How To Split Screen in Halo 5 on Xbox?

How To Split Screen in Halo 5 on Xbox?

Do you wish to enjoy the Halo 5 co-op with your friends and want to find out ways to fix it if it stops working? Then you have landed on the right page because we provide all the information you need to make Halo 5 work smoothly while playing on Xbox.

The game is a fun shooter game allowing users to search and kill all their enemies with the best arms and ammunition. In the tenth installment game, this one stands at number 5. Find out how to fix it to play it right!

About Halo 5

About Halo 5

The first-person shooter video game Halo 5: Guardians was created by 343 Industries and released by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox One in 2015. It is the tenth installment overall and fifth in the mainline of the Halo series.

The story of this game has more subplots than in the previous games. Numerous historical figures have made repeated appearances, and the plot will also include new enemies. Two fireteams of human supersoldiers focus on the significant storyline: Fireteam Osiris, headed by Spartan Locke, and Blue Team, led by Master Chief.

Master Chief’s loyalty is questioned when the former leaves the office without authorization to find the artificial intelligence system Cortana, and then the Fireteam Osiris is assigned to rescue him. Players will select several teams on each side to understand the stories of the characters on both sides in the single-player storyline mode.

How to Fix Split Screen on Halo 5?

How to Fix Split Screen on Halo 5?

If you are playing on Xbox, users get an option to Split screen if you have another console. But if there is a problem and your game is not working, select the player you wish to check on. Another option is to start the Xbox with no DVD in the drive. Then go to the main menu, select Settings, and then the video. You can now quickly figure out the screen according to your requirements.

How to Play Split-Screen on Halo 5 on Xbox One?

Users who wish to be part of the Halo 5 split screen can follow the steps below:

  1. To play split-screen, you will require two controllers.
  2. Player one can join the game and then select the “Campaign” or “Multiplayer” option
  3. As soon as the game begins, press the Xbox button on both controllers, which will automatically open the menu. 
  4. Now select the Split-screen option and choose the mode according to your liking. 

How to Split Screen on Halo?

For users who want to split screen on Halo, all you need to do is go to the Options menu of your game and then switch between the two controllers you are using. Users can also do this by pressing the Start button on their Xbox One gaming console and selecting the Split-screen option. 

How Can Users Change their Split-screen side?

Users can change the split screen when playing on their PC on Windows 10. Simply pull the half of the window covering the half screen and enlarge the other window by dragging it towards the life side of the screen. 

Halo Infinite Split Screen Multiplayer

Halo Infinite Split Screen Multiplayer

Unfortunately, Halo 5 doesn’t come with a Multiplayer split screen facility. But soon, the offline and online co-ops will get opportunities, according to the saying. But if you want to enjoy it with your friends, then you will need an Xbox gaming console so that you and your friend can play the game by joining the same lobby and eventually end up in the same squad to enjoy the game together.

Do you need Xbox Live to play Halo Infinite?

The Halo Infinite has multiplayer modes which are entirely free to play, and users do not need an Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Live subscription to jump into these PVP battles. The Halo Infinity campaign, on the other, is not free and is available to users at no extra cost to users with the Xbox Game Pass club. 


How do you play split screen on Halo 5?

To split the screen, you must go to the options menu in your game and switch between your two controllers. You can also easily do this by pressing the Start on your Xbox One console and selecting the Split screen.

Why is Halo 5 multiplayer not working?

If your multiplayer is not working, you can just turn off your preferred gaming devices, such as your PC or Xbox. Any in-game errors might occur in the background or different applications, and restarting will refresh your device’s system. 

Why is the Split screen not working on Xbox?

Users must check the video by going to Settings > System > Console Settings> Display. Now make sure to set it to 720p or higher; if not, the split screen option will not work. 


With all the easy ways we have provided, you can now continue killing all your enemies. This has been around for quite some time and is a people’s favorite, especially for those who love shooter games. So why don’t you try our quick fixes whenever the game stops and continue the fun and adventure that unfolds as you play the game further?

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