how to dial an extension

How To Dial Extension

Extensions have become the thing of today, with companies using them to make their customers reach multiple departments. It has become the modern-day directory to connect to the relevant representatives. 

Most of us are usually aware of the traditional extension dialing methods, where you call on a number and wait for the operator to ask you to add the extension. However, there is actually more to how to dial an extension or save them for later. 

The magic of this “more” lies in your smartphones. iPhone, Android, or windows – your smartphones are called “smart” for a reason. The built-in features in such phones make dialing and calling from extensions so much more simpler. 

Directly Dialing an Extension

You really don’t want to pass through the trouble of listening to a series of voice menus to finally connect with your desired department. It is, therefore, knowing how to dial an extension and how to call a number with an extension becomes very important. 

And let us assure you it is an easy chore. With your smartphone, you can easily dial an extension number right up. To achieve this, you just enter the main number you are trying to call. Once you do that, you add a comma after it by simply holding down the * key until the comma appears. 

After this step, put in the extension number you are trying to reach. When this process is a wrap, you are directly connected with the extension. This quick and automated process helps you avoid all the unnecessary waiting times and troubles.

While you can use this method with all and any smartphones, some smartphone types offer and have more added features in relation to how to dial a number with an extension.



With iPhones, the game isn’t that different. You just need to enter the company’s number, then press and hold the ***** key until you see a comma in the number. You can then add the extension and call up just like normal. 

Iphones also make life a lot easier by offering the option to easily add extensions to your phone. For this, you just need to navigate to the contact you want to add an extension to. 

Then you simply tap edit, and you’ll see the keyboard at the bottom of your screen with a special characters tab in the lower-left corner, tap the special characters. You then add a pause to add a comma, and this is where you put in the extension and click save. 

And Yay! For the next time, no long-drawn processes. 



For android phones, dialing extensions can be done in two ways. First, you can do so by using the + symbol on the dial pad while you are putting in a number that doesn’t exist in your contacts or by simply adding a + with a new contact. 

If you are to add an extension while dialing after you enter the main number, just press and hold the 0 until you see an addition of +, which can be followed by the extension number. 

You can follow the same if you are adding a number with an extension to a new contact. 

Windows Phones

Windows Phones

Sadly, Windows phones don’t feature the option to add an extension directly while adding a number to dial. However, you can add an extension to the number in contact.  

For this, you will first have to pen your text or email app. Input the main phone number, and then add a w, for the extension to right away dial after the main number. You can also add p to pause three seconds before the extension number is dialed.

No matter how much you want to avoid, but be it university, hospital, or a corporate firm, you will come across extensions now and then. The only way to master your way through is to learn how extensions work with phones and making your life easier. 

Dial Away!

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