6 Best VPS Hosting Companies in Canada

A virtual private server (VPS) is a common choice for small to medium-sized businesses that require more uptime, storage capacity, and improved speed, all without compromising cost. Typically, the more important your site becomes, including the more traffic your website receives, the greater the reason to switch to a VPS. After choosing to make the switch, the next decision will come down to choosing the best VPS hosting, a consideration which will come down to the availability of customer support, uptime, additional features, the amount of storage provided, and the location of the server itself. 

Server location is an important aspect to look for since website owners can provide a better experience to their audience. Therefore, users operating in Canada can look for the availability of a server in the region or opt for a CDN (content delivery network) to achieve a similar result. 

This guide will consider, in-depth, some of the top VPS hosts for Canadian businesses to give website owners a place to start their research.

1. GreenGeeks.com

GreenGeeks is Canada’s greenest energy web hosting provider, offering among the most reliable web hosting rates, with an estimated 99.95% uptime. They continue to leverage eco-friendly data centers and services, in which the company will match three times the amount consumed through energy credits. In addition, to making a difference, the platform has an 11-year history of providing quality services to Canadians, making them dedicated webmasters capable of supporting business owners or first-time website creators. Users can also take advantage of additional benefits, including a 30-day money-back guarantee, managed WordPress VPS, and free daily backup.

2. HostPapa.com

HostPapa is among the most known choices for the best VPS hosting, offering a great combination of quality and low costs. The platform continues to offer servers throughout Canada, guaranteeing fast load times for website owners. Although most customers have shared their success, some comments have shared that their team still lacked customer support and continued to upsell basic features. HostPapa offers a total of five VPS offerings, including an “extreme option,” which includes among the most robust VPS hosting.

Users looking at deploying their VPS offering can take advantage of these features within 90 seconds of ordering, gaining access to a management portal and options for scalability. Those migrating from another hosting provider may also make the switch for free.

3. Bluehost.com

Also on the list is Bluehost, one of the oldest hosting companies around. Their team has continued to offer a competitive price for those looking for VPS hosting, with solutions specifically for WordPress. The platform ensures security through their SSD drives, protecting data from cybersecurity attacks, and providing an SSL certificate for free. Although the platform is not most well-known for anything, it is a good all-around choice.

4. Hostinger.com

Hostinger serves customers worldwide with data centers in Brazil, Indonesia, and the USA. Although Hostinger doesn’t have any centers located explicitly in Canada, they have a data center strategically close to the border to ensure better performance for Canadians. In addition to performance, Hostinger maintains its position as a strong competitor with offerings of less than USD 10 a month, which comes along with a live chat with quick response times.

5. CloudWays.com

CloudWays is another hosting provider worth considering, providing an offering that cuts out the middleman by using the raw servers from different companies so website owners can install and manage high-performance websites. By cutting out the intermediary that typically exists, CloudWays can produce significant cost savings. Users can also take advantage of other features, including site migration and free SSL, among other offerings.

6. InMotion.com

InMotion has been around for over twenty years, offering several dedicated VPS hosting solutions and shared options. One of the main considerations that set this provider apart is the dedicated website designers they keep on hand. Customers have also given InMotion praise for their customer service, including a large group of professionals, each with an average of four years of experience, and have completed a 160-hour training course.

Finding the best host in Canada

Even with these choices in mind, choosing the best provider for your website can be a tricky decision involving many considerations. For additional help, website owners are encouraged to research, evaluating criteria including price, speed, server location, security, SSL certificates, uptime, and support, prioritizing the ones they believe are the most necessary for what they hope to accomplish. The list users come up with can provide the reference point needed to make comparisons and eventually a decision.

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