6 Best Putlocker Alternatives

In the modern-day, where media is a major source of entertainment, several websites drive traffic on a daily basis by consumers. Have you often wondered why many ads pop up on your screen, asking you to subscribe to monthly subscriptions where you can get unlimited access to the movies, dramas, seasons, and other entertainment avenues?

Guess what? They all offer packages so that you can pay for media, and your streaming can be legal. But what if you don’t want to pay? This is where websites such as Putlocker come to your rescue.

If you are new to Putlocker, it is a website that allows you to stream media and is dedicated to free file hosting since its beginning in 2012. As catchy as this may sound to you, Putlockers is not safe from cons and has been reported with copyright violations by Motion Picture Association of America.

This is because the users of the website create the content and upload, download, and stream movies, which are often stolen content without legal ownership. The website is also not safe to stream online, as there can be a risk of hackers who try to infect your devices with malware. How would you feel if you have just downloaded your latest favorite movie for free- along with a free malware that infects your device? Pretty weird, isn’t it?

So what can be the solution to these problems? Well, thanks to the digital age, this brings you many alternatives to Putlocker so that you can stream your favorite content care-free.

6 Best Putlocker Alternatives

Here, we bring you the best 6 alternatives that you can visit in place of Putlocker in 2020.

1. Sling TV

Sling TV is known to offer you a traditional TV as well as content through its app. Not only can you access your favorite movie or content, but it can also provide you with live content, with the option to record your shows through its cloud-based DVR service.

The TV also provides on-demand content, and if you have access to any channel via Sling, you can customize your package by $20 per month. With this low package and the guarantee to surf safely, Sling TV is one of the best options that you can replace for Putlocker.

2. YouTube

Next in line comes the famous video hosting platform, Youtube. If you don’t prefer to go for Sling TV as a first alternative, you now have the privilege to look for YouTube TV as well.

Google has already launched YouTube TV, where you can purchase movies and also explore 70 channels starting at the rate of $49.99 each month. Even if you don’t want to purchase YouTube TV, the YouTube app itself is an extensive, reliable, and free source of streaming hundreds of videos for free. You can also download them through apps such as Downie.

3. HBO Max

HBO Max is the newest platform for you, if you want to stream safely and with as low as $14.99 per month payment plan. You should give it a try as is offering content from two major media giants; Warner Media and HBO.

These feasible options where you get to watch content from two sources increase your content library and also access to exclusive matter. Besides the HBO original content, you can indulge yourself in the content from other channels, namely Cartoon Network, New Line Cinema, CNN, Crunchyroll, and many more exciting channels.

4. Hulu

“Watch thousands of shows and movies, with plans starting at $5.99/month.” If this headline has impressed you, then you probably need to rush to Hulu as your next alternative to Putlockers.

Hulu is another website that has offered various content and movies to its users for a long time. What is more important about it is that if you don’t want to avail of the monthly package, you can also go for a free trial of one month if you are a new or returning subscriber. The variety of shows is huge as you can watch your favorite shows like series, movies, kids shows, etc.

5. 123 Movies

The website has been often declared to be the of the top choices by viewers if they want to switch from Putlocker websites. It is also considered the best site for streaming movies, where over 100,000 movies are waiting for you to be watched.

Not only does the site offer Western genre and movies, but it also hosts Asian dramas and TV series, something which grasps the attention of the Asian population. This site is also in demand due to its user-friendly design, updated content, and classified movie categories. So if you plan to watch your favorite movie without legal and digital infringement, this is the punch for you.

6. Netflix – Your Ultimate Modern-Day Solution

Whether you are a diehard fan of “Unsolved Mysteries” or plan to get a hand over “The Umbrella Academy” in 2020, Netflix is the right place for you. The streaming platform is more famous and common amongst masses now than it was a decade ago, and has around 150 million subscribers now at a global level.

The only issue you can have with surfing on this site is that it doesn’t allow you to watch all content due to copyright restrictions, but here’s the hack for you! You can unlock this content with any good VPN. This issue is the strength of Netflix, which makes it a better alternative to the Putlocker site and keeps your device safe from malware. You can also watch your favorite shows with better methods.

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Marko is a software engineer, web developer, and student currently living in the United States. His interests range from technology to web development. He also interested in Cybersecurity. He is currently working as a full-time writer at Techlectual.com.

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Marko Phillips: Marko is a software engineer, web developer, and student currently living in the United States. His interests range from technology to web development. He also interested in Cybersecurity. He is currently working as a full-time writer at Techlectual.com.