Gossipy Types Crossword Clue NYT

Gossipy Types Crossword Clue NYT

In the ever-enticing world of crosswords, enthusiasts often find themselves entangled in the web of cryptic clues and wordplay. Today, we embark on a quest to decode the crossword puzzle from The New York Times that had puzzlers scratching their heads – the “Gossipy Types” crossword clue. This article will not only provide you with the answer but also guide you through the intriguing world of crossword solving. So, grab your pencils and get ready to uncover the mystery.

Crossword puzzles are a beloved pastime for millions worldwide. They challenge our vocabulary, test our wit, and provide endless hours of entertainment. The allure lies in deciphering cryptic clues and filling in the grid to reveal the hidden words.

The New York Times Crossword

The New York Times Crossword is renowned for its challenging and clever clues. It’s a gold standard for crossword enthusiasts and often sets the bar for puzzle quality.

The “Gossipy Types” Clue

The Gossipy Types Clue

The “Gossipy Types” crossword clue was featured in a recent New York Times puzzle. It stumped many solvers due to its deceptive simplicity. Let’s delve into the strategies for cracking such clues.

Solving the Puzzle

Step 1: Gather Clue Information

Before jumping in, collect all the information provided in the clue. This includes the clue length, any abbreviations, and punctuation marks.

Step 2: Analyze the Clue

The “Gossipy Types” clue hints at a plural noun. It suggests people who enjoy sharing secrets or rumors.

Step 3: Consider Crossword Context

Crossword puzzles often rely on recurring themes and wordplay. Knowing this, we can infer that the answer will be a term synonymous with gossipy individuals.

Step 4: Utilize Crossword Strategies

Use techniques like anagrams, word associations, and breaking the clue into smaller parts to arrive at potential answers.


After careful analysis and utilizing our crossword-solving strategies, the answer to the “Gossipy Types” crossword clue is “TATTLETALES.” These are individuals known for sharing secrets and rumors.

The Joy of Crossword Solving

Crossword puzzles offer intellectual stimulation, enhance vocabulary, and provide a sense of accomplishment when you crack the code. They are a perfect blend of entertainment and mental exercise.


Q1: How can I improve my crossword-solving skills? 

A1: Practice is key. Solve puzzles regularly, and don’t be afraid to use crossword dictionaries and online tools for guidance.

Q2: Are there any crossword-solving apps you recommend? 

A2: Yes, popular apps like Crossword Solver and Crossword Puzzle Redstone are great for honing your skills.

Q3: What’s the best way to tackle tough crossword clues like “Gossipy Types”? 

A3: Break the clue into smaller parts, look for synonyms, and think outside the box.

Q4: How often is The New York Times crossword published? 

A4: The New York Times publishes a new crossword puzzle every day, with increasing difficulty throughout the week.

Q5: Can crossword solving help improve cognitive abilities? 

A5: Absolutely! Crossword puzzles challenge memory, problem-solving, and vocabulary, promoting cognitive health.


In the quest to solve the “Gossipy Types” crossword clue from The New York Times, we’ve not only uncovered the answer but also explored the fascinating world of crossword puzzles. Remember, crossword-solving is as much about the journey as it is about finding the solution. So, keep those pencils sharpened and embark on more wordy adventures.

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