18 Best Afdah Alternatives

Are you one of those internet-savvy individuals who know how to watch movies, TV shows, and web series without paying any money?! Has your impressive knowledge of the interwebs led you to free streaming platforms such as Affah, Putlocker, SolarMovie, and others? Or are you new to the fantastic world of online free streaming, and Afdah has been your go-to?

If you are a user of Afdah, you may already know that it is one of the most popular online movie streaming websites that allow its user to watch content for free with ads. The site rewards frequent users with many perks, including unlimited access to thousands of TV shows and TV shows with fast streaming speeds and no need for signing up.

Unfortunately, Afdah not working for many reasons in different parts of the world, which leaves its users stranded looking for substitutes. Thankfully, many alternative sites offer free streaming services along with a fantastic user experience and minimal ads. Today’s article lists a number of great options that you can use to watch content for free.

We have handpicked only the best Afdah alternatives, so continue reading to learn about them:

Best Afdah Alternatives

Following are the top 18 Afdah Alternatives:

  1. Movie4k
  2. Watch TV Series
  3. 1movies
  4. Putlocker
  5. 123Movies
  6. Letmewatchthis
  7. Popcornflix
  8. Tubi
  9. WatchFree
  10. Popcorn Time
  11. Cmovies
  12. LookMovie
  13. HouseMovie
  14. GoMovies
  15. MovieWatcher
  16. YoMovies
  17. Movies4u
  18. VexMovies

1. Movie4k


As you most probably have guessed by the name, Movie4k offers free streaming services that allow you to enjoy a large variety of content in HD or higher quality without costing a dime. You can enjoy countless hours of films and TV shows watching directly on the website without any subscriptions or registration.

What makes Movie4K an excellent substitute for Afdah is its user-friendly interface and fast streaming speeds. The option to watch videos in different languages means that people who don’t speak English can enjoy movies of the best quality worldwide.

The convenient categorization system makes exploring and locating content easy and quick. For the safest free streaming experience on Movie4K, we recommend using a reliable VPN service.

2. WatchSeriesHD


WatchSeriesHD is the ideal streaming platform for all those who enjoy TV shows and watch new episodes as soon as they are aired. The convenient web-based application offers one of the widest variety of content, which is free to watch.

The best thing about the service is that it offers a vast collection of TV series, including popular new releases and old classics. You will have access to new episodes and all seasons and older episodes so you can binge-watch your favorite shows whenever the desire hits you.

You can locate TV shows by using the quick search bar or explore the categories for new content that might catch your attention.

3. 1movies


If you look to watch movies and Afdah has been your go-to, then 1movies will be an excellent choice for you! The platform offers an impressive library of movies, both old and new, but that’s not all! The database of movie 3rd party links to movies is constantly updated. But if movies aren’t your preferred choice for entertainment, 1Movies also offers a large variety of TV shows and series from paid platforms like Netflix and Hulu.

Thanks to content distribution sources such as Mixdrop, Mystream, and others, 1Movids can offer incredible streaming speeds for HD quality videos and a smooth viewing experience. You can enjoy content through this website on different devices, including smartphones and tablets.

You can watch unlimited content for free, but expect an ad every 20 minutes. If you want to avoid the abundance of annoying ads, you can subscribe to the premium service for a small monthly fee.

4. Putlocker


Putlocker needs no introduction as it is one of the most popular online streaming sites globally, frequented by thousands of users daily. It is another excellent alternative to Afdah due to its intuitive and user-friendly interface and content organization system.

Helpful features like hovering on the movie poster open a small window with information about the film, including a description, the cast, release year, and more.

Powered by some of the biggest video distribution platforms, Putlocker offers an excellent selection of source links for each movie or TV. Although you can enjoy unlimited content with ads on the site, the HD quality is limited to the paid packages that also remove ads.

5. 123Movies


123Movies is another well-known free streaming platform with a lot in common with Putlocker and Afda. The similarities between Putlocker and 123Movie are pretty obvious since they have a similar look and feel. 

Although streaming on 123Movies is free with ads, it has an annoying feature that constantly pushes users to subscribe to the premium versions. It can seriously put them off from using the site further, thinking it’s a paid service only.

123Movies has a ton of content to offer, thanks to the support of various video distribution sources. The user interface is excellent, the content is organized, and the streaming speeds are also impressive, so we believe that it is a worthy alternative for Afdah. 

6. Letmewatchthis


The free streaming site Letmewatchthis has gone through some significant changes in recent years, which have affected the popularity and appeal of the platform.

Previously, the sites boasted an extensive database of content that other top-performing streaming sites could only rival. Unfortunately, LetMeWatchThis had to scale down its library for unknown reasons. Now it hosts a limited number of movies and TV series.

Nonetheless, LetMeWatchThis still has its appeal and strengths, including the pleasing, easy-to-navigate user interface and an intuitive search bar with an auto-fill feature. And for the content that it does have, LetMeWatchThis offers multiple 3rd party sources links and quick speeds.

7. Popcornflix


Grab your popcorn because Popcornflix has everything for all you guys that love to watch the latest movies, popular TV shows, and trending videos. What the platform lacks in robust lineups, it makes up for in free content that is buzzing and on-trend.

Unfortunately, there is a catch! You might be required to sign up for an account to access the free videos. There is a high possibility that the information you provided when signing up is sold to hosting companies for ad distribution. The site is also Geo Locked in many locations worldwide, so you might have to use a VPN to access the site.

8. Tubi


The free streaming site Tubi has carved a niche by focusing on recent releases and offering a top-notch user experience. When you visit the Tubi homepage, it will provide you with a glimpse of what the website offers through genre categories, including Romantic Comedies, Family Movies, Drama Horror, and more.

