your fellows’ assistance in making a big modern city.
In order to create a big city, you might need to build different buildings; you may even consider building hospitals, restaurants, towns, and all that a modern city can have realistically. However, we can say it’s quite a fantastic idea to build a modern city in Minecraft.

Minecraft Garden

Gardens always seem soothing and play a vital role in decorating your areas. Likewise, you can also build a Minecraft garden to beautify your place by planting different flowers. In addition to flowers, integrating a waterfall section into the garden is also a fantastic idea.
A Minecraft garden can be built anywhere, either indoor or outdoor; you can make a garden outside your castle or house also, and for this, you have to choose an appropriate area and start planting your favorite flowers. Then you can surround the garden with a wooden fence to set a protective boundary of the garden.

Minecraft Bridge

In both Minecraft modes, the Survival and Creative, a bridge is needed many times; whether you need to transport water or cross rivers, castles, gardens, etc., the Minecraft bridge is the one that can serve in both situations.
It isn’t always necessary to utilize many resources to create a bridge because a simple Bridge can be built even using wood only, and then you can extend the bridge in length using the same material.

Storage building

Storage rooms hold great significance in Minecraft for storing your valuable items such as weapons, tools, food, mining loot, animal drops, mob drops, etc. Therefore, building a storage room in Minecraft would be quite a practical approach.
The best strategy to build a storage room is that keep it small but fully organized; by this, the players of both Minecraft survival and creative modes will be able to create a storage room as per their needs and available resources.

Minecraft farm

Farms prove to be quite significant in the Minecraft game as the players can renew their resources via building proper farmlands; you can cultivate different plants & food items, i.e., melons, pumpkins, and wheat, in your Minecraft farms.
Likewise, Animal farms can also be built to attain the resources or to craft materials like pork, wool, etc., but to breed the animals, you need to ensure the availability of enough food in the first place.
Building a farm on a small or large scale is still dependent on the available resources because a farm can be extended to a grander scale by cultivating more plants, and consequently, you’ll get more food items.

Minecraft Ship

Although it sounds good to have a ship in your Minecraft game, whether it is a cargo ship or cruise ship, still building a Minecraft ship isn’t that easy because a ship is slightly different from the boats that can easily be created with few resources.
Minecraft ships often require a lot of effort & resources, so to build a proper ship, you need to have sufficient building material and an optimum location in the first place, and given this, it is often suggested to build a ship if you’re playing a Minecraft survival mode.

Bank & vault

Minecraft bank can be considered as important as a bank can be in real life. Whatever the game mode you’re playing, you may often need to build a bank in order to save your resources & treasures in a secure location.
In survival mode, you can rely on a small bank that can easily be built in the form of a square-shaped room with a lock on the outer side. For an advanced secret bank, you may need to implement high security even by hiding the entrance with a block or something else.

Automatic armor equipper

In Minecraft, many times, you may need to get equipped in the shortest time span, and all this can be possible with an automatic armor equipper. Therefore, you can build an automatic armor equipper in your Minecraft game quite quickly regardless of the game mode you’re playing in.
For this, you may require dispensers, Redstone dust, diamond helmet, stones, diamond chest plate, stone pressure plate, diamond boots & leggings, and then you can fill the dispensers with a particular armor you want to get equipped with automatically.

Minecraft Rail system

Transportation is quite significant in the Minecraft game as you might need to transport to a distant location. Even if you have large farms expanded on a wide area then too, you may need to travel from one end of the farm to the other.
In other scenarios, players may need to transport renewable resources from farms to storage rooms; in all such situations, a train system can prove to be a life saver. You can build a rail system in your Minecraft game to ease the traveling processes.
In this connection, you can also opt for the Minecraft subway system for better & faster transportation that works underground.


Minecraft games give you an opportunity to utilize your creative skills in productive activities; it allows you to build different things using available building material. In both Minecraft creative & survival modes, you can create numerous stuffs of your choice.
In this regard, most players hunt for cool ideas to transform their resources into something unique & valuable. Therefore, in this article, we have presented a few fantastic building ideas, and you need to go through this discussion to explore cool creative things to build in Minecraft game.

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Islah Ejaz is the senior content writer of Techlectual.com and a consumer tech expert. He’s been writing about the tech industry since 2012.

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Islah Ejaz: Islah Ejaz is the senior content writer of Techlectual.com and a consumer tech expert. He’s been writing about the tech industry since 2012.