DreamHost Hosting Review

DreamHost is the ruling king of all web hosts companies, and it didn’t become so successful overnight. It’s been serving for years and owes credit not just to its incredible and unlimited features but the zealous support its team provides to all its customers regarding and minor or major issue.

Having more than 400,000 active customers and hosting almost 1.6 million websites, DreamHost has proved itself worth all the hype. In this DreamHost review, you will get a clear grasp on all the details of this web hosting service.


  • DreamHost offers one you 97- Day Money Back Guarantee with free days for a downtime.
  • Page loading speed is almost 18% faster than average market speed of other brands.
  • Offers you unlimited data transfer and bandwidth. A feature of their unlimited policy.
  • An extensive range of domain management tools and features.
  • Amazing VPS offering.


  • It lacks windows based servers.
  • Doesn’t have a site builder.
  • Higher Monthly Prices

Average Up-time

DreamHost web hosting has, without any doubt, the best uptime in the entire market. They are so confident of it that they will provide you with extra days of service against every hour of downtime your sit MAY experience. It’s safe to say, even the chance of that is little to nothing as per their accountant, having less than 10 minutes of downtime per month!

All year round, their average uptime throughout the years has been 99.76% which is not bad at all.

DreamHost Pricing Plans

They also don’t do any deep short-term discounts. That’s both a good thing – and a bad thing. DreamHost Web hosting has easy and flexible payment plans that are both competitive and easily affordable. Although, they don’t offer any short time discount plans, they offer flexibility in many other areas that makes it acceptable.

Although, it if very competitive and thus has plans for everyone, the fact that it doesn’t offer short-term payment plans makes it a little more expensive than a handful web hosters, especially for small business or website owners.

Shared Hosting Plan

Dreamhost has a powerful shared hosting plan with all the right features and a decent pricing plan which has proven to be a perfect platform for hosting your website and others’.

Why Dreamhost Shared Hosting:

Following are some of the shared hosting features:

Unlimited Websites

DreamHost shared hosting offers you unlimited websites along with unlimited domain names right under one account. If you own multiple websites and want to run them all under one account, you don’t need to get different hosts and domains for them. With DreamHost easy and manageable shared hosting, you can easily have them all under one branch.

Incredibly Fast SSD Hosting

. It is a dream of a website owner to have an incredibly fastidious, flexible, and user-friendly website. However, with a standard Fast SSD hosting system, it is completely possible to get the fasted SSD hosting with minimum downtime at any given time. The size of data and visitors will not affect the speed of the website.

Top Flight Tech Support

With our trained, dedicated, and extremely supportive tech and support team, we make sure all your queries are answered and looked after. Although our tech team is US-based, our 24/7 support system ensures everyone’s queries are answered right away; we are right at your fingertips.

WordPress Pre-Installed

DreamHost is definitely one of the very few hosting companies that know WordPress and functions on it perfectly. Being always ahead of the technical stack, DreamHost makes sure a deluxe install is right at your fingertips. So, if you have a website on WordPress

Dedicated hosting Pricing Plan

It’s very rare to find an extremely dedicated hosting plan with a great support system, good storage, and high speed, all in within a good pricing plan. However, DreamHost offers all of these within an incredible pricing plan.

Why DreamHost Dedicated Hosting?

Following are the reasons why DreamHost’s dedicated loyalty is unbeatable:

High Traffic Websites

High-traffic websites have high data and, therefore, more visitors every day. Thus it is necessary for the website to have a maximum uptime limit with an incredibly user-friendly interface, and DreamHost offers you exceptional user experience for even exploding high website traffics.

Large E-commerce Websites

Large E-commerce cannot afford to have any downtime, and we understand that very well. DreamHost has a robust and dedicated support system and a very efficient server that can easily bear roaring traffic even during the busiest times when e-commerce websites are reeking with visitors.

Agencies with High Profile Clients

If you’ve just landed a fancy shot client and aim on pleasing, then you cannot afford to have any downtime regardless of how high your traffic is. Make sure you have a dedicated server that easily withstands a massive number of daily visitors without affecting the productivity of the website, and DreamHost’s’ servers offer you nothing less!

