15 Best Uwatchfree Alternatives

This is the age of the internet and intelligent homes that rely heavily on internet connectivity, which means most of us are also getting our entertainment online through streaming services. Nowadays, streaming movies is more accessible and far more convenient than going to the movies or buying a DVD or Blu-ray. All you need to stream is a stable internet connection and a browser. You can watch your desired film or tv show on any smart device in the comfort of your home.

Free streaming services are efficient, convenient and most importantly, they cost absolutely nothing. They offer a massive collection of TV shows and movies on easy-to-use websites and HD quality. Premium streaming platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix offer original and exclusive content that has now become the go-to for easy entertainment.

For those who can’t afford the monthly subscription charges of premium services, there is a large variety of streaming websites for watching free movies online. Unfortunately, not all of these free sites are great or safe to use; many don’t offer a decent selection of good quality. UWatchFree was one of the few good ones that provided a splendid user experience with plenty of content and minimal ads.

Unfortunately, UWatchFree is no longer available in many parts of the world, so its users are looking for alternatives. Before we talk about sites like UWatchFree, let’s learn just details about the places.

What is UWatchFree?

UWatchFree was a streaming site that allowed users to watch movies and TV shows for free. It was one of the best sites for watching content online as well as downloading videos. Over the years, UWatchFree has accumulated a loyal user base and a huge following worldwide.

Unfortunately, the platform met its end as a result of legal issues because its services violated copyright laws. Government takedowns caused it to lose popularity as most users could no longer access the site.

UWatchFree provided easy access to an expansive database of series and movies third-party links that could be streamed or downloaded. Due to the growing popularity of watching movies online, the website had thousands of monthly visitors from all over the world.

People frequented the UWatchFree website for multiple reasons – it was free to use, it had a decent user interface that was beginner-friendly, and it did not have too many ads that looked malicious. But most of all, UWatchFree has a vast library of content that was constantly updated to include fresh releases.

What Happened to UWatchFree?

Most streaming websites similar to UWatchFree don’t have the permission to distribute copyrighted content, and by offering videos that are the intellectual property of someone else, these sites break the law.

Governments, law enforcement agencies, and ISPs work together to block and close down streaming services that violate the law to prevent the illegal distribution of copyrighted material.

In many cases, streaming websites stay afloat to continue providing their service by switching to other domains, commonly known as mirror sites. Once the original site closes, similar sites like uwatchfreetv or uwatchfreemovies surface to counter the problem, but ISPs are quick to block mirror sites too. Therefore, it’s challenging and confusing for users to keep up with the new names and locations.

Mirror sites are also unsafe and usually unreliable.

Is UWatchFree Safe?

Due to the nature of UWatchFree’s services, we are reluctant to say that it is a safe website to use. Sites like UWatchFree are easy targets for intruders who infect illegal platforms with malicious content. A single click on a link or ad can expose you to malware, infect your system, and threaten your data and privacy.

Most online security experts agree that free streaming sites are not safe for their users. However, if you want to use such websites, make sure you protect yourself with a VPN and an ad blocker.

Is UWatchfree legal?

A popular hub for movie lovers, UWatchfree offered a ton of copyrighted content online for free. Although websites like UWatchFree don’t host any videos on their servers l, they serve as a bridge between users and content available on third-party servers. The variety of movies and shows available on UWatchFree was massive, and it ranged from Hollywood and Bollywood films to TV shows.

Many prominent search engines, including Google, have banned the original UWatchFree domain. However, to continue its services and to evade legal action, mirror sites continue to pop up through different domain extensions, which can also come up during searches.

The short answer to your UWatchFree question is NO! UWatchFree isn’t a legal website, and its services are also unethical.

