10 Best Ways to Download Twitch VODs Online

10 Best Ways to Download Twitch VODs Online

Though as a Twitch gamer or viewer, you have access to so many vods that you can watch, chances are that you still require these videos for offline viewing and sharing. There are tools to help achieve these and we’ll cover ten of the best ones in this article.

1. Twitch Leecher

Twitch Leecher

Starting as a practical software, Twitch Leecher has gone on to be in popular demand among Twitch users. The software is used to download Twitch streams and offers you infinite access to your streams, as well as features that optimize multiple downloads in great video quality.

2. Streamrecorder.io

Streamrecorder.io is a free online stream recorder. This means that it wasn’t initially created to download Twitch streams, but it does a pretty good job at it. In addition, it has many amazing features to make your downloads come out well. There is also a large archive of Twitch streams available for your perusal on the platform.

3. 4K Downloader

Another Twitch stream downloader that doesn’t hold back on quality videos is the 4K Downloader. Available on all devices, this downloadable tool allows you to download completed Twitch streams. You also get to select the format, quality, and output folder of your choice.

4. Clipr

Clipr is a popular Twitch stream downloader, and it made a name for itself by showing simplicity. It is a web-based tool that doesn’t offer complex functionality. All you have is a blank space to input your Twitch stream’s url and a download button.

5. OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

OBS is a streaming software that can also be used to download clips within the streams. This software offers more editing features to help you produce what you want from the streams you have created.

6. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is an enhanced version of OBS. It offers the same qualities and further adds many rich and engaging features to the mix. The software is optimized for a better user experience and offers additional functionality to what you already have from OBS.

7. UnTwitch

Probably something that would make a Twitch stream downloader appealing is the fact that it is created by gamers alike. UnTwitch was born out of the knowledge of the pain faced by gamers in not being able to have their awesome content offline. This sets it up as one of the top Twitch downloaders online.

8. VLC Media Player

I know what you are probably thinking, “are we still talking about Twitch?” Well, yes! VLC can be used to save your Twitch streams. This also works pretty well for iPhone users. The only hitch is that there is a little technical bit where you have to get the stream’s m3u8 link, Once you retrieve that, you just feed it into your VLC and you can save your video.

9. SnapDownloader

This is another gem that we hid at the bottom for the loyalists who read this article to the end. Snapdownloader is a popular Twitch stream downloader on the market. The platform is rich in features to help you download quality Twitch streams in quick time, and in whatever format and length you require.

10. Coconvert

One more Twitch downloader online that can attain the download needs of game players in Coconvert. It’s pretty simple and has a very smooth user interface. It is on the list of easy-click services for Twitch streams downloads.

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