How to Create Experience When You Don't Have Any

How to Create Experience When You Don’t Have Any

The employment world often represents a negative spiral: you don’t have any experience, so you can’t get a job; you can’t get a job because you don’t have any experience. This is especially frustrating to people who have just started in the world of employment

There is no need to worry, though, as there are a few key tricks that you can employ to create experiences that you can put on your resume when you haven’t had any proper employment before. To learn more, read the complete guide written for you below. 

1. Create Your Own Website

One of the best ways to get started from scratch is to create your own website. If done properly, it doesn’t have to be that expensive either. The trick is to make sure that your website is very clean and shows the work you do. This is even more true when you work in a journalistic field and are asked if you have written for anyone before. With your own website, you can then point to your published work on your page. To help your page become more discoverable, however, you need an SEO strategy. Check out the services of a Jacksonville SEO company to learn more. 

2. Think Creatively

You’ve probably done a lot more in your life than you can actually put on your resume than you think. A resume doesn’t necessarily need to be a list of your work but can include a whole range of experiences, just as long as you believe that they have professionally helped you. Therefore, you can always include stuff like school projects, roles you played in college, and job fairs or conferences you attended as evidence of your positive attitude. Just learn how to write an impassioned cover letter before you get started. 

3. Get any Job (For a Short While)

Get any Job

Right now, there is more demand for work than people willing to actually work. This means that it should be relatively easy for you to find any job as long as you don’t mind compromising. This doesn’t necessarily have to be in the field you are interested in, but simply any job that shows that you are someone who turns up on time works hard and has a positive attitude. Just make sure that when you leave this job, you ask your boss to write you a glowing reference. A notice like that is sure to make a positive difference. 

4. Volunteer 


One of the most tried and tested ways to get experience is to volunteer for free. Charities are always looking for people willing to dedicate their time and money to a good cause, meaning that you should be able to pick up a role relatively quickly. Just make sure that you have the economic means to work for free; otherwise, you should only be doing just a few hours a week so that you have time to still look for paid opportunities.

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