CocoFinder Review

CocoFinder Review

How would you like to get full details of properties in the United States for free?

That’s what you get with CocoFinder. It is a revolutionary address lookup tool that gives users exclusive access to public and private databases at zero cost. And, the level of details you get with CocoFinder rivals that of premium services. You’ll never have to jump through hoops when trying to find details of a US address again.

That said, let’s start with the introductions.

What is CocoFinder?

CocoFinder is the closest you can get to an all-rounded address lookup service that does not charge its users. They have millions of happy users from 190+ counties, with most leaving a blazing trail of shiny reviews wherever they go. The service has also featured in top publications, including The New York Times, Bloomberg, and Android Central.

Generally speaking, it is hard to find a free lookup service that rivals CocoFinder. Most options present outdated information, others will ask users to pay for complete reports, and the rest sell your personal information to advertisers.

Reasons Why You Might Need an Address Lookup Service

You’ve probably tried to Google an address and came up empty – no ownership details or contact information. Just an accurate location on Google street view, and that’s it. CocoFinder goes a little further to give users a 360 coverage of the property.

Here are some of the reasons why you might need to lookup an address.

Finding old Friends

Everyone has that childhood friend you’d like to reunite with at some point. Maybe you are back in your hometown or just bumped into their home address. CocoFinder can help you pull the person’s information from the databases, including their phone number and current location.

Know Who’s Living Next Door

Moving house is more than just finding a good place you can afford. You need to know if your neighbor is a registered sex offender, thief, or both. The last thing you want is to inherit someone else’s problems, especially if there’s a criminal in the mix.

Discover a property’s Worth

Maybe you are in the market for a house and suspecting the real estate agent is overpricing the property. CocoFinder will help you determine if you are getting a good deal without having to talk to anyone. However, only a few people know this house hunting strategy.

Why CocoFinder is Your Best Option 

CocoFinder does not require users to have an account to use their service. That comes as a relief as most services will collect email addresses then spam you with promotional stuff later. 

Here are some of the CocoFinder features that you might find interesting:

Ownership Details: After running the address, CocoFinder will pull the full names of the past and present owners, complete with phone numbers for mobile and landline. You also get their age, social media profiles, and criminal records. This information is updated every time the house changes ownership, assuring users of 100% accurate data.

Property Details: Get access to everything you need to know about the property, including the year it was built, the size of the home in square footage, and the number of rooms in the house. On top of that, you get the mortgage and tax information plus a legal description. This information helps in determining the final price of the property.

Neighborhood Details: This report includes the average income in that area, demographic info, and the average price of properties in that neighborhood. This is an excellent way to have a feel of the area and know if you’ll fit in.

How to Look Up an Address on CocoFinder

It starts with heading over to You’ll need to have a valid US address, city, and state to use this service. Once you enter everything in the address lookup page, hit search, and the system will find relevant details from a combination of public and private databases. 

Usually, it takes a couple of minutes to generate a report depending on the current traffic on CocoFinder servers. However, rest assured that you’ll get your report in less than 5 minutes. Use this information to know your neighbors, verify property sellers and know if you are getting a good deal on the house. 


Can I request CocoFinder to remove my property from their database?

Yes, you can. Homeowners can contact CocoFinder’s support with this issue and have their personal information and property details removed from the database. However, this information will be accessible from other public databases, which makes your efforts meaningless. 

Will the service always be free?

Absolutely. CocoFinder has not expressed any intentions of making their address lookup feature premium. They also don’t run advertisements on their website or collect email addresses from users. Services like these are few and hard to find.

How accurate is the data provided? 

The address lookup feature on CocoFinder is 100% accurate. They use a combination of sources to verify what the first hit reported about the address, and that’s how the service will always provide accurate info every time. They have also found a way to trace online activity on social media and other membership websites to confirm the final report.

Will a search reveal assets on a property?

No. CocoFinder pulls information from legal channels, and nobody reports their brand new hardwood patio in a legal description. That means you might have to visit the address to see the actual situation on the ground. 

Over to You

CocoFinder is the best free address lookup tool we’ve tested so far. It provides detailed reports on properties across the US, complete with market value, ownership details, and house layouts. This information will always be free and can be accessed by anyone with a valid US address, city, and state of a target property.

Overall, CocoFinder is a great way to find long-lost friends and for people hunting for a suitable property to purchase or rent. 

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