Categories of movies on Uwatchfree

Uwatchfree is famous for its vast content range that is divided into well-maintained categories. You can easily find your desired content in its respective category. Following are the most popular categories of the Uwatchfree website:

Bollywood movies
Hindi dubbed movies
Hollywood movies
Tamil HD movies
Telugu movies
Malayalam movies
Latest HD movies
Featured movies
Mp3 songs and Videos

Features of Uwatchfree website

The top features that have contributed to Uwatchfree’s widespread popularity include:

  • There is a massive range of domestic, regional, or international movies and TV shows.
  • Free online streaming and download without any registration or signup.
  • Limited number of pop-up, on-screen, and click-on ads.
  • The website interface is simple and easy to use, making it highly beginner-friendly.
  • One of the best websites for streaming and downloading South Indian Movies.
  • Various streaming links are available for each movie and TV show episode.
  • Various video qualities available, including 240p, 420p, 720p HD, 1080p FHD, and more.
  • Seamless streaming experience with minimal to no buffering.

Top Best Alternatives to Uwatchfree

Uwatchfree used to be the go-to site to watch movies for free, including the latest releases for many people worldwide. However, many users can no longer access the original website. Thankfully, there are some great alternatives to UWatchFree that are just as nice. Read on to learn about them:

  1. 123Movies
  2. FMovies
  3. YesMovies
  4. MoviePublish
  5. Filmlinks4u
  6. Bolly4u
  7. Moviemad
  8. TodayPK
  9. PlayTamil
  10. Downloadhub
  11. Extramovies
  12. 7starhd
  13. MyDownloadTube
  14. Moviezwap
  15. Zmovie

1. 123Movies

From our point of view, a quality online streaming site must update its content library consistently to include all the movies and tv show episodes being released on a daily basis. 123Movies is one such website that you can rely on to add the most wanted fresh releases as soon as they are available. But that’s not all because, on 123Movies, you will also find a sizable collection of classics and old blockbusters that we all know and love.

In case 123Movies does not have the content you are looking for, you can simply request the team to add it to the platform.

Most of the videos available through 123Movies are HD or FHD quality, which means you can enjoy a fantastic viewing experience at home. There is also a wide range of Bollywood movies, but it lacks some popular titles that we suggest should be added to the website to bring in even more users.

We were impressed by the modern user interface of the site. Everything is well designed and organized. The content was neatly sorted into different categories, and there is an accurate search bar with intelligent filters that makes finding what you want to watch easy and quick. Sadly, there is a con of 123Movies, and it’s the abundance of intrusive ads.

Within a short period, you will be bombarded with multiple pop-ups on-screen and click-on ads, which you’ll have to close to continue searching and watching content. 123Movie needs to cut back on advertisements to improve user experience.

2. FMovies

Fmovies is hands down one of the best streaming sites, and it is also a fantastic alternative for UWatchFree. In fact, Fmovies is an upgrade if you already like UWatchFree because it offers all the best features you would expect from an excellent free online movie stream website.

Let’s start with the content library. Fmovies has one of the largest databases of links of full-length HD and FHD video quality movies and tv series episodes. And if you like Hindi movies, Fmovies has plenty of those too. You’ll find popular anime shows on the platform as well, so there is something for everyone to watch.

Each movie and tv show typically has multiple third-party links, so it is unlikely that you will end up on a dead-end. There is also a convenient option to change the video quality and speed to match your internet speed.

The dark theme of the website is appealing and easy on the eyes, which improves the viewing experience. The multiple helpful filters and features make searching content straightforward and quick. Another fantastic thing about FMovies is the minimal ads that won’t bother you while watching something. For an overall outstanding streaming service, we highly recommend that you check out Fmovies.

3. YesMovies

We doubt that many online streaming platforms have reached the level of rapid success as YesMovies, which quadrupled its loyal user base in a couple of years by diversifying its content library with the addition of Bollywood movies. YesMovies caters to the needs of many different types of viewers. Both adults and kids have endless choices of content to watch on YesMovies.

We are confident that on YesMovies, you will never run out of content options because the YesMovies team updates the library daily to include new episodes of shows and freshly released movies from around the world.

