What is the FIFA 23 Weekend League, how to prepare and how to qualify

What is the FIFA 23 Weekend League, how to prepare and how to qualify

FIFA 23 remains one of the most famous football simulation series for all fans of online football and career mode.

Developers from EA.sports are constantly working on updates to the graphics, realism of the physics of the ball, the behavior of the players on the field and the reaction of the audience to all changes during the matches.

For all those who like to test their strength in games against other players, there are many game modes, including FIFA Ultimate Team.

FUT is an online mode where a player, choosing a team, receives a random lineup of players and must constantly farm FIFA coins to find the best players for his lineup, and one of the most reliable and interesting ways for all fans of tournaments and qualifications is the weekend league.

What is FIFA Weekend League

What is FIFA Weekend League

This is a special tournament that involves players passing through special qualifications and selections for the right to take part in a tournament that takes place over the weekend and allows you to play a series of matches to determine the value of the prize that will be received at the end.

In addition to FIFA coins, these can be sets with random players, cards of specific performers of random quality and other useful attributes that will help strengthen your team

You have two ways to get to the main awards of the entire league – pass qualifications, or order FUT Champs boosting from professional services.

A service like Skycoach will be able to ensure you pass all the qualifiers and squeeze the most rewards out of the event by winning the most matches.

The service guarantees the anonymity and safety of account data and does not transfer them to third parties – all services are performed by Skycoach service employees.

You will be able to track the status of the transaction online on the site and upon completion of the order you will receive a notification and you will be able to log into your account and check the result. Don’t forget to change your password and leave feedback about the Skycoach service.

Starting the road to FIFA 23 weekend league

Starting the road to FIFA 23 weekend league

FUT Weekend League is the final stage of the tournament, where the player will have access to 20 matches against real players, and in case of accumulation of victories, you will be able to receive valuable rewards – player cards, coins and other valuable prizes.

The very right to participate in the Weekend League is selected within the framework of other qualifications.

Division Rivals

It all starts with Division Rivals. This is a classic mode where you compete against real opponents for 90 minutes of playing time and accumulate points based on wins, losses and draws.

The opponent is selected solely by the level of difficulty for your current division and at the end of each week the total is summed up, and the points accumulated during this period are calculated.

To get the right to access the qualification stage and start the path to the Weekend League, you need 1250 points.

FUT Champions Playoffs

With a score of 1250 points or more, you have reached the starting point in qualifying for the Weekend Tournament of the Best Players.

You will play against random opponents over 10 matches where there cannot be a draw and there will always be a winner during overtime and penalty shootouts if required.

You get 4 points for every win and 1 for a loss.

Playing this phase of the qualification will be more difficult, since you will get absolutely random opponents without reference to the division, but on the other hand, it is a great experience of the game, and you need to get at least 4 wins to pass to the next stage, which you will certainly succeed with a constant accumulation of playing time , experience in holding matches and constant work on strengthening the composition of your team of football players.

FUT Champions Playoffs Winning Rewards:

  • 10 wins – automatic qualification for the next week, three sets of players of different value and volume.
  • 9 wins – qualification, two small packages with players and two large ones.
  • 8 wins – qualification, small gold pack, two rare packs, one Jumbo Premium pack.
  • 6 wins – qualification, one rare gold pack and two big packs of players.
  • 4 wins – qualification, two rare sets of gold players, one small set of high quality gold players.
  • 1 win – 400 points for the next FUT Champions, two random gold players. One Jumbo Premium Gold Player Pack.
  • No Wins – Two Gold Jumbo Premium Packs.

As you can see, the mode is great for beginners, because even after calibrating and not winning a single game, you will already get the opportunity to strengthen your team, and if you are lucky with your opponents, you will get a lot of packs and the right to get into the Weekend League.

Weekend League

So we got to the main event of the current weekend and almost the end of all the efforts made to get into the tournament among the best players, where everyone can get good prizes and boosters for the teams if they make an effort and achieve a number of victories as part of wagering.

As part of the struggle for prizes and trophies, 20 matches will be played, which will determine the milestones that you will be able to pass to receive prizes. If you manage to win 11 matches out of 20, then you are guaranteed to receive an invitation immediately to the Champions Qualification, bypassing the Rivals stage.

What can you get as a reward in the Weekend League, subject to passing important milestones – winning victories

⦁ 4 players to choose from the offered cards.
⦁ A pack of rare players with random performers.
⦁ A large pack of rare players.
⦁ 750 qualification points for the next FUT Champions.
⦁ 15 thousand FIFA coins

FIFA 23 Weekend League Conclusions

This is a great mode, consisting of several stages that you still need to break through, but at each stage you will find rewards that are definitely worth your efforts.

First of all, this is a great potential for earning FIFA coins and getting a lot of gold rank packs. Yes, the result is chance, but the golden card performers are head and shoulders above those that you can afford at the beginning of the game.

It can be hard to calibrate in the beginning, but as your playing skills grow and your roster gets stronger, you will take higher and higher positions.

Treat all qualifiers and every match as an opportunity to test your players, try out new strategies and just experience playing against strong and interesting opponents. See tactics and approaches and adopt them for your team.

Even defeats at all stages of qualifying are often rewarded, so just enjoy playing football.

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