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Our Mission​

Techlectual’s mantra is “to keep it real, to keep it honest, and to keep it unfiltered.”

Our team firmly believes in ensuring that all the information that we deliver is 100% experience-based and trustable so that you can share Techlectual’s info with utmost confidence!

  • Hands-on Reviews

For accurate and reliable tech info, our team never steps back from investing both time and efforts. We believe in a 100% hands-on review before concluding our final thoughts on any tech-related product or service so that you can trust our tech info without a second thought!

  • Unbiased Review Parameters

Our team of tech intellectuals have developed pre-defined parameters that help us successfully evaluate the different tech software and hardware unbiasedly. Our unbiased review parameters guarantee that our recommendations are not assumption-based but fully experience-based!

  • Honest Comparisons and Recommendations

Regardless of the rating, ranking, and the popularity of the tech software and hardware that we are reviewing, we assure 100% honest comparisons, resulting in 100% recommendations. We’ll help you make smarter tech decisions.

  • Regular Updates

The tech industry is always blooming! With every update, you can count on Techlectual to keep you updated! Team Techlectual is always on the lookout for the latest tech updates to keep you well-informed with the newest and the hottest from the tech world.

About Techlectual​​

Our team consists of five tech intellectuals with one aim ‘To regularly update you with reliable, unfiltered tech information’. Our team include professionals from the tech industry, with years of hands-on tech experience.

Our team of tech professionals firmly believes in real-time testing before we rank and recommend any product. Our team invests time and effort to test the products to drive accurate scores and ratings of the tech gadgets, apps, software updates, and more.

Our response is never spontaneous! We believe in in-depth reviews and comparisons that are unfiltered and unbiased! We never recommend tech software and hardware on the basses of its popularity. Instead, we ensure that every tech software and hardware that we recommend is worth the hype and worth the price!

We do not aim to create tech content, but we aim to develop trustable pieces of valuable tech information that you confidently trust and share!

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