The website’s user interface has been kept simple and streamlined, which makes it easy for beginners to use. Thanks to the search bar and intelligent filters, looking up content is also straightforward. If you wish to explore new stuff to watch, you can rummage through the well-organized YesMovies content categories.

YesMovies also provides a dark theme for the website interface that improves the streaming experience and prevents your eyes from getting tired while watching movies. Unfortunately, there is a catch – YesMovies has a lot of ads, which you will have to close if you want the site to work. The high number of advertisements holds the platform back from becoming one of the best streaming sites.

4. MoviePublish

This one is for all of you Bollywood movie lovers out there. MoviePublish is one of the most popular streaming Indian movie sites for free, loved by users worldwide for its expansive Indian film collection. On MoviePublish, you have the option to either stream or download an unlimited number of Bollywood and regional movies, including Telugu, Punjabi, Tamil, and more.

MoviePublish is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy Hollywood movies dubbed and subtitled in Hindi. Whatever you want to watch, MoviePublish will have it in HD and FHD video quality so you can have a theater-like experience in the comfort of your home. The website works seamlessly on all devices, thanks to its modern design.

The MoviePublish library is constantly expanding because the team updates the website daily with new content, but if the website doesn’t have the film you are looking for, just ask the team to add it to the site or send you a link to your desired video.

5. Filmlinks4u

This may be the first time reading about Filmlinks4u, but rest assured, Filmlinks4U is another famous site for watching Indian content and has a similar library to UWatchFree. Filmlinks4U is similar to UWatchFree in more ways than one; it has an impressive database of Bollywood and South Indian films that can be streamed or downloaded for free.

You can find more than just South Indian and Bollywood movies on Filmlinks4u because it also features a vast selection of Hollywood and western content, including old, new and chart-topping films and series for free. The site also has content from OTT platforms, such as Netflix, Hulu, Zee5, and more.

The simplistic website interface is easy to use, while the abundance of filters and features will make your video search accurate and quick. So, if it’s a free online movie streaming site you seek that has a similar experience as UWatchFree, then Filmlinks4U will not disappoint.

6. Bolly4u

Bolly4u became one of the top favorite Bollywood and South Indian streaming sites months after its launch. Bolly4u has one of the most extensive collections of Hindi, English, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, and other movies and series for free streaming. The team regularly updates the website, so Bolly4u is the best streaming website to find new trending movies and TV series episodes.

If you prefer downloading movies and watching them later, then there isn’t a better website for Bollywood and South Indian movies’ download than Bolly4u. Why? Because it offers impressive fast download speed and a reliable download experience.

Like Uwatchfree, Bolly4u has a simple and easy-to-use interface with innovative website features for making content search, selection, streaming, and downloading a hassle-free task.

7. Moviemad

MovieMad is one of the oldest movie streaming websites. It has maintained its widespread popularity by providing one of the largest movie and TV series databases compared to other popular streaming websites.

MovieMad’s massive fanbase trusts the team for sharing the latest and trending content as soon as it is on-aired or released. MovieMad’s team makes sure that their fans never leave the website disappointed and always find the content they are looking for; therefore, they regularly update the website with new and popular movies and TV series episodes.
Apart from a massive collection of Hollywood movies, you will find Hindi, South Indian, and Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies on MovieMad.

Its South Indian movie collection includes Tamil movies, Telugu movies, Punjabi movies, and more. You will also find an impressive range of international movies like Korean, Spanish, and more.

MovieMad is also famous for its massive range of movies in 4k, 1080p FHD, 720p HD, 360p, 420p, 240p, and some movies are even available in UltraHD video quality. MovieMad is hands-down one of the best platforms to find the widest range of movies that makes MovieMad one of the best Uwatchfree alternatives.

8. TodayPK

Another excellent Uwatchfree alternative is TodayPk, which is famous for its extensive Bollywood and South Indian movie collection. It also offers a vast collection of Hindi dubbed and subbed movies and TV show episodes.

The best thing about TodayPk is that most of the movies and TV series episodes are available in HD and FHD for free streaming and downloading. Most of the content on TodayPk is available in compact file size, so smartphone users can download content from the website without worrying about storage space.

