How to Cancel a Steam Account

How to Cancel a Steam Account

Today most people are opting for gaming either as a hobby, passion or even as a career. Because of this fact, gaming is becoming increasingly popular now. We are quite aware of the fact that in this era of technology, gamers know every other different platform of gaming.

From these highly popular platforms, Steam is one such option for gaming around the globe.

If you are new to this gaming world, you might not know what Steam is. Don’t panic! We are here to tell what Steam is and why & how do people delete a steam account.

Developed by Valve Corporation, Steam is said to be a multi-player platform distributing games and other related media online.

Steam provides the users with both installation and automatic management of software across friends’ lists and groups. It also plays a role in in-game voice and chats functionality. However, to have access to these features requires a steam account; once you have the account, your game addiction begins.

However, there comes the point when an individual prefers to cancel the steam account. Now even the thought of deleting/canceling a steam account is terrifying for some people and considering the amount of money spent on acquiring a massive bunch of games. But people do that.

An individual would want to delete the steam account for specific reasons; perhaps his game collection is distracting, or maybe he wants to close the accounts containing his personal information, to ensure privacy.

Be it any reason Steam is there to rescue by introducing a simple and easy way of canceling a steam account. But before canceling your Steam account, make sure you do the following to avoid any hassle.

Request any qualifying refunds

At times it is possible to return the unused ‘copy’ of your Steam game. Make sure you make those requests before deleting your account. It is advisable to begin your process by requesting any refunds you are eligible for. Failure to claim the refunds before cancellation might result in throwing away your free cash.

Provide proof of ownership for the account

One service that Steam offers as compared to other similar platforms is the request for proof of ownership. It is done by confirming the payment information. You can also have access to your local product codes of previous games through Steam.

It is better to pull this information a bit early before canceling your account. As the same cannot be accessed when the request for deletion has been made.

The steps mentioned above must be done before the deletion request so that you can avail of these services in time. After you’ve made these requests below are the simple steps to follow of how to delete a Steam account:

Step 1: Access the website

Go the web browser on your PC or Mac device and type

Step 2: Look for the ‘delete’ option

Here scroll down the cursor till you the following option ‘Delete my Steam account.’

Step 3: Proceed

Once you’ve clicked on the above option, a new page will pop up. Move the cursor to ‘Proceed to account deletion’ and click on it to carry on the process.

Step 4: Fill out the required data

The new window that opens would be ‘Submit Account Deletion Request.’ Here fill out the required information; this is done by Valve to ensure that the owner is using the account and not the hacker deleting it deliberately.

Step 5: Click ‘Send’

As soon as you’ve filled the required data, click on the ‘Send’ option. It’s that simple.

Now, wait for the Steam Support member to contact you about the next steps to be followed in your deletion of your Steam account.

Once your cancellation request is accepted, the account will remain active for 30 days, this is done in case you change your plan, and then on the 30th day, an email is sent by Steam stating that the account will be deleted soon.

In line with the email, the report is terminated on the 31st day. After this, uninstall Steam from your device so that nothing is left to trigger you to play games.

Hence to cancel your Steam account, the above steps are to be followed religiously, but remember once your account is deleted, there’ll be no way to recover your games. And all your savings in your Steam Wallet will be erased too.

So make sure you think wisely before deleting your Steam account!

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