LinkedIn For eCommerce in 2023: 8 Steps To Get Started

There are 722 million active users of LinkedIn as of September 2022, making it the most prominent business network in the world. Put differently, roughly one-quarter (25%) of all U.S. individuals are active on LinkedIn, with 22% being active on the network daily.

But why exactly is LinkedIn so popular among business people? Among other things, professionals use LinkedIn to maintain contact with current and former coworkers, get high-quality leads for new business opportunities, and even find employment opportunities on the network. 

For the reasons stated above, if you’re the owner of an up-and-coming eCommerce business, you cannot take the risk of not being present on the most popular social media platform and use it to your business’s advantage as much as possible.

So to help you get started, we’ve compiled the most up-to-date information for 2023 on how to follow all the latest eCommerce trends to market your business on LinkedIn and use the network to your advantage. Here are the eight steps to get started and enjoy success on the social media platform. 

First, Conduct A Market Research

First, many of your business competitors are undoubtedly already using LinkedIn. To get your feet wet in social media sales, you should conduct market research. In addition, performing a SWOT analysis for business growth requires you to gather data on competitors and recognize how they use LinkedIn to bolster their online presence and proper business growth.

Acquire A Following For Your Site

Please post a link to your eCommerce website on your LinkedIn profile and encourage your connections to click on it and visit your store. That’s a simple initial step to take, which will help you generate sales leads and get more followers. 

Also, include the LinkedIn logo in your site’s footer and other social network symbols. From there, you can ask your website visitors to find you and connect with your brand on LinkedIn directly from the footer of your website.

Make Sure That You Include Everyone From Your Team

CEOs, marketers, and other team members’ profiles should be treated equally as the company’s official profile. In reality, only personal accounts can be used to expand a business profile by inviting others to follow it and participating in its activities, such as hosting events.

A sales manager for an eCommerce business with an extensive LinkedIn network would be able to spread the word about a business conference much more quickly. In addition, the company’s reputation will benefit from customers and users being able to put a face on the company’s founders and employees.

Start Networking

Adding connections by granting LinkedIn access to your email list and then networking with all of your present or former customers who are on LinkedIn is a fantastic growth strategy for your shop that you can adopt as a startup.

The more you engage with your consumer by responding to LinkedIn messages and emails, the more likely they will remain in touch with you on the platform. Reaching out to consumers and asking for referrals has additional benefits. Social proof from satisfied customers is invaluable; testimonials are the most effective way to move prospects further up the sales funnel.

Organize A Virtual Event

Attending a virtual event may be just as fruitful as physically attending a conference. LinkedIn provides all the tools necessary to organize a get-together instantly. A meeting might be with either customers or investors.

You can get in touch with people you know and invite them to the event. When organizing your LinkedIn gathering to promote your business

  • Send out invitations to the event.
  • Don’t be shy about inviting a lot of people.
  • Send a note to the acceptees.

Recommendation Data Collection

Each praising comment boosts the product’s marketability. Many people in the year 2022 still pay for and write their reviews. As a result, consumers put more stock in online notoriety. A LinkedIn recommendation or comment from a natural person with a complete profile will carry more weight with readers than a generic Trustpilot review.

Participate In Currently Popular Topics

Get involved in ongoing discussions on the pages of prominent bloggers and online communities. Look how many people have liked it and how many comments there are. It’s time for you to insert your own words right now. 

Enroll Customers In A CRM System And Increase Email Communication

The key to increasing sales is organizing client information so that you can quickly discover the proper individual and analyze your interactions with them in the past. Data from LinkedIn must be efficiently gathered. 

For instance, you may grow your email newsletter subscriber base by gathering email addresses from LinkedIn connections and using them to promote your eCommerce business’s promotions and special deals. 

Final thoughts

In conclusion, social selling in 2022 is a particular method to disseminate your goods to as many individuals as possible. The average user spends several hours per day perusing the web. As a result, LinkedIn is flooded with engaging material, and the struggle for users’ attention is heating up. Promoting on LinkedIn may generate leads and market intelligence for your eCommerce company.

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Daniel is a tech enthusiast and marketing student. He is completing his degree in marketing. He started Techlectual to follow his passion for writing and research about the latest technologies. He is co-founder of Techlectual.com. He also loves to travel and playing games on ps4.

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Daniel Jose: Daniel is a tech enthusiast and marketing student. He is completing his degree in marketing. He started Techlectual to follow his passion for writing and research about the latest technologies. He is co-founder of Techlectual.com. He also loves to travel and playing games on ps4.