15 Best KissAnime Alternatives 2021

Do you love anime? Then you are surely one of us! The love for anime knows no bounds! People of all ages and from every part of the world are fans of anime, and we are also a part of the fandom. If you watch anime online, you must have heard of KissAnime, which offers thousands of subtitled and dubbed series and animated movies.

Unfortunately, the original KissAnime site is no longer available for most users worldwide, which prompted people to look for other viable options for streaming anime. Today’s article features 15 of the best Kissanime alternatives to give you your daily fix of anime. These substitutes offer content with subtitles and dubbing in different languages, as well as HD quality videos.

Popular series including Shonen Jump, Death Note, and more from various genres of anime are available on the KissAnime alternative websites for free, so continue reading for more information:

Where Did Kissanime Go?

After its launch in 2012, KissAnime quickly rose to the top go-to site for free anime viewing outside Japan. Unfortunately, just five years later, in 2019, the Japanese government criminalized piracy of Anime and Manga, which greatly affected websites like KissAnime. Over the last few years, copyright officials have been taking strict action against non-legal streaming platforms, including banning and imposing heavy fines and penalties. This caused a great deal of turmoil within the anime fans around the world who relied on KissAnime for watching free anime.

KissAnime was blocked and banned in most parts of the world, viewers of pirated Animes had to look for alternatives or use other methods like using a VPN to access streaming platforms. This also puts a giant question mark on the legality of watching content on a streaming site like KissAnime. 

Will you go to jail for watching content on sites that stream pirated content? The simplest answer to this question is – No! You will not go to jail for watching pirated anime on free streaming platforms. However, this does not make it right because it is ethically and morally wrong.

A true fan of anime shows and movies will understand that pirated content is basically stolen from creators and owners. By streaming pirated videos and monetizing them with ads, these sites earn the money that should be going to the rightful video owners. It is also a matter of respecting the creators that work extremely hard to create movies and series. So we discourage you from making a habit of using free sites that offer content that they aren’t legally allowed to distribute.

If you are one of the people who were affected by the takedown of KissAnime, we have a list of the 50 websites similar to KissAnime. No matter what anime you are looking for, chances are you will find it on one of the KissAnime similar sites mentioned below, along with an amazing user experience.

Top Sites Like KissAnime In 2021

You’ll find below our selection of the best KissAnime alternatives that are also loved by other anime lovers just like you. These websites were designed to fill the gap left after KissAnime got banned.

The following sites are ideal for active watchers of anime and manga lovers.

  1. Anime-Planet
  2. GoGoAnime
  3. Anime Land
  4. Aniwatcher
  5. Anime Karma
  6. Animesim
  7. Crunchyroll
  8. AnimeXD
  9. 9Anime
  10. Horrible Subs
  11. Chia-Anime
  12. Anilinkz
  13. Daisuki
  14. Anime Season
  15. Anime freak.tv

1. Anime-Planet

Anime-Planet’s collection of anime content is only second to KissAnime; with over 45,000 titles and a modern website, Anime-Planet is one of the best sites for any anime lover. You can watch the latest anime series episodes and movies for free in HD quality.

After launching in 2001, Anime-Planet became one of the pioneering free anime streaming sites for people outside Japan, which helped its growth tremendously. Today, it is one of the best platforms for watching dubbed and subtitled manga and anime content. Besides its vast library of content, the well-designed and organized layout of the site is its biggest strength.

Anime-Planet does not overwhelm users with a high number of ads which reduces distraction and improves the viewing experience. The majority of content available on the site is high quality.

Website: https://www.anime-planet.com/

2. GoGoanime

GoGoAnime is a must-visit site for every anime fan who watches content online for free; it is also one of the best KissAnime substitutes due to the variety of content it offers.

You will find classic manga and anime on the site, as well as the newest episodes of the most popular series. The new season tab on the site is a great place to find new releases that you would otherwise miss. GoGoAnime is the perfect site for exploring new content, the anime on the site has been categorized for the ease of users.

If you know what you are looking for, the quick search tool will find it for you in just a few moments.

Website: https://gogoanime.pe/

3. Anime Land

Animeland is ideal for streaming and downloading anime in case the KissAnime website is inaccessible. The site features a large collection of original anime content with subtitles. Furthermore, there are also a large number of shows that are available in English dubbing in HD quality video.

Dubbed content, as well as all other anime and manga on the website, has been neatly categorized. There is also a search tool available on the main page. You can also easily download Anime from Anime Land through the links available on the site. However, if you don’t find the download button, you can simply right-click on the video and select “save it as a link” to start downloading to watch the video later at your leisure.

Unfortunately, Anime Land has a ton of ads, so we suggest using a reliable ad-block and a VPN service for safe browsing.

Website: https://animeland.fr/

4. Aniwatcher

AniWatcher is a no-fuss, stripped-down anime site that focuses on offering a good viewing experience with no bells and whistles. The main focus of the people behind Aniwatcher is to offer a lot of variety to their users and an enhanced user experience.