WordPress hosting Pricing Plan

WordPress’s hosting plan is not one of the cheapest options. However, it is one of the most competitive market plans.

Why DreamHost WordPress Hosting?

Following are the reasons why DreamHost’s dedicated loyalty is unbeatable:

Automatic WordPress Updates

There are very few hosting websites that have complete grasps of WordPress and even fewer websites that automatically update themselves to its regular security, design, and other updates. DreamHost has automatic updates, which means you don’t have to worry about constantly updating it whenever there is a new update on WordPress.

Fast SSD storage

Discarding the slow and lethargy traditional hard drives, DreamHost stores all your websites on high-performing, storage solid-state drives that give you a much faster performance than ever.

FREE SSL Security

Every piece of data is confidential be it your cat’s photo or your financial records; Encrypt SSL certificate ensures that all the data exchanged between you and your visitors are always 100% secure.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Your site should always be secure, safe, and accessible, and for that, you need a Dual WordPress optimized WAF to fight the vicious HTTP traffic that may often carry corrupt files and viruses. A brute-force mitigation ensures that your site and its data is always secure.


DreamHost has servers big enough to offer massive space for disk, RAM, and Bandwidth. These servers are full managed and looked after. And if you’re concerned about not sharing your server to disturb your website performance, then worry not. No more annoying neighbors.

It also provides you with a specialized WordPress with free complementary services like domain management and emails.

Customer Support

An incredible uptime with a speedy loading time comes to hand in hand with a powerful support to back it. Whether it is a minor dashboard tab issue or a major downtime error, the support will be connected to you before you could send them an email.

Furthermore, their support is available 24/7 all throughout the year.


Although, DreamHost’s security offers you a lot of features, its site restoration and site backup offer you the peace of mind you need. It also offers raw access so that you can have a better and more in-depth idea of optimizing your website. Furthermore, all data you upload is copyrighted and has a complete backup.

DreamHost web hosting has a wide range of security tools for protecting your domains and websites with a solid-state drive and completely secured SSL-Secure socket layers. Also, it has an email spam protection and a secure shell protocol. All these features are available to ensure you and your users completely security and maximizing quality user experience without any room for errors.

Furthermore, DreamHost has raw access logs to your sites, so you can use these details to collect more in-depth information of who’s viewing and accessing your website.

Money-Back Guarantee

DreamHost offers perhaps the best money-back guarantee program of 97 days. Plus, given DreamHost’s month long pricing option, your money is in safe hands, making it worth a trial.

Integration and Apps

DreamHost has a custom application that will link you to other applications and, in the meantime, get them ready for installation. However, it won’t download them for you. For WordPress, the install process is easier and takes just a few steps. However, for other apps, you’ll have to download and install them manually.

WordPress and other CMS

There are over hundreds of software apps available that you can download and use on your hosting server. The best known being WordPress, which you can easily set up and edit to run a website on your own accord. WordPress is also CMS- content management system to not only run but also to edit the website.

Free Data Backup

You can read more about this in the following article: DreamHost offers you multiple methods for MySQL databases. Depending on your data and website size, the backup methods will range from simple to a little technical. You can find the backup tools on your panel in the billing and account page. You can download all your data in a series of zip archive files, including, mailboxes and databases.

Help Team

DreamHost webhosting opts for a more trendy customer support approach then taking the conventional road. Instead of you calling their customer support on phone, you’ll find them available on live chat, and within a 10-minute wait time, they will get back to you. They also depend on email ticketing for queries. The agents are extremely helpful, and informative and help you with your queries right away. You can contact them regarding any query, and they’ll help you once you have reached them.

Control Panel Tools

DreamHost supports a dashboard type control panel instead of having a standard cPanel which gives it a great user experience and usability. Also, the signup involves a step-by-step process after which you can easily login by one click after installation. The control panel known is known for its tools based on basic host owners tools for site creators.

Final Thoughts

DreamHost is a web hosting service that works both way, if you have a new, small business or an expand, experienced business. With price plans for everyone, you will find that DreamHosts really does shine among other web hosts. Also, if you have too much data, its unlimited hosting package will do wonders for your business. If you feel like this web hoster is not for you, you have over 3 months to cancel your plan with them anytime, which you will hardly find with other web hosts companies.

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