3 Best Board Portal Software Solutions for a Big Business

3 Best Board Portal Software Solutions for a Big Business

In recent years, board portal software has become a go-to choice for executives in all fields. It is particularly popular with big businesses because of how easy it makes for directors from all over the world to attend meetings and share files.

Large corporations are increasingly shifting away from paper-based systems because of the cost-effectiveness, security, and ease of document management that online boardroom portals provide. The appeal of the board of directors software comes from their security, accessibility from around the globe, and easier document storage and use.

The main benefits of board portal software

Good board software makes the lives and jobs of the directors much easier. Here’s how:

  • Document management. Traditionally, when holding a board meeting, the members are generally limited to whatever information they have on hand. With increasing numbers of board software offering document storage options, it makes it easier for the board members to go through past agenda items, see the voting history, and more.
  • Decision-making. The decision-making process is also much easier with the software-based approach. Without any hassle, the board members can safely make decisions with a few clicks, and their votes are registered and automatically accounted for by the software.
  • Cost-efficiency. What drives large companies to switch the board meetings online is its cost-effectiveness. The company can save thousands by subscribing or buying board management software. It can cut down board members’ travel costs, printing and shipping the documents, administrative staff costs, and much more.
  • Environmental impact. With increasing awareness of environmental issues, a company should always be looking at ways to cut down its environmental footprint to show its dedication to the cause to the public, partners, and stakeholders. Doing away with the paper-based system is one way to achieve that.

When choosing the right provider, many markets cater to different sectors, business sizes, and needs. You should be looking for a company that will provide excellent service, an easy-to-use interface, and top-notch security to keep all your documents safe for larger companies.

Without further ado, here are the top three board portal software tools ideal for big businesses.



BoardMaps is a board portal that recognizes that issues highlighted during a meeting may require additional analysis. This is why it offers after-meeting services such as notifying participants of progress, providing access to essential documents, and more.

Each board member has access to various documents before the meeting, and it allows them to set the agenda, make decisions, and track progress afterward. The interface is easy to understand even for newcomers, making it a perfect choice for large companies where directors might have varying degrees of tech knowledge.

Furthermore, the board software offers great control over who gets access to the materials and how long. You can edit access to various documents at any time. BoardMaps provides a high level of transparency and the opportunity to track decision progress since all choices taken during meetings are documented in real-time.

BoardMaps takes care of everything that might come in handy in the virtual boardroom, making the meetings run smoothly, without any hiccups, and most importantly, productively.



iDeals is primarily known for its leading virtual data room software. Thanks to its top-notch security, excellent usability, and outstanding customer support, iDeals is one of the best board portals on the market.

With customers worldwide, iDeals has offices in over 20 countries, providing 24/7 customer support for any questions you might have. According to the cloud-based software provider, over 80% of “Fortune 500” corporations trust them with their most sensitive documents to be stored and shared securely. iDeals makes managing all the documents and meetings extremely easy. Top-notch security, including encryption of all your data, stands out among competitors.

With high compatibility with all operating systems currently on the market, iDeals has an easy-to-use board meeting app that you can take with you wherever you go. Board members need to be able to communicate freely and easily during meetings. iDeals provides software that is easy to understand and intuitive.

However, the interface can’t be enough when it comes to handling sensitive documents of the world’s largest corporations. Security is always a top priority. With iDeals, you can ensure that your data and documents are handled with cutting-edge security measures, guaranteeing all your information is safe and sound.

iDeals board portal software has everything you will need for board meeting management, including messaging, calendar, agenda-setting, and much more.



Diligent makes a list for its great interface, excellent management tools, and great security. Diligent Boards is software equipped with everything a director’s desk might need. The software is ideal for directors, managers, and others in leadership positions, and the software offers an easy-to-navigate interface, seamless document sharing, and excellent communication tools.

With Diligent, all your documents and data are taken care of, and all the board members are guaranteed to pick up the interface easily. Some of the highlights that Diligent offers as tools for meetings include notifications, document tracking, and calendar integration.

The company is always ready to answer any of your questions or concerns with live customer support email, phone number, and chat.

Diligent offers both cloud-based and on-premise software for your company. You can choose whichever best suits your needs.

Diligent also includes analytics tools, making it easy to track and measure the progress of different agenda items. Similar to iDeals, Diligent also offers virtual data rooms to store all your necessary documents safely.

This software encapsulates everything you might need for board document management, from safe storage to a useful search tool for going through the archives.

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