Immediately on the homepage, you will find a list of the most popular and most recent anime and manga content, as well as information about each video. Suppose you happen to visit Aniwatcher to explore anime content. In that case, you choose to browse the entire Libra of Anime or click on other links such as the random anime, ongoing series, the recently added episodes, and movies.

What’s more, is that the Anime library is constantly updated with the latest subtitled and dubbed content. There is no need to sign up or register to watch anime as everything is completely free.

Website: https://aniwatcher.com/

5. Anime Karma

Anime Karma is a worthy Kiss Anime alternative because it is one of the best places to watch anime for free. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and one of the biggest catalogs of Anime content, Anime Karma is right up there among the very best online manga streaming sites like Mangastream.

 A large portion of the content available on the website is either subtitled or dubbed, as well as in HD quality. The main web page features a quick search bar and a list of manga and anime movies and series titles. 

If you are dating enough to venture into the unknown waters of some new content, select one of the series or movies featured on the main webpage. Or you can explore the different categories divided into various Genres, Year of Release, quality, and more.

One of the drawbacks of this site is that it offers a single server link and a lot of ads. Nonetheless, it is a good free substitute for KissAnime.

Website: https://animekarma.com/

6. Animesim

Animesim is a site that many anime lovers outside Japan and all over the world prefer because it is free, simple, and has a ton of content that can be downloaded and streamed for absolutely free. Besides the search bar, the homepage offers a list of the content that has been recently added to the site, which includes movies and the latest episodes of anime series.

You have the freedom to download the Videos in your preferred quality. A large majority of the content has the correct English subtitles and dubbing. To keep yourself safe and anonymous, we suggest that use a reliable paid VPN service and an ad blocker.

7. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is one of the safest alternatives to KissAnime. It has the most expansive range of 100% uncompromised legal content. Crunchyroll has the trust of thousands of anime fans across the globe.

Crunchyroll has more than 900 series with more than 25 thousand episodes, and most of them are available in HD and FHD video quality. The user interface of Crunchyroll is also simple, with neatly organized categories that allow you to find your favorite anime within no time.

The only con of Crunchyroll is its premium account comes at a cost. However, after paying a nominal amount, you can enjoy unlimited anime content that is 100% legal. Crunchyroll also offers a 14-day trial of their premium subscription, so you can try the service and be fully sure about it before purchasing the complete subscription package.

Since all of the content on Crunchyroll is legal, you don’t have to worry about missing the latest episodes of your favorite anime due to unannounced downtime. Crunchyroll is the best alternative to KissAnime for true anime lovers.

Website: https://www.crunchyroll.com/

8. AnimeXD

AnimeXD is another fantastic option if you are looking for a legal anime site with zero downtime. AnimeXD has an excellent reputation because it has not been through any significant downtime or legal issues in the past.

AnimeXD is also widely famous for its ever-expanding range of anime content, including series and movies. Thousands of anime fans stay connected to AnimeXD for the latest episodes of their favorite anime series. Anime fans can enjoy unlimited hours of anime watching without any issues.

To add to that, AnimeXD has an anime community that allows you to stay connected with other like-minded anime fans. You can use AnimeXD’s community platform to share your passion for anime and discuss the latest and the hottest news with other anime fans and contribute to other fun anime-related activities. AnimeXD is more than just an anime streaming site; it is also a community for anime lovers.

Website: http://www.animexd.me/

9. 9Anime

Famous for its unique purple color user interface and wide selection of anime content, 9Anime is a worthy alternative to KissAnime. The team of 9Anime regularly updates the website with the latest and the most popular anime content from across the globe. 

9Anime is also famous for its excellent range of latest, trending, and all-time popular anime. It is also known for having the most extensive range of anime content in HD and FHD video quality.

All the anime content is easy to find with the help of search engine filters. 9Anime allows you to filter content according to type, year, language, status, season, quality, and genre. You will also find most anime content with subtitles and dubbing.

The best thing about 9Anime is that if you do not find your desired content on the website, you can require the 9Anime team to upload it. 9Anime team usually takes a few hours to a few days to upload your desired content on the website for free.

Website: https://9anime.me/

10. Horrible Subs

Horrible Subs is famous for its unique name. Unlike its name, Horrible Subs is a fantastic streaming site for watching the latest and all-time favorite anime cartoons.

You cannot only stream anime content on Horrible Subs, but it also allows you to download anime content directly from the website. Horrible Subs also enables you to adjust the video resolution according to your internet speed and device storage space.

Another handy feature of Horrible Subs is that the website has a release schedule on the website homepage that informs you about the released and upcoming anime episodes’ release time and date. The release schedule helps anime fans stay active on the website and never miss their favorite anime series episode.

