How You Can Track Location With Phone Number Without Them Knowing

Technological advancements today have enabled us to do certain things that we thought aren’t entirely possible. One such thing is locating someone using their phone number.

Tracking someone’s location from their cell number seems like a thing in crime fiction stories, isn’t it? However, location tracking techniques are becoming more and more popular as people are now finding easy ways to track locations with phone numbers. With so many spying software and apps in the market, people think it is easy to track someone’s location by phone number. Choose the best phone tracker app without permission from this article, and you’ll nail it for sure.

Why do people need to track location with a phone number?

Tracking someone’s location using their phone number seems a very convenient way when you want to keep track of their activities. There are various reasons why someone would like to know the location of someone. Some reasons being:

To keep an eye on kids

As a cautious parent, it is normal to stress about a kid’s activities when the world outside isn’t so safe anymore. Many parents use tracking apps or software to keep an eye on their kids.

To keep an eye on your employee

Certain employers keep track of their employee’s locations to check their activities within work hours. Some also keep a check on their activities during work time to check if their employees are engaged in any illegal activities.

To keep an eye on a cheating spouse

To be honest, this is probably the most significant reason why one would want to locate or track someone by phone number. If anyone suspects their partner, tracking their location using their cell phone is an excellent way to catch them red-handed or rectify their suspicions.

Finding a lost device

At times you would just want to locate your own number to find a lost device. If you get successful in Locating your device, increase the chances of it getting back to you.

Track the unknown harasser

Sometimes you may get calls from unknown people trying to harass you or threaten you. In order to know where these calls are coming from, it’s good to locate the caller.

How to locate or track someone’s location by their cell phone number?

Many apps and software are available today that claim to provide you the exact or nearby location of a cell number owner. These apps are not very difficult to use, and any person that has basic knowledge of installing apps could work with them. Even if you aren’t a very tech-savvy person, you can still use it with no issues.


Truecaller is a famous app that is compatible with any kind of smartphone or device. Truecaller is known to own the largest directory of a cell phone number. They collect numbers from various online platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, different shopping websites, and other social media networks. Truecaller contains the person’s number whenever they left it for the public.

Either by using the truecaller app or logging into the website, you can access the unknown caller’s database like name and from where the sim has been registered.

Mobile tracking software

While truecaller isn’t a direct method to track location with phone number, there are many direct mobile-friendly tracking apps and software compatible with both android and iPhone that would tell you the exact location of the number user.

So if you’re wondering how to track someone’s location by phone number, all you got to do is to install these apps.

Is it possible to track the location with a phone number?

While the idea of location anyone using its phone number only looks pretty convenient, but the news for you is it’s not possible. Due to the high demand for tracking apps and software, many people have developed many such apps and claim to provide the exact location.

The truth is only government agencies like the police and CIA can locate a person using its number and that too by using complex tracking mechanisms and not by using any app. There are significantly fewer apps in the market that helps you locate using a phone number, and others are mostly scam or too shady to use.

So, is there any way to track the location with a phone number?

The answer is no if you are using any other advertised locating or tracking app, and yes, if you are using a reliable app like mSpy. mSpy works like a charm if you want to find your lost phone or want to keep an eye on your kids. You can locate employees or track any criminal or online harasser.

How to use the mSpy location tracker?

mSpy has a GEO fencing that allows the user to track if the person who is being followed has moved out of the limited zone. You can set as many zones as you want. The device will record the frequency and time of every visited spot.

When the person exits or enters a particular zone, you will receive a notification via email. Parents can take advantage of it to check if their kids have moved out of the ‘safe zone.’

If you doubt your partner or spouse is cheating on you with someone, you can set a zone to their place whom you have suspicion to be involved with your partner and track if your partner has visited them.

Final Words

Tracking someone’s location may not seem an ethical thing to do, but when it comes to pressing issues like kid’s safety, employee background, or life-shattering events like cheating by a partner, there’s no harm in locating someone.

There are hundreds of apps and software that track location with a phone number but not every app is reliable or works efficiently. mSpy is one app that is trusted by many and is one of the widely used location-tracking apps.

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