10 Best Free Movie Streaming Websites

Movies. The apex of entertainment. It’s an art form that’s hooked us from the times of The Great Dictator to The Shawshank Redemption and Parasite

In the modern world, there is no shortage of good movies. Besides the Oscar-nominated films, there are plenty of great movies you can watch and enjoy. 

With platforms like Amazon Prime, HBO, and Netflix, you don’t even have to go to the theatres. You can enjoy the movie in the comfort of your home, no questions asked. 

But it’s all paid. Is there a free movie streaming alternative

You bet there is! If you’re a thrifty individual looking to stream movies online for free, you’re in luck. In this post, we’ll be talking about how you can stream movies online for free. 

Warning: In some countries, streaming movies in such a manner is prohibited under law. To be at ease, always use a VPN service to avoid getting into trouble. 

Moving on, here are the best free streaming sites on the internet right now!

1. 123movies

This free online movie site is a must-have for any movie-fanatic. It has a wide range of movies and television series to choose from. Want 720p? 1080p? It lets you stream without that many ads and interruptions. 

123movies design is simple, yet it gets the job done. Just search for the movie you wish to watch and see the best results. Fire up the movie and enjoy it! 

Once you’ve selected a movie, click on play more than one. There are ads, of course, but you can always circumvent them.

2. Losmovies

A powerful free movie streaming website, Los Movies is your go-to choice for streaming. It has every bit of series you can think of. Were you looking for the most recent movie? Well, you can bet Los Movies has it.

Yes, there are ads on this one, but they fall short compared to the frequency and speed of movie streaming this website provides. Just search for the latest movie you want, and you can stream it without a hitch. 

If you want to filter by a category, you can do so, unlike the previous website.

3. Fmovies

If you’ve been streaming long enough, you are no stranger to Fmovies. A pioneer movie streaming site has the world’s largest collection of movies, series, anime, and documentaries.

We recommend using this website because of its popularity. Regardless of the platform, this website will have your movie if you wish to watch it free. Netflix? 1080p? It has all that in the convenience of its well-designed website. 

The search bar is placed correctly, making finding the right movie more comfortable. On top of that, the categories section is highly complex – helping you find the right thing at the right time. 

4. SubsMovies

One of the underrated ones, SubsMovies, is a good streaming website. Similar to the other ones, it has all the trappings of a good movie website. 

The layout is the only thing that, in our opinion, is off-putting: the texts and logo aren’t as good as the previous websites. Then again, it is a free streaming website, so it’s bearable.

From Amazon Prime to HBO Max, SubsMovies has all the movies you need to enjoy for literally a lifetime. The best part about the website is that you can select the many categories present in the navbar and start watching.

5. Afdah

In terms of design and layout, this website looks pretty old fashioned. On the PC, it seems as though it was created on an older version of HTML.

But the one redeeming part about it is its navbar. It’s not clean per se, but it’s still very catching. If you’re undecided on a movie, you can watch it from Afdah’s featured movies list. If not, you can click on any of the 21 categories in the navbar and enjoy it. 

Streaming-wise, Afdah provides the same quality as all the other giants. 1080p with multiple platforms, they have it. 

6. Sockshare

Sockshare used to be a real powerhouse back in the day. It had easy navigation, good stream rips, and a massive collection of movies. Besides the last two, it’s degraded significantly in website design. 

Yes, the navbar is pretty good – allowing you to filter categories without having to, but the overall website layout isn’t modern – making users feel like it’s a spammy site with too many ads. You, the reader might even think that if you’ve been around modern websites.

Besides, we have no qualms with Sockshare. It’s a veteran website with all the latest series and movies. 

7. Putlocker

What used to be the number one in all these listicles is now trapped at number seven. The Putlocker websites have seen their heyday and their fall through lawsuits. They remain, returning after one’s gone with a brand-new domain name. 

This site, while not the best anymore, has a healthy collection of movies you can watch. From Netflix series to documentaries and featured films – this has many of them available on the platform. It has the same streaming capacity as all the best websites on this list.

In terms of design, it doesn’t stand out as much. It’s rather plain-looking, but if you’re all out of options, then Putlocker is where you can find free movies to stream. 

8. Einthusan

If you’re a big fan of South Asian movies, you can find many them for free on Einthusan. While deviating from our list of international movies, this site is dedicated solely to viewers of South Asian movies worldwide.

The design of the website is inferior. But being a free streaming site for South Asian (mainly Indian) movies, it’s the right choice. It has a diverse collection of movies you can watch for free. 

9. Popcorn Time

Popcorntime isn’t a streaming website per se but rather a streaming application close to Stremio. It takes data from the index of the best torrent websites available and then streams the torrent to you. 

If you’re looking for a permanent fix to your streaming issues, then don’t look further than this website to download the application.

10. Popcornflix

A healthy alternative to the others, Popcornflix is the legal version of a movie streaming website. With a good collection of movies available, you can spend hours watching the art of movie-making play out in real-time.  


So, there you have it. This was our top ten best free movie streaming websites for 2020. Again, we would like to reiterate the warning we mentioned in the introduction about not accessing these websites through a VPN. Without it, you run the risk of legal trouble, which you should most definitely avoid.

We hope you enjoyed reading it! If you loved it, make sure to read out the listicle on the best anime streaming websites.

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