50+ Funny Husband Wife Quotes And Sayings In English

Marriage involves multiple emotions, out of which entertaining each other and sharing a good laugh is essential. Surely, when a husband and wife live together, they may come across various scenarios, and some of them leave everyone in fits of laughter. Also, having fun together helps them pass tough times. 

Along with fighting over who will do the dishes or the laundry, many hilarious occasions are portrayed through the husband and wife relationship quotes listed in the article.

Consider yourself lucky if you and your partner both find them humorous simultaneously, as we have collected quotes to match everyone’s taste. Some of you might have already been through these times or will be in them someday.

Let’s move on to the latest collection of “Funny Husband Wife Quotes And Sayings.”

Husband And Wife Love

Be it an arranged or love marriage, it is impossible that the partners do not love each other. Once they say their vows and are pronounced husband and wife, they can feel the affection between themselves. As their love grows daily, these married couple’s love quotes will help you relate.

  1. Love lasts an eternity, marriage lasts forever
  1. The imperfectly perfect relationship
  1. Marriage is all about loving someone again and again
  1. You get someone to annoy, for life
  1. Wives get their own personal diary
  1. There is love, always
  1. The perfect love story
  1. It is war, but with love
  1. Marriage is the daily dose of love
  1. Everyone gets their own unique fairytale
  1. Marriage is cold heart cash *smirk*

Husband and Wife Fight

With love comes arguments and fights, and this is what keeps a husband and wife relationship alive. Whether it is a one-day or ten-year-old marriage, all the couples fight but still stay together. These funny husband and wife fight quotes will give you something to laugh at when you have had a quarrel. 

  1. You can never be right in a marriage
  1. Count the steps, you will know who is madder
  1. Everything was going good and then marriage happened
  1. Something is seriously wrong, JALAL RUN
  1. Let’s try being neighbors for change
  1. The always wrong human being
  1. Snoring kills
  1. A divorce is never an option
  1. Wives know how to get the details out
  1. Wife’s also forgiven, sometimes

Husband And Wife Relationship

Marriage is a composition of love, frustration, fear, anger, and much more. While some husband and wife will have one or the other emotion dominating their relationship, there will always be something funny about it. We enlisted some understanding husband-wife relationship quotes which are equally hilarious. 

  1. There is always someone to help you
  1. Does the new brain work?
  1. This is how you have an understanding husband-wife relationship
  1. Game Over guys
  1. Play dead, play dead
  1. There is a sign outside
  1. It is a two-way thing
  1. It is a 50-50 thing
  1. This is how marriage works. 100%
  1. The opposite attracts
  1. It is dinner time
  1. Doing house chores is a responsibility of both
  1. We got a little advice

Lines For Husband

“A man is incomplete until he is married. After that, he is finished.”

Most men believe that marriage is the end of their life and thus give us some of the funniest husband quotes and sayings. Here is a collection of them;  

  1. It is a win-on-win situation
  1. Lions are husbands, husbands are lions
  1. A summary of marriage
  1. All wives have a masters in psychology
  1. Save your day, husbands!
  1. Ouch, that hurts
  1. This is called the wife effect
  1. Keep in mind, that everything here is recorded
  1. Take note before you laugh
  1. Husbands want freedom

Lines For Wife

Nobody can deny the fact that it is through the joint effort of a husband and wife that their marriage survives. But, we can also not deny that the wife mostly takes the driving seat in a marriage. It is also said, “The husband is the HEAD of the family, and the wife is the NECK that turns the head around!!”

  1. The wife be apologizing like
  1. A wife will bring balance to your life, like literally
  1. Food for thought
  1. Wives are engineers without a degree
  1. Ok, we will accept our mistakes
  1. It is always the wife behind everything
  1. The punishment every husband longs for
  1. Where is the mute button?
  1. Wifes want the best for themselves
  1. Who is the boss of the house?

Having Children Together

Who does not like children? We all do, but they are always a surprise package in a marriage. 

  1. No theories work in a marriage
  1. There is always an extra child that you did not order

Bottom Line

Are you still laughing or chuckling over the husband and wife quotes? Well, you must be. From our everyday experiences, we have picked out these funny quotes and sayings, and undoubtedly many of you must have related to them. Now that you have had a good time, do not forget to share them with your partner, family, and friends so they can also enjoy them. 

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