Wednesday Cast & Character Guide

Wednesday Cast & Character Guide

Are you excited about the upcoming TV series “Wednesday”? Well, you’re not alone! This highly anticipated show based on the iconic character from “The Addams Family” is generating a lot of buzz. In this article, we will delve into the cast and characters of “Wednesday,” providing you with an in-depth guide to the talented individuals who will bring these beloved characters to life. So, let’s dive in and meet the cast of “Wednesday”!

Introduction: The Legacy of “The Addams Family”

“The Addams Family” is a beloved franchise that has captivated audiences for decades. The quirky and macabre adventures of this unique family have left an indelible mark on popular culture. With the upcoming series “Wednesday,” fans are eager to see a fresh take on the character who has become an icon in her own right.

The Enigmatic Wednesday Addams

The Enigmatic Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams, portrayed by the talented Jenna Ortega, is the central character of the series. With her signature black attire, pale skin, and deadpan demeanor, Wednesday Addams has become an emblem of gothic charm and rebellious spirit. This new series will explore her formative years, shedding light on her dark and mysterious origins.

Gomez Addams: The Loving Father

Gomez Addams The Loving Father

Gomez Addams is Wednesday’s doting and eccentric father. Known for his passion for all things macabre and his undying love for his family, Gomez is a character full of charisma and charm. In “Wednesday,” Luis Guzmán will take on the role of Gomez, bringing his unique flair to the screen.

Morticia Addams: The Enchanting Matriarch

Morticia Addams The Enchanting Matriarch

Morticia Addams is Wednesday’s elegant and enchanting mother. With her long, flowing black hair and her ethereal presence, Morticia is a character that exudes both beauty and mystery. Catherine Zeta-Jones will embody the essence of Morticia in the series, captivating viewers with her captivating portrayal.

Pugsley Addams: The Mischievous Brother

Pugsley Addams The Mischievous Brother

Pugsley Addams is Wednesday’s mischievous younger brother. Known for his love of explosives and dangerous experiments, Pugsley adds a touch of chaos to the Addams family dynamic. The actor portraying Pugsley in “Wednesday” will bring youthful energy and mischief to the character, making him a delightful addition to the cast.

Uncle Fester: The Eccentric Relative

Uncle Fester: The Eccentric Relative

Uncle Fester is Wednesday’s eccentric and unpredictable uncle. With his bald head, sunken eyes, and penchant for electricity, Uncle Fester is a character that never fails to entertain. The actor chosen to portray Uncle Fester will undoubtedly capture the peculiar essence of this beloved character.

Grandmama: The Mystical Guide

Grandmama The Mystical Guide

Grandmama is Wednesday’s mysterious and wise grandmother. With her extensive knowledge of potions and spells, Grandmama serves as a mystical guide to the Addams family. The actress portraying Grandmama will bring a touch of magic and enchantment to the series.

The Addams Family Mansion: A Character of Its Own

The Addams Family Mansion is not just a setting; it’s a character in itself. The eerie and Gothic architecture of the mansion sets the stage for the Addams’ peculiar lifestyle. From the creepy crawlspaces to the secret passages, the mansion is an integral part of the Addams family story.

Other Intriguing Characters in “Wednesday”

Aside from the main characters, “Wednesday” will introduce a host of new and intriguing characters. Each character will add depth and complexity to the storyline, making the series a must-watch for both fans of “The Addams Family” and newcomers alike.

Behind the Scenes: The Talented Crew

A successful TV series relies not only on its cast but also on the talented crew working behind the scenes. From the writers and directors to the costume designers and set decorators, every individual plays a vital role in bringing the world of “Wednesday” to life.

Production Details: Directors and Producers

“Wednesday” is helmed by a team of experienced directors and producers who are dedicated to capturing the essence of “The Addams Family” in this new series. With their creative vision and expertise, they aim to deliver a compelling and unforgettable viewing experience.

Filming Locations: Setting the Mood

Filming Locations Setting the Mood

To create the perfect atmosphere for “Wednesday,” the production team carefully selected filming locations that capture the eerie and enchanting ambiance of the Addams’ world. From sprawling mansions to shadowy forests, these locations will transport viewers into the realm of the Addams family.

Release Date: Mark Your Calendar!

While the exact release date of “Wednesday” has yet to be announced, fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of this highly anticipated series. Keep an eye out for updates, as the premiere date will undoubtedly be a momentous occasion for fans of “The Addams Family.”

Fan Expectations: Will “Wednesday” Live Up to the Hype?

With such a beloved franchise as “The Addams Family,” fans have high expectations for “Wednesday.” They hope to see a faithful adaptation that captures the essence of the original while offering a fresh and exciting take on the characters. As anticipation builds, only time will tell if “Wednesday” can meet these lofty expectations.


1. When will “Wednesday” be released? 

The exact release date for “Wednesday” has not been announced yet. Stay tuned for updates from the production team.

2. Who is playing Wednesday Addams in the series? 

The talented Jenna Ortega will be portraying the enigmatic Wednesday Addams in “Wednesday.”

3. Will “Wednesday” feature other familiar characters from “The Addams Family”? 

While the focus of “Wednesday” is primarily on the character of Wednesday Addams, there is a possibility of cameo appearances or references to other beloved characters from “The Addams Family” franchise. Keep an eye out for surprises!

4. Is “Wednesday” suitable for all audiences? 

While “The Addams Family” has traditionally catered to a wide range of audiences, including children and adults, it is important to note that “Wednesday” may have a darker and more mature tone. Parents are advised to review the series and its content before allowing younger viewers to watch.

5. How many episodes will “Wednesday” have?

 The episode count for “Wednesday” has not been officially announced. However, it is expected to have a full season order, ensuring ample opportunities to explore the world of Wednesday Addams and her adventures.

6. Will “Wednesday” connect to previous adaptations of “The Addams Family”?

 “Wednesday” is a standalone series focused on the character of Wednesday Addams during her formative years. While it may acknowledge the broader Addams family lore, it is not directly connected to previous adaptations such as the films or the original TV series.

7. Can we expect dark humor and spooky elements in “Wednesday”? 

Absolutely! One of the defining characteristics of “The Addams Family” is its dark humor and macabre sensibilities. “Wednesday” aims to embrace and amplify these elements, providing viewers with a healthy dose of twisted comedy and eerie situations.


In conclusion, “Wednesday” is poised to be an enthralling series that will reintroduce audiences to the beloved characters of “The Addams Family.” With a talented cast and crew, intriguing storylines, and a touch of gothic charm, this show is sure to captivate fans old and new. So, get ready to embark on a dark and whimsical journey as “Wednesday” brings the Addams family to life once again!

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