What To Expect From SEO Technologies In 2022?

In recent years, the developers of search engines have accustomed us to updates of algorithms. About 10 years ago, it was enough to make basic adjustments every 2-3 years. Now the optimizers have to keep track of changes in SEO.

What is SEO technology today? Some new trends and dramatic changes from last year’s requirements for search engines should not wait. What’s the prediction? 

Page Experience is the number one SEO trend.

Google’s Page Experience algorithm will continue to increase the importance of behavioral factors in 2022. 

Optimizers and users may already have noticed its impact on mobile search results. This year it will come to computers. Starting in February 2022, the impact of indicators such as page loading speed, visitor data security, usability quality, and overall user experience will increase.

The impact of the Page Experience algorithm on SEO in 2022:

  • Needle updates;
  • Site optimization with special attention to Core Web Vitals (LCP, FID, CLS) metrics, which we’ve already covered in more detail;
  • All pages must be converted from HTTP to HTTPS.
  • Examine the web resources for viruses and malware and remove them.
  • The removal of intrusive elements, particularly ad units.

Adapting to mobile devices

The second SEO trend is rejecting outdated methods of obtaining backlinks. Technology companies of search engines are reducing the influence of links on the position of sites in search results. But the link profile is still an important component of ranking sites. Experts agree that this order will continue in the coming years, and backlinks will bring extra points in favor of a web resource. But quality requirements for links are becoming stricter.

Evaluation of donor sites has become a more or less stage of external optimization. It should get the attention and time. One link from an authoritative source, which is among the leaders of the niche and enjoys the confidence of visitors, brings more benefit than a few dozen backlinks shown on obscure or dubious resources. This is SEO’s future. 

Necessary actions:

  • Careful analysis of donor sites;
  • For linking, only authoritative web resources on similar topics with high attendance rates;
  • By creating engaging and useful content that motivates users to share it.

Content for people

SEO agencies improve the work of search robots by teaching them more and more new skills in the qualitative assessment of texts. The level of relevance does not determine the presence of a key phrase in the text. But the most important thing is the relevance of the information to the key query.

Content (the task set for the system by the user) is not always clear to search robots. Specialists continue to introduce artificial intelligence technology in ranking algorithms-MUM and LaMDA.

MUM technology, which is expected to be used soon, is designed to understand videos, images, and texts. At the moment, it covers 75 languages. It is created to understand the feelings, abstractions, and intentions of a user by a deep evaluation of their request as well as by analyzing the context of the offered content options.

LaMDA: Google’s machine learning technology enables building dialogs with the user based on the information they provide. Improvements in content analysis technology prove that high-quality text, images, and videos remain a trend in SEO promotion in 2022, and their role will only increase.

Necessary actions:

  • improving the content’s information and accuracy;
  • The removal of uninformative pages that are not useful to the target audience;
  • Optimization of content for low-frequency (conversational) queries.
  • SEO courses for promotion in 2022?

Increasing the volume of text

Large, detailed articles filled with interesting, important, useful, and competently presented data make visitors stay on the page longer and motivate them to share valuable information with friends. In 2022, longreads will increasingly appear at the top of search engines. In the case of high-quality content, long-form texts will benefit the owner of an Internet project more than medium- or small-form texts, all else being equal.

When working with large-volume texts, it is important to use tools that facilitate users’ study of the material.

Necessary actions:

  • Splitting the text into meaningful paragraphs;
  • Add subheadings that reveal the essence of the text segment;
  • Using formatting and bulleted lists;
  • With the addition of illustrating and simplifying understanding graphic objects (photos, diagrams, charts, diagrams, infographics, videos).

Content revision

Articles which subject is time-sensitive require updating. Otherwise, they lose relevance and drop in search results. By choosing the most relevant content for a user’s query, Google preference pages are posted later.

When you maintain technology blogs, it is not only news and novelty reviews that need to be updated. All website text needs to be updated periodically. So you can show search engines that you are working on the site and improving it. They, in turn, will go to the web resource more often, scan it, and, in the case of positive changes, raise the page higher in the rankings. 

Necessary actions:

  • Updating the information to reflect the most recent changes in the subject or niche;
  • include graphic content;
  • text optimization for new or overlooked queries;
  • Specifying the date of the update.

Search engines are more favorable to Internet projects that regularly work to improve (including updating) the content, which positively affects promotion.

E-A-T: Expertise, credibility, reliability

The E-A-T algorithm is a set of factors in Google that allows you to evaluate the quality of content not regarding technical parameters (volume, presence of key phrases, structure, etc.) but only regarding content. The main evaluation criteria are really important indicators: the expertise and authority of the author and the sources of information, as well as the confirmed reliability of the data. Experts (assessors) analyze the pages of the site on various indicators.

Necessary actions:

  • Verify whether publications help solve problems and relieve the pains of the target audience;
  • Divide the content into sections with explanatory subheadings for ease of review.
  • To supplement the content with illustrative materials,
  • Identification of the article’s author and provision of information on their qualifications in the field;
  • Information about the enterprise or employees;
  • Include contact information such as phone, email, social networking, and address.

The algorithm analyzes individual categories of web resources — YMYL-sites, which include projects that affect users’ health, safety, and well-being. Now, the content of any website can be analyzed using the E-A-T algorithm. So, following the principles of this SEO trend of 2022 is necessary for everyone who wants to get to the top of search engines.


The leading SEO trends determining the nature of search engine promotion in 2022 suggest that Google continues to move in the direction of user-friendliness. Open this link to learn how Google decides which sites are trustworthy.

The focus is on quality. Only these sites stand a good chance of making it to the top of search results. The work of promotion does not become more complex. It becomes more severe and responsible. This makes the competition more exciting.

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