Most Popular Loadouts You Can Buy With COD Points In Call Of Duty

There are few things more important in Call of Duty than getting the right loadout. Your loadout could determine whether you succeed or fail; it could be the difference between scoring that killstreak and getting dropped before you can carry your team to victory. While there are sites out there such as https://codpointsandcredits.com/ that can help you to amass COD Points, you still need to figure out which loadout you’re going to spend them on, especially given that most weapons can simply be unlocked without spending a single penny. However, if you do drop some COD Points on some sweet loadouts, you’ll get some great attachments and blueprints in return. Here are the most popular and best loadouts you can get right now in Call of Duty if you spend some COD Points.

Draconic Fury

This bundle is available from the store right now for 800 COD Points. It’ll net you a new Emblem and Sticker, as well as a brand new Calling Card and Charm in the form of the Ocean Conqueror card and the Precious Serpent charm. The star of the show here, however, is the STG44, which comes with a Beryllium aesthetic. The STG44 is one of Call of Duty’s oldest weapons, so it stands to reason that if you’re looking for a balanced, solid assault rifle that won’t let you down, then this is the loadout you should opt for. It’s a great all-rounder that won’t excel in any one particular area but that will see you through most combat situations.

Job Weld Done

Now here’s a serious loadout worthy of consideration. The Job Weld Done bundle, which you can grab from the Vanguard store for 1200 COD Points, has a rather special blueprint on offer: the H4 Blixen, a brand new submachine gun that you can also unlock through regular play. This Blueprint comes complete with great attachments like the Monocular Reflector optic and the Pine Tar Grip, both of which should help to stabilise your aim and your recoil as you fire at your opponents. The Job Weld Done loadout bundle also contains two Emblems to collect, as well as a Shelled Out Charm and a tier skip for the Battle Pass.

Golden Week

The Golden Week bundle will set you back 1100 COD Points from the Store and contains a pretty special Blueprint for you to unlock, as well as a bunch of other goodies, as you’d expect from a premium bundle. Another assault rifle that works well over medium distances, the KG M40 is the star of the Golden Week bundle, with the Nishikigoi Blueprint up for grabs in this bundle. It comes complete with the Recoil Booster muzzle and the Gung-Ho proficiency, making it ideal for moving engagements where you can’t stay still for too long. Your COD Points will also get you a double weapon XP token and a tier skip.

Alekhine’s Defense

Many pour scorn on shotguns in Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone, but they shouldn’t, especially if the Alekhine’s Defense COD Point bundle is anything to go by. You’ll be spending 1000 COD Points on this beauty, but you’ll get the Chamfron Einhorn Revolving Legendary Blueprint as a result. This Blueprint adds even more power to the Einhorn Revolving thanks to its removed stock and its Packed Powder ammo, so if you like close-range engagements where you’ll be right in the fray with your enemies, then this loadout is definitely for you. Picking up this bundle also nets you the Corinthian Stone 1911 Blueprint as a sidearm.

Maritime Power

This Bundle has three weapons on offer, all of which cover each other’s weaknesses to a degree. For an admittedly steep 1400 COD Points, you’re getting the Sea Anvil NZ-41 Blueprint, which adds a Silencer and a 3.5x Rifle Scope for added stealth. The bundle also comes with a Killock MP-40 Legendary Blueprint, which adds some nasty firepower to the SMG, and a Legendary variant of the FS Fighting Knife by the name of White Tape. You won’t find any attachments on the knife, of course, but it should still serve as a strong close-quarters counterpart to your silenced, scoped rifle, so if anyone challenges your sniper’s nest, you can take them out quickly and efficiently.

Big Brawl

Now here’s a bundle for those who like to get up close and personal in their Vanguard or Warzone matches. Big Brawl brings you a massive new Sledgehammer blueprint by the name of Junkyard Jet, a Legendary variant that makes this massive, imposing weapon look even more intimidating. You’ll also find a Combat Shield Tactical Defense Blueprint in here, so if your close-quarters dominance is challenged, you can throw up the shield and issue counter-challenges to all and sundry. This bundle will set you back 1000 COD Points, but it’s worth it given that you also get two Stickers, a Calling Card, a Charm, and a battle pass tier skip consumable as well. Please, hammer, don’t hurt ‘em.

Weird World

Finally, a loadout for those who like their bundles a little…stranger. The Weird World bundle will cost you 800 COD Points, and in return, you’re getting a Deeply Strange Type 100 Blueprint, which features a Rubber Grip and a new Sakura 196mm Light barrel to help you sneak around maps guerrilla-style. If you like to do things quickly and quietly, then the Weird World bundle is definitely for you. This bundle also contains a New Hunger Calling Card, as well as an Alien Autopsy Charm, a Revealed Horror Emblem, and a Xeno Persona Watch for you to customise your soldier (who is definitely not an alien possessing a human body).

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