Top 10 Digital Wallet Solution Companies

Today, many people are using their smartphones to tackle financial matters. There are apps and services that allow us to spend, save, and invest all from the small rectangular screen hold in our hand. There are many types of savings accounts available, and many of them are only available online. Furthermore, most service providers offer online payment options making paying bills quick and convenient. It seems that online payments have become an integral part of people’s lives. This facility has enabled the unbanked population to participate in the development of the global payment economy. That is why mobile app development companies companies and financial institutions are finding ways of making robust digital money transfer software for taking the benefit of this opportunity.

The digital payment market is in full swing. As per statista, the digital payment market will reach 13,979 billion US dollars (approx.) in 2022. So, it is the best time for you to make a robust digital wallet for your business. You can hire software development team, or you can hire remote developers for your wallet app development. But before you start with making a profitable digital wallet solution for your company, you need to look at some popular digital wallet solution providers.

Which are the top 10 digital wallet solution providers?

The main reasons for the growing popularity of digital wallets are its speed and convenience. It also provides great payment security to its users. There is a tough competition among the global digital wallet solution companies to conquer the markets. So we have decided to list out ten best wallet solution company to provide you with more insights regarding your eWallet app development:

1. DigiPay

DigiPay found in 2019 at Ahmedabad. After many years of hard work and persistence, it has successfully provided robust solutions for digital payments. DigiPay provides seamless mobile money payments solutions, digital wallets, agency banking, and international remittances to its users.

DigiPay provides a highly scalable digital wallet solution to its customers to access a seamless payment experience. Digipay’s wallet solution is compliant with necessary regulatory norms such as PCI-DSS and GDPR. It also lets you provide an omnichannel experience to the customers as it can be easily used on mobile and web. 

Digipay’s wallet solutions are equipped with all necessary reports and analytics that you need to analyze your business and consumer behaviour. This analytics can help you to plan better business strategies that will help you to boost your profits.

2. Openway

Openway was established in 1995 in Belgium. It is a digital wallet provider that serves in 17 countries across the world. It has developed advanced digital FinTech solutions and eWallets to the people. It uses personalized UX to provide a great experience to its users. It also offers web-based workbenches to its users so that they can efficiently manage their work.

Openway has launched a digital wallet solution called WAY4 to provide seamless digital payment services to its customers. Users can make bill payments easily from this wallet solution by using multiple payment methods like cards, QR codes, wallets, etc. Openway provides its services to over 130 banks across the world. 

3. Wallet Factory

Wallet Factory is providing its digital wallet services across the world for more than a decade. It is headquartered at Wroclaw, Poland. It is specialized in providing robust digital FinTech solutions to its customers for accessing a great payment experience. 

Wallet Factory provides robust QR POS systems, mobile wallets, customer loyalty management, and digital payments systems to its customers. Basically, it provides three ways of payments – In-App, Online and In-Store. It also provides both domestic and international money transfer facilities to its customers.


MANGOPAY was founded in 2013 in Luxembourg. Later it was acquired by Crédit Mutuel Arkéa in 2015. MANGOPAY offers a wide range of digital wallet solutions for both B2C and C2C segments. More than 2500 payment platforms are using its whitesolution. 

Mango Pay’s platform supports multiple payment methods. It also offers white label solutions and payment gateways to payment service providers. Users can easily transfer their funds between eWallets with a great speed.

Mango Pay allows its users to create unlimited wallets for their platforms. Also, it facilitates its users to split their funds between these eWallets. 

5. Peerbits

Peerbits is an Ahmedabad based software development company established in the year 2011. It is providing its services in India, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, USA, Canada, Brazil, Germany and Oman. Apart from making successful software solutions, Peerbits has also developed a seamless digital wallet solution for payment businesses.

Peerbits’ dedicated software development team has made top-notch digital wallet and FinTech solutions for their clients across the globe. Its digital wallet solutions are used by several industry verticals such as FMCG, mobile operators, banks, eCommerce service providers, retailers, etc.

6. Velmie

Velmie is a digital fintech solutions provider established in 2010. It offers multiple payment platforms to its users to handle P2P payments, fast money transfers, loyalty programs, and more. 

Velmie also provides multi-currency blockchain wallets. It supports multiple mobile payments systems across many countries that are integrated with central banks. 

7. Panamax

Established in 2001, Panamax is part of the Bankai group. It has its headquarters in New York. Panamax provides seamless digital FinTech solutions such as digital wallets, mobile money solutions, microcredit facilities, international remittance facility and bill payment systems.

Panamax’s mobile wallets are easy to integrate with OCS systems. It also offers a strong implementation of KYC. It also provides the facility of subscriber beneficiary management to its users.

Panamax’s wallet solutions are also integrated with rich royalty solutions that enable you to personalize your customer’s payment experience.

8. R Pay

R Pay is a mobile wallet solution developed by a software and mobile app development company Roamsoft. It provides a robust digital payment solution to the payment business to extend their online reach. 

R pay comes with an end to end admin panel to its users to manage their payment operations effortlessly. Users can easily pay their bills, book tickets, purchase goods from anywhere by using R Pay.

R Pay consists of an attractive user interface that makes the payment experience more convenient for the user.

9. Novatti

Novatti was founded in 2012 by Peter Cook in Australasia. It uses several technology stacks such as Google Fonts, Google Analytics, and HTML5 to provide robust wallet services across the world. 

Novatti’s digital wallets services can be accessed over POS devices, smartphones and other traditional payment instruments such as debit cards and credit cards. It also allows payment businesses to settle their customers’ accounts by using electronic banking files.

Novatti’s digital wallet solutions enable its users to access robust technologies like QR Codes, Bluetooth, iBeacon, etc. for offering a hasslefree payment experience. This will help them to expand their services among a large pool of users.

10. Comviva

Comviva was established in New Delhi in 1999. It provides mobility solutions, digital banking, digital business solutions, eWallets to its customers. More than 2 billion users are taking their services. In 2012, Tech Mahindra acquired a stack of 51% in this company. Also, Comviva has more than 50 patents under its name.

Comviva supports famous payment methods such as NFC, QR codes, USSD, etc. on its digital payment platform. Also, it provides microfinance services such as loans, insurance and savings accounts to its users. 

Signing off

Digital wallet solutions are gradually becoming the alternative of convenience for the people. Whether you want to pay for your necessities or you want to transfer money to your loved ones, digital wallets make it easy for you. 

Digital wallet solutions can help you to save your operational costs by eliminating the intermediaries from the system. Also, it can help you to reap more profits by extending the reach of your business to the remote areas.

So here is everything about the digital wallet companies from our side. Keep reading this space for more such insightful resources. 

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