We love the simplicity of the website interface that allows you to browse, choose, and select your desired movies and TV series without any hassle.

TodayPk is unfortunately not as popular as other Uwatchfree alternatives, although it offers a similar streaming experience and content range as other popular streaming sites. We hope that TodayPk will soon get the recognition it truly deserves.

9. PlayTamil

If you are a true fan of South Indian, especially Tamil movies, and you are searching for the best Uwatchfree alternative for streaming free Tamil movies, PlayTamil is an excellent option. You will easily find a massive collection of Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Marathi, Punjabi, and other South Indian movies.

Similar to other Uwatchfree alternatives on this list, Playtamil also offers free streaming without any signup or registration. The biggest reason behind PlayTamil’s popularity is its range of Hollywood movies with subtitles in Indian regional languages.

With PlayTamil’s safe and easy video download option, you can download your favorite movies and episodes of your favorite TV shows and watch the downloaded videos according to your convenience. PlayTamil provides a super-fast download experience so that you can download multiple videos at a time.

PlayTamil, formerly known as Play Tamil Isaimini, is now one of the most popular free online streaming sites for watching South Indian movies for free. For its impressive streaming and download experience, we recommend PlayTamil as one of the best Uwatchfree alternatives for free South Indian movies.

10. Downloadhub

Downloadhub is one of the most trusted websites for streaming and downloading movies for free. Its ever-expanding range of movies and complete seasons of TV series is one of the main reasons behind its rapidly increasing popularity.

Similar to Uwatchfree, Downloadhub has a huge collection of Hindi, South Indian, and Hindi dubbed and subbed Hollywood movies. The simple website interface is perfect for beginners as it offers several features and filters that are perfect for making your content search a simple and quick task.

You do not have to sign up or register to enjoy streaming or downloading movies and TV shows from Downloadhub. You can stream for unlimited hours and download unlimited movies for free.

We love that Downloadhub has ensured that each download file size is compact, so you do not have to stress about the limited storage space of your device while downloading movies and complete seasons of series and shows.

If you love streaming and downloading movies and TV series episodes on Uwatchfree, and you are looking for a website that provides a similar experience, then you will surely love Downloadhub.

11. Extramovies

Extramovie is another excellent Uwatchfree alternative that is popular for its wide range of latest, trending, and all-time popular movies. Extramovie is one of the best websites for movie lovers because it has a massive range of Hollywood movies and a vast collection of Bollywood, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati, and other South Indian movies. You will also find a vast collection of Hindi dubbed and subbed Hollywood movies on Extramovie.

Talking about the website interface, you will find several easy-to-use features and filters that allow you to filter out content and choose your favorite movies within a couple of seconds. Extramovie also has neatly organized categories that make movie selection a hassle-free task.

The best thing about Extramovie is that you will find nearly all movies in HD and FHD video quality for free streaming and download. The only con of Extramovie is the disturbance, so you have to close multiple ads before you can start enjoying your desired content on the website. We hope that Extramovie will reduce the number of advertisements in the future to improve the streaming experience on Extramovie.

12. 7starhd

If you are looking for a Uwatchfree alternative with a similar content range, you will surely love the content range of 7starhd. Within a short period, 7starhd has gained massive popularity worldwide. The top reason behind 7starhd’s popularity is the regular website updates.

The team actively updates the website with new and popular movies, including Bollywood movies, Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies and a huge collection of South Indian movies.

7starhd is one of the best websites for finding classic, all-time favorite, and new Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi, Gujarati, and other South Indian movies in HD, FHD, and 4k quality. The website allows free streaming and download without any registration or membership fee.

The website interface is specially designed for beginners; thus, it has several features, filters, and an accurate search bar for easy and quick content search. We also love those movies on 7starhd stream at an impressively fast speed with minimal buffering. The download speed is also fast and lag-free so that you can download multiple movies at a time without any hassle.