You can learn about the latest additions and top trending movies at the top of the page; this is a convenient feature for anyone looking for something new to watch. The loading speeds are impressive, and so it’s the layout of the site. Another strength of the site is the low number of intrusive pop-up ads.

9. WatchFree


WatchFree is an excellent alternative to Afdah free movies if the watching experience is your top priority. You can enjoy a lag-free, smooth watching experience on standard definition for free. However, you would require a paid subscription if you want to enjoy High Definition or Full High Definition resolution.

The best thing is that WatchFree offers an expansive range of classical and latest movies, documentaries, and TV shows (including Netflix exclusive shows) with both free and paid subscriptions. Keep in mind that you will experience several pop-ups and click-on ads that might disturb your watching experience with the free version.

Watch Free is widely popular on social media platforms, especially Facebook. Therefore, the WatchFree team is well aware of the trending shows and series, so you’ll never be disappointed with their collection of latest content.

10. Popcorn Time


Popcorn Time is famous for offering the broadest range of downloadable content, including all-time popular movies and TV series. Most of the free online streaming content on Popcorn Time is available in HD and FHD quality; therefore, it competes well with other worldwide-known streaming websites like Netflix and Prime Video.

The Popcorn Time team is fully committed to offering true online streaming fans easy and hassle-free access to the broadest range of content from across the globe. They are also committed to improving the user experience and interface consistently. Thus, you can download its easy-to-use app on all major platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux.

11. Cmovies


When it comes to finding a streaming site that offers the same streaming services as Afdah movies, Cmovies is a fantastic choice. The website is packed with new movies and the latest episodes of all popular TV shows. You can watch the latest films and TV shows for free without any hassle.

The website offers a simple to use interface with content well organized in various categories. You can also browse for new content according to their genres. Cmovies popular genres include romance, action, comedy, horror, mystery, fantasy, biography, and more.

All in all, the outstanding selection of online streaming content on Cmovies will not disappoint you.

12. LookMovie


LookMovies is well-known for its ever-increasing variety of movies and TV shows. LookMovies is the best choice for binge-watchers because they can easily find classic and latest online streaming content for free.

You can also enjoy a buff-free, smooth online streaming experience with LookMovies’ standard definition video quality.

The only complaint we have with LookMovies is the inconsistency of the content; for example, some TV shows have some episodes in English and some in some other languages like Spanish or Japanese. However, this inconsistency happens rarely, and the website usually offers a trouble-free and safe online streaming service.

13. HouseMovie


HouseMovie is like a massive online streaming fans’ community. This user-generated platform hosts thousands of movies and series that its users share.

You can find a wide variety of films and series from across the globe on HouseMovies, but keep in mind that this open-source platform earns from ads, and you might be bombarded with ads. However, these ads will not interrupt you while you are enjoying your favorite movies and series.

The best thing about HouseMovie is that because it is an open-source platform, you’ll be able to find unique content that is not available on any other streaming site.

14. GoMovies


GoMovies is hands down one of the top alternatives to Afdah movie streaming for the ever-increasing, massive content collection. Similar to Afdah, you’ll never be disappointed with the impressive array of movies and TV series on GoMovies.

The interface is neatly designed and allows you to select content based on genre, release, country, and last added. You can also choose TV shows and films based on top series and top IMDB rating.

Most of the online streaming content on GoMovies is available in HD and FHD video quality. The best thing about GoMovies is its lag-free streaming service so that you can enjoy smooth streaming without any buffing. The biggest con of GoMovies is its abundance of click-on ads; these ads are unavoidable and can be irritating at times.

15. MovieWatcher


MovieWatcher is a hidden gem in the world of online streaming sites. Although it offers an enormous range of free online streaming content, it is not as popular as other streaming sites.

Whether you are looking for classic or new films, TV shows, Netflix exclusive shows, or other online streaming content, you will find it all on MovieWatcher.The interface is easy to use, making MovieWatcher an excellent choice for people who are new to the world of online content streaming.

16. YoMovies


YoMovies is famous worldwide for its diverse content collection. If you are looking for the best Afdah alternative with the most extensive range of Hollywood, Bollywood, and independent films, then YoMovies is your best bet.

You can easily find a wide selection of movies, TV series, and Netflix shows on YoMovies in HD and FHD video quality. YoMovies is a fantastic platform for streamers looking for a wide selection of the latest, popular, or trending content from across the globe.

In all honesty, this excellent online streaming platform deserves more popularity because YoMovies never disappoints with its content range, streaming quality, and easy-to-use interface.

17. Movies4u


Movies4u is another excellent Afdah movie website alternative because of its ever-expanding range of Hollywood and Bollywood movies and series and Netflix exclusive content. Movies4u is also famous for having the most extensive collection of HD and FHD movies and series episodes.

Finding your favorite content on Movies4u is never an issue as well; its smart search feature and neatly organized categories allow you to find your content without any hassle.

Movies4u also has an abundance of click-on ads similar to other free streaming sites, so be prepared to close multiple ads before you get to your desired content.

18. VexMovies


VexMovies is a newer addition to the world of online streaming platforms; however, within no time, VexMovies has managed to build a loyal fan base that only trusts VexMovies for the latest HD content from across the globe.

VexMovies is mainly famous for its expansive range of Hollywood classics and latest movies. You can easily find your favorite content in the neatly organized categories or with the help of VexMovies’ advanced search bar.

VexMovies’ team has carefully designed the website to ensure that VexMovies is a user-friendly platform for newbies and pro online streamers.


Here you go! Now you have the list of the best 18 Afdah alternatives for watching HD and FHD online streaming content without any hassle. We hope that these alternatives will prove to be better than Afdah. You will easily find a massive collection of the latest and classic movies and TV series on these online streaming websites.

Which Afdah alternative is your favorite? Please share it with Techlectual in the comments.

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