45+ Funny Monday Quotes And Memes With Images

45+ Funny Monday Quotes And Memes

Do you also hate Monday? Well, congratulations on being among the ordinary people who consider Monday the worst day of the week. It is not easy to be back in work mode after the weekend, and nobody is ever ready for it. Now be it physically or mentally, the energy level is always zero.

Everyone has a love-hate relationship with the first day of the week. We all feel the pain and are with you in this, together. We all cry over the day’s existence and feel tired and lazy throughout. Thus, we have enlisted the top funny Monday quotes and Monday work memes to help you survive the day with a good laugh.

Not only will it wake you up even before the caffeine hits, but also you will want to share it with everyone around you. These humorous Monday motivation quotes give you the energy to pull through and refresh your spirit to endure the workweek.

Let’s move to the most excellent and hilarious collection of “Monday memes.”

When The Realization Hits You

No matter how much one tries to deny it, all of us must be at work on Monday. It is hard to accept the truth, but these “it’s Monday” memes will help you deal with it.

  1. Monday is here
  1. Are you ready to start the week? 
  1. I can smell the workweek 
  1. Something is suspicious about Monday 
  1. Do you really need to go? 
  1. Without a doubt, Monday is the longest day of the week 
  1. Monday magic 
  1. It is a scary story 
  1. You can never be ready for the day 
  1. Tomorrow is Monday, Actually. 

How You Look On Monday

No one can argue the fact that Monday is the most tiring day of all, and one feels lazy, demotivated, and low on energy. Certainly, some of us look our worst on the first weekday and can relate to all the looks below.

  1. Going to work with Monday’s face
  1. Smiling through the pain 
  1. When you see yourself in the mirror
  1. No one can stop yawning
  1. .  Really wanna punch if Monday had a face
  1. Me driving on Mondays be like 
  1. I am a Friday girl in a Monday world 
  1. Tantrums are normal on a Monday 
  1. Mondays are always so tiring 
  1. The Monday morning glow

Good Morning 

Nobody can like Monday mornings, and no one can deny the fact. We all feel lethargic and want to stay in bed for that one more day, but not happening. Therefore, check these Monday memes to wake you up.

  1. You still have to say Good Morning 
  1. Sorry, the brain can not process
  1. Meeting? On a Monday? At 8 am?
  1. Coffee is all I need to wake up
  1. Faking a smile like
  1. The Monday morning hair

Some Monday Motivation

Whatever the reason might be, we all have to work and process on Mondays. No matter how much you hate the day, these funny Monday motivation memes will give you the power and a good laugh. 

  1. Let’s take a fresh start 
  1. Mondays are not that bad
  1. The puppy meme always makes you feel better
  1.  Try to look your best
  1. Just four more days to the weekend
  1. You can not deny the fact
  1. Do something unusual and surprise everyone
  1. Stay strong

How To Survive The Day

Someone should come up with a survival kit for Mondays. Definitely, it is not easy to make it through the day without one. Nevertheless, we are here with some survival Monday memes that are the funniest of all. 

  1. Monday-sized coffee is all you need 
  1. Sorry, I can not sit straight 
  1. Make a small prayer to pass through
  1. Let us meet, face to face
  1. You need that cash
  1. Surely, it is not an easy job
  1. Work mood ON
  1. Think of all the Friday Fun
  1. Get yourself the energy portion 
  1. And, you finally made it through

Quotes About Monday 

Want to post a picture on Monday? Or can not think of a status for your Monday update? We are here to help you. Pick one from the list of funny Monday quotes below to impress everyone. 

  1. How to Enjoy?
  1. Another day of the week
  1. It is a long week
  1. I want to file a petition 
  1. Warning 
  1. Well, that was fast
  1. The ugly sister
  1. BLINK
  1. Should we not be given an option?
  1. Dear Monday, I have a gift for you

End Note

The Monday memes seem relatable, right? Though we can not skip the first workday, we can certainly make it livable by adding these minor things. I am sure you must be feeling happy in your heart, and these funny quotes and memes must have brightened up your day. 

Now it is your turn to share happiness with your family and friends. Ensure you do not forget to send them to your groups for them to relate to.  

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