7starhd offers an overall excellent streaming and download experience, so it deserves a spot in our list of top 15 favorite Uwatchfree alternatives.

13. MyDownloadTube

MyDownloadTube is another fantastic alternative to Uwatchfree with an impressive collection of classic, latest, and all-time popular movies and TV series from all over the world.

MyDownloadTube has an ever-expanding range of Hollywood and Bollywood movies. It also has a vast collection of Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies and South Indian movies, including Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, and other movies in other Indian regional languages.
We love that nearly all the movies on MyDownloadTube are available in HD and FHD video quality; you can also find some movies and TV shows episodes in 4k and UltraHD.

All content is 100% free on MyDownloadTube you do not have to pay any membership, monthly, or yearly fee to enjoy streaming and downloading movies and complete seasons of series.

Unfortunately, MyDownloadTube isn’t as popular as other Uwatchfree alternatives. We hope that MyDownloadTube receives the love and appreciation that it deserves.

14. Moviezwap

Another less talked about, but impressive movie streaming site is Moviezwap. If you are a true Hindi and South Indian movie fan, then you will love the massive collection of Moviezwap. The website is jam-packed with thousands of Bollywood, Hollywood, Hindi dubbed Hollywood, Tamil, Punjabi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and other movies.

Moviezwap also has a range of non-commercial content and content shared by users, making Moviezwap an excellent platform to find new and fresh content worldwide.

The well-designed website has content filters that filter out movies and TV series according to your preference. To make the content search easier, Moviezwap also has an accurate and efficient search bar that leads you to your desired content within no time.

No matter if you talk about the content range, the website browsing experience, or the streaming and downloading experience, Moviezwap ticks all boxes. We only wish that Moviezwap had fewer click-on and on-screen ads further to improve the browsing, streaming, and download experience.

15. Zmovie

If you are like us and want to avoid any illegal methods of watching Indian movies, you must try out Zmovie, one of the best ways to download and stream content for free. The platform has a ton of different types of content to offer. You will have not only access to movies but also the latest web series, documentaries, tv serials, award functions, and more.

To access the content available on ZMovie, you’ll need to sign up for a free account. After that, you can stream and download HD-quality videos from the platform.

The collection of films and other content covers a wide range of genres, including horror, romance, science fiction, comedy, erotic, thriller, comedy, etc. Every video features a short description of the film, which is convenient since it removes the hassle of Googling information about unknown content before you choose to watch it. Another helpful feature is the option to categorize videos according to favorites, making it easy to come back to them whenever needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Uwatchfree have an app?

Unfortunately, no! Uwatchfree does not have an app. However, you can enjoy excellent streaming and downloading experience via their smartphone-compatible website.

Do Uwatchfree alternatives require registration?

No! Most of the alternatives on our Uwatchfree alternatives list do not require signup or registration. You can enjoy endless hours of streaming and unlimited downloads for free on nearly all of our Uwatchfree alternatives.

Are Uwatchfree alternatives safe?

Most of our Uwatchfree alternatives are safe to use. However, we recommend using a reliable VPN service while streaming and downloading videos. To avoid ad disturbance and malware threats, we recommend using a trustable ad-blocker and antivirus software.

Are Uwatchfree alternatives legal?

Most of the Uwatchfree alternatives illegally share copyrighted content for free. If you wish to enjoy a safe and legal streaming experience, then you should opt for paid services, including Hotstar, Sonyliv, Zee5, Netflix, and others.


Uwatchfree has been the top favorite online streaming website of millions of online streaming fans across the globe. It is unfortunate that Uwatchfree is going through an unannounced downtime, leaving thousands and millions of streaming fans disappointed and desperate for a reliable Uwatchfree alternative.

We hope that our top 15 Uwatchfree alternatives list will help you find multiple alternatives that provide a better content range, streaming, and downloading experience than Uwatchfree.

What is your favorite Uwatchfree alternative? Would you please share your favorite streaming sites with us? Techlectual family would love to know about new online streaming sites.

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