Website: https://horriblesubs.info/

11. Chia-Anime

Suppose you are a true anime lover who always looks for a reliable anime site that uploads the latest anime episodes ten times faster than other anime sites. In that case, Chia-Anime is the best KissAnime alternative for you. Not only does Chia-Anime upload anime episodes faster than other popular anime sites, but most of the episodes are in High Definition or Full High Definition resolution. 

If that’s not it for you, then Chia-Anime will surely impress you with its free download option. Yes! With Chia-Anime, you can download your favorite anime content without any hassle. 

The website is also highly user-friendly, with multiple features and filters that make content search a breeze for new users. To top it all, you don’t have to worry about Chia-Anime’s downtime because it has excellent credibility and has not faced a ban/downtime for the past few years. It wouldn’t be unfair to say that Chia-Anime offers an overall better service and anime collection than KissAnime.

Website: http://www.chia-anime.me/

12. Anilinkz

Anilinkz is another reliable alternative to KissAnime to watch your favorite anime shows for free. The best thing about Anilinkz is its fantastic range of anime shows with a complete list of episodes.

Anilinkz is designed for anime fans that are new to the anime world. Anilinkz’s website is easy to use and navigate with a neatly organized interface that helps you locate your desired anime content without much effort. You can also find anime reviews on the website that prove to be very useful for helping you decide the anime series that you will watch next.

To top it all, Anilinkz is completely free to use like KissAnime, so you do have to make a dent in your pocket to enjoy your favorite anime. However, you might have to deal with some pop-up and click-on ads, so be prepared for some ad disturbance during your search and watch your favorite anime.

Website: https://www.anilinkz.website/

13. Daisuki

Daisuki is also an excellent alternative to KissAnime; however, it is less talked about than other anime sites. Daisuki will surely impress you with its expansive anime movies and series range. 

Most of the anime content on Daisuki is available in HD quality. Locating your favorite content on Daisuki is also never an issue because of its intelligent categorization and efficient search bar that leads you to your favorite content within a few seconds. 

Daisuki is famous worldwide because it is fully compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Website: https://www.daisuki.net/

14. Anime Season

If you want to enjoy anime with the least amount of ads, there is no better option than Anime Season! Not only does Anime Season provide a unique anime-watching experience, but it also has an enormous anime collection with thousands of anime series and movies from across the world.

Not only will you find the latest anime content on Anime Season, but it also has a wide range of classic and all-time popular anime movies and series. Nearly all the anime content on Anime Season is available in HD and FHD video quality with English subtitles.

To top it all, Anime Season has an easy-to-use interface and all the content available on Anime Season is for free. To help you decide the next anime series you should binge on, Anime Season has reviews of nearly all of the popular anime series. Anime Season is overall an excellent alternative to KissAnime, and we highly recommend it.

Website: http://www.animeseason.com/

15. Anime Freak.tv

Although Anime Freak.tv is at the bottom of our best KissAnime alternatives list; however, it is amongst the best alternatives to KissAnime, primarily because of its fantastic anime content collection.

Almost all the anime content is available with subs and dubs; that’s why AnimeFreak.tv attracts worldwide anime fans. The website has an impressive design; however, when it comes to user-friendliness, AnimeFreak.tv website is a challenge to navigate due to its complex user interface, cluttered design, and abundance of ads.

However, AnimeFreak.tv has several website features that make anime selection a little easier. These features include categories like Ongoing anime, Popular anime, Schedule anime, and other categories. You can talk to other anime fans via AnimeFreak.tv’s live chat option. All-in-all, Anime Freak.tv is a good alternative to KissAnime, and we recommend you to give it a chance.

Website: https://animefreak.site/

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are the KissAnime alternatives actively working?

Yes! At the time of writing this alternative post, all of the KissAnime mentioned above are actively working, so you can easily access your favorite anime content.

2) Are all of the above-mentioned KissAnime alternatives free?

Yes! Most of the alternatives of KissAnime in our list are available for free. However, you might have to purchase some alternatives in this list before enjoying the full range of anime content.

3) Is KissAnime illegal?

Long story short, KissAnime is illegal! The website is completely legal; however, it promotes illegal content that causes unannounced downtime. You can easily find multiple articles and videos that indicate that KissAnime promotes illegal content.

4) Is the anime content on these KissAnime alternatives downloadable?

Yes, you can download your favorite anime content from some of the KissAnime alternative websites.

5) Do these alternatives have HD and higher resolution video quality?

Most websites (if not all) offer videos in 240p to HD; you can also find Full-HD videos on the alternatives mentioned above. However, you can only enjoy HD and FHD video quality if you have fast internet speed.


Now you know the 15 best KissAnime alternatives! We hope to find the best website for streaming your favorite anime content that takes all your boxes. Keep in mind that free anime content websites can have an unannounced downtime. Therefore, it is always a good idea to have a few anime streaming websites options on your list.

Have you tried any of the 15 best KissAnime alternatives? Please share your favorite KissAnime alternative in the comment section below.

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