10 Reasons Why Is Video Marketing So Effective

Video marketing has become one of the major ways to attract an audience. 54% of customers prefer to view video content for any product or service, and more than 80% of marketing professionals prefer video marketing over other techniques. Customers come across many marketing videos daily on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, influencing their buying behavior. 

Are you planning to adopt a video marketing strategy for your brand/business? Here are ten factors that explain the effectiveness of video marketing.

1. Compatibility with SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a helpful tool digital marketers use to increase the ranking of their content in SERP (Search Engine Results Page). SEO practices can increase the traffic on a website significantly. Video marketing is compatible with SEO and can boost the discoverability of your content. With higher discoverability, you can attract more customers to your product or service.

Search engines love video content and view it as high-quality content. Search engines rank video content higher than other types of content like blogs and images. By the end of 2021, 80% of traffic on the internet will be for videos. How are you planning to leverage the power of videos for your brand/business?

2. Enhances conversion rate

It has been scientifically proven that visuals have a more lasting effect on the human brain. According to Stormviews.net, with marketing videos, you can drive customers towards your products or services. The purpose of marketing techniques is to convert the user to a potential customer. Studies have shown that using video content on your homepage can enhance conversions by 80%.

When you can convert the people who consume video content into customers, you can increase your sales. An engaging and professional marketing video can significantly increase your ROI (Return on Investment).

3. Enhances relationships with customers

Do you know that more than 50% of customers feel more confident about buying a product/service after watching a video about it? More than 70% of people who view a product video end up buying that product. It happens because videos establish trust between the brand owner and customers. You can establish an emotional connection with your customers via marketing videos. Quality visuals provide necessary information to customers and encourage them to engage.

4. Shareability

Customers tend to share relatable video content with their peers. Social media is a place where people share links to videos via their profiles or on chat. Video content is more likely to be recommended by a customer. If a viewer has liked your video content and forwarded it to others, your products/services are being promoted without any cost to you.

You can include share buttons for different social media platforms with your video content to enhance shareability. You can also share the link of video content shared on one social media platform on another.

5. Enhances retention rate

Many businesses are looking to promote their products on the internet. You must stand out from the rest to drive customers towards your products. Studies have shown that customers remember what they watched in a video more than any other type of content. With video marketing, you will gain an edge over your competitors with a high retention rate.

Some businesses only use blogs and images to promote their products/services. You can attract more customers than such businesses easily through video marketing. Marketing experts say that a brand should use a mixture of various marketing techniques to achieve better results. Even if video marketing has better conversion rates, you should not ignore other methods like blogs and images.

6. Retain existing customers

Besides attracting new customers, you also have to retain existing customers. Studies have shown that video content helps in maintaining existing customers and keeps them hooked towards your products. You can provide the latest information about your product/service offering to existing customers with the help of a marketing video. With top-notch video content and a reliable video maker, you can effortlessly create a buzz about your products in the market.

7. Compatibility with Google’s web crawlers

Without any doubt, Google is one of the giants when it comes to search engines. The world’s most used search engine prefers video content over any other type of content. Whenever you search for something on Google, you will notice that relatable YouTube videos always appear at the top. This happens because Google’s web crawlers prefer video content and rank them higher in the SERP.

A web crawler is responsible for indexing web pages in the SERP. This means that if your marketing videos catch the attention of web crawlers, your product page can receive a higher ranking in the SERP. Ideally, a business would want to target users that search for products/services on Google.  

8. Availability of video marketing tools

There are various professional tools available for making marketing videos. Businesses can use video editing software to add a professional angle to their marketing videos. A good video editing tool can help you create professional videos with less effort. Choose an online video editor that allows you to add transitions, voiceovers, stock images, filters, and other enhancements to your marketing videos. Even if you are not a designing or video editing expert, it will help create a professional marketing video.

9. Perfect for lazy buyers

Not all buyers will go through the hassle of reading a blog and may skip your product. They would prefer a video guide over a detailed product description in writing. You can target such lazy buyers and compel them to opt for your products/services with video marketing. Videos work well with all age groups so that you can attract a diverse audience.

10. Perfect for customers with different literacy standards

If you release your blogs in one language, customers that do not know that language will not read it. On the contrary, customers can watch videos with different literacy levels and without any language barrier. Customers with lower literacy standards that cannot read can surely understand your product when watching a video about it.


More than 60% of marketers rank video marketing as their top marketing technique. You can also harness the power of videos and can generate leads. Use a professional video editor to create catchy video content, and choose video marketing for boosting your brand!

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