5 Best Subsmovies Alternatives

Being a movie lover and finding a smooth, steady online streaming website could be like a dream turned to reality. Subsmovies made its mark just for that.

High-quality movies with a wide array of genres and movies, the website was an epitome and top pick for any movie lover out there. However, free movie streaming websites have always faced backlash. And well, it is due for all the right reasons.

Copyright laws have been a major roadblock for many of the online free streaming sites. While they do offer us the ease of watching media for free, it is morally not as highly considered.

Subsmovies also faced such backlash and, after several temporary dismissals, have now been permanently blocked. While the tug of war between the authorizations and these websites remains, we keep coming across multiple fully functional alternates.

Let’s take a look at them!

1. Losmovies

No subscriptions, no-hassle driven logins, Losmovies could be one of the top alternatives to subsmovies. Providing high-quality HD movies, the website hosts a variety of categories ranging from movies, tv-series, and cartoons for movies.

Action, drama, romance, all collected and placed at your avail, the website is good for easy streaming. The platform also keeps updated with the latest movies from time to time.

Losmovies also has the option of subtitles, something which subsmovies attracted a lot of fame for. The only catch with Losmovies is that you need to have a good internet connection to enjoy seamlessly.

2. 123movies

My personal favorite, 123movies, is another haven for watching movies. With no registration required, the site has multiple domains and can be accessed from anywhere and any device easily.

The site offers a database of more than 16000 movies, shows, and entertainment material. It keeps updating and gives you options to try multiple servers that fit best for you.

3. Putlocker

Putlocker could also very easily be a good replacement for subsmovies. Thanks to its long existence, the site has been the most heard of when its about online movie streaming.

Just like the few top picks, the site requires no sign in. You can simply watch a movie of your choice with a click and enjoy it. There are no time-consuming processes. Moreover, unlike other streaming sites, putlocker saves the hassle of annoying plug-ins and installations.

It’s seamless, well designed, and offers you a huge variety of movies and shows from different genres. Indeed watching a high-quality movie.

4. Afdah

With one of the leading film indexing engines, Afdah has created its spark for its intrigue interface and quality collection.

Users are attracted to the easy to understand the navigation of the website, which saves them time and make their experience smoother. Afdah is also known for its compatibility with cell-phones.

Its interface is optimized for specific android and IOS gadgets giving it the extra points. Moreover, unlike other movie streaming sites, the platform is highly targetted to films and offers multiple genres from around the world.

So any movie lover can enjoy its free usage as a good alternate to subsmovies.

5. FMovies

Another hot-pot for streaming a vast variety of movies and shows, FMovies welcomes you with an empathizing note on its landing page.

It agrees that ads can be annoying and offer to say that you will have a faster and better experience. Well, we can agree that this could be a good way to hook users. However, more than that, the quality of the site speaks for its popularity too.

High-quality movies, and a legitimate-looking interface gives the website its edge.

What else to look at?

Subsmovies was not only popular for its seamless quality and large database, but it was highly popular for its provision of subtitles alongside. 

These subtitles were found to be for and in different languages extending from german, Hindi, Spanish, and the list goes on. So while you are looking for an alternate to subsmovie, you might as well be looking for some websites for free subtitle downloads. 

So here you go!

  • Subscene
  • Subs4free
  • YIFY subtitles
  • English Subtitles
  • Subdivx

While having easy and free access to all and any movies seems perfect, users shall l remain informed that this is not considered morally correct. Therefore, we suggest that you also try paid subscription websites that offer a safe, ad-free, and smooth experience. 

Till then, happy binging!

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A creative and copywriter by profession, I have been crafting content for multiple niches for 2 years now. An advertising major, my passion lies in mastering the art of storytelling that would prove selling for brands.

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Isra Ahmed: A creative and copywriter by profession, I have been crafting content for multiple niches for 2 years now. An advertising major, my passion lies in mastering the art of storytelling that would prove selling for brands.