Military Uses Modern Technology to Improve Their Strategy

How the Military Uses Modern Technology to Improve Their Strategy

We all know that providing security is the ultimate objective of every country. Therefore, the need