6 Reasons WordPress Makes The Best Choice

Are you a blogger looking to create your very own website? The first and most crucial decision you will ever make to create a website is to choose a user-friendly and tech-savvy Content management system (CMS). That will inevitably measure how well your site will run with a bonus of customized tools and whatnot available for you. Previously building a website took an ample amount of time due to the extensive algorithms and coding required.

But now things have taken a U-turn, and even a 10-year-old can create his/her own website. It’s that easy. How? This is somewhat due to WordPress. The free open source content management system has created a perfect wireframe of building a simple blog to launching a massive e-commerce website. It’s fast to build, easy to use, and flexible enough to manage more extensions for a new need. Why WordPress? There are dozens of other CMS platforms as well, and many are rising from the ashes giving websites a unique and out of the box look.

Let’s see how and why WordPress is the best choice compared to other CMS platforms. Before we go into more details, check the 1&1 IONOS review to see why it is a superb WordPress alternative.

1. Unparalleled Power and Flexibility of WordPress Themes

The reason WordPress is the best solely relies on its core features and the added functions that it provides. WordPress has multiple themes and plugins which once used, could revamp your websites look and appearance. Other CMS tools offer free themes, but they aren’t up to par. While WordPress gives the best result in its free themes and the paid ones are surprisingly affordable.

Different websites require separate themes, which all come with design elements needed to build a structure. All the niche themes are rare to find for free, but on WordPress, you can access e-commerce, personal blogs, and photography themes in multiple designs as per user demand. That can be said for plugins as well – there is a tool present for almost any feature you desire. It could range from a forum, social media, a contact form, etc. All you need to do is get lost in the Theme directory, and you will feel like a Kid in a toy store.

2. WordPress Is Free and Open-Source

The biggest aspect to consider is the USP WordPress has over other CMS for being a core platform that is absolutely free! That means there is no cost incurred for the short, and users don’t have to worry about the long-term cost as well. Getting the domain name is the highest cost, while WordPress would cost minimalistic. If users care to use the advanced features offered, such as tools and plugins, the directory is filled with infinite facilities and options to choose from.

The Free aspect of WordPress has only been capable; because of its open-source nature. Having an open-source platform like WordPress comes with amazing features and capabilities where the update, customization with the help of a huge community providing in-depth knowledge and support is highly valued. Other CMS platforms will not provide the same satisfaction as WordPress does because they will charge you a lot. On the other hand, WordPress would do wonders.

3. WordPress Security Features

If it’s a blog or e-commerce platform, its security is vital for its fast and steady growth. No digital marketer would want to compromise the security of their websites over a few dollars. Anyone would want to ensure the security and serenity of their websites. Considering the safety, WordPress has designed its platform to make sure the data and information coming from extensively derived content is safe. It has security updates frequently updating to enhance its encryption.

If you want more, check the security plugins and download them off from the WordPress directory to make your website as a steel vault. Multiple free options are available such as the Wordfence Security. It’s always smart to keep your security upfront before everything else. Most of the security leaks occur due to human error rather than the content management system.

4. WordPress Offers Undivided Support

Having a CMS sounds easy, but in reality, it’s still a hefty task. This will be your biggest achievement if it’s the first time you are creating a website. Then again, there is no reason to demotivate any of the developers, bloggers, or writers who want to create their own website. WordPress community is currently working at a large scale filled with experienced users. Finding help in the form of advice, direct assistance, or guides are easily approached.

Check these easy ways to get support feedback:

5. Beginner-Friendly CMS

Using a new app, game or software can be daunting for many as you don’t have command over it. While if you’re creating your very own website, the task would be much riskier. You probably won’t have any experience with how to go by it. Thanks to WordPress, getting started is the easiest if you are a first-level beginner. Don’t worry. Let WordPress take charge and guide you all the way. You don’t require any coding education to run the website. Get a grip of the admin dashboard to navigate through the content customization or installing new themes and plugins.

But don’t judge WordPress by its free capabilities. It’s as powerful as a paid CMS bringing in all the significant technicalities.

6. WordPress Helps You Rank in Search Engines

Build a website, and no one visits it? That would be the worst nightmare for any blogger. You would certainly want good traffic on your website, and one of the best ways is to practice effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at its best. It suggests tweaking your site so that Google can crawl your content and put it in its relevant searches.

WordPress thankfully does that because it’s well optimized for search engines. Let’s say a website’s load time and responsiveness of a mobile device is essential for an SEO; WordPress has both covered in its CMS. That is the sole reason WordPress is just the best. However, you can hire me, as an SEO expert to make your WordPress website SEO-friendly.


What do you think? WordPress is around for a while now, and it’s doing a dandy good job and building startups. The open-source CMS has attracted the masses and allowed them to create and invest in their business ideas. The community itself is a blossoming place where beginners are motivated and lectured to optimize their website to the fullest, leaving no room for error.

The proudest factor of WordPress is the list of themes and plugins it generates and holds. That alone could beat any other CMS. But in order to avoid any conflict of interest and safety, it’s better to use a Speedy VPN Provider while working on your open-source WordPress. A VPN will keep your identity safe and secure from any cyberattack.

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Zubair is a tech geek who loves technology and writing about it. He also loves to travel and spread knowledge about online security.

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Zubair Hussain Khan: Zubair is a tech geek who loves technology and writing about it. He also loves to travel and spread knowledge about online security.