Long-legged Wading Bird Crossword Clue NYT

Long-legged Wading Bird Crossword Clue NYT

In the world of crossword puzzles, enthusiasts often find themselves stumped by tricky clues that require a bit of wordplay and creativity to solve. One such enigma that has puzzled many crossword aficionados is the “Long-legged wading bird crossword clue NYT.” In this article, we’ll dive deep into this crossword clue, explore possible answers, and provide valuable insights to help you conquer this avian conundrum.

Unraveling the Clue

Unraveling the Clue

The Challenge

At first glance, the clue “Long-legged wading bird” may seem straightforward, but the beauty of crossword puzzles lies in their ability to disguise the obvious. The New York Times crossword puzzles, in particular, are renowned for their cunning wordplay and clever misdirection. So, let’s break down the components of this clue to decipher its true meaning.


The term “long-legged” refers to the physical characteristic of the bird in question. Birds with long legs are typically associated with wading through shallow waters, such as marshes or wetlands. This information gives us a crucial clue about the bird’s habitat and behavior.

Wading Bird

The term “wading bird” further narrows down our search. Wading birds are those that primarily feed in water, using their long legs to navigate and hunt for aquatic prey. This is a vital piece of information that points us in the right direction.

Potential Answers

Now that we’ve dissected the clue, let’s explore some potential answers that could fit the description of a “Long-legged wading bird.”

1. Heron

  • Herons are iconic long-legged wading birds known for their graceful appearance and slow, deliberate movements in search of fish and other aquatic prey.

2. Egret

  • Egrets are another group of wading birds closely related to herons. They share similar characteristics, including long legs and a penchant for wading through water while hunting.

3. Stilt

  • Stilts are slender, long-legged birds that are often seen wading in shallow waters. Their distinctive appearance makes them a viable crossword answer.

Strategies for Crossword Solving

Crossword puzzles are as much about strategy as they are about knowledge. Here are some tips to help you tackle challenging crossword clues effectively:

– Context Matters

  • Consider the surrounding clues and filled-in answers to gather context. Sometimes, neighboring words can provide clues to the crossword’s theme.

– Use Word Length

  • Pay attention to the number of spaces for the answer. This can help you narrow down potential words based on their length.

– Crossword Dictionaries

– Don’t Hesitate to Guess

  • Sometimes, educated guesses can lead to breakthroughs. If you have a few letters filled in, take a chance on a word that fits.


1. What makes crossword puzzles from The New York Times special?

The New York Times crossword puzzles are known for their clever wordplay and challenging clues. They often require a mix of general knowledge and creative thinking to solve.

2. Are there online resources for crossword enthusiasts?

Yes, there are many online crossword-solving communities, websites, and apps that offer hints, tips, and solutions for crossword puzzles.

3. How do crossword creators come up with clues?

Crossword creators use a combination of wordplay, puns, anagrams, and trivia to craft clever and challenging clues.

4. Can crossword puzzles improve cognitive skills?

Yes, solving crossword puzzles can enhance vocabulary, memory, and problem-solving abilities. They’re a fun way to keep your mind sharp.

5. Where can I access The New York Times crossword puzzles?

You can access The New York Times crossword puzzles through their official website or mobile app, usually with a subscription. Enjoy the crossword adventure!


Solving a crossword puzzle, especially one as crafty as those found in The New York Times, can be both challenging and rewarding. The “Long-legged wading bird crossword clue NYT” is just one example of the delightful mysteries these puzzles offer. Armed with the knowledge of wading birds and some crossword-solving strategies, you’re better equipped to conquer this clue and many more. So, dive into the world of crosswords, embrace the perplexity, and enjoy the burst of satisfaction when you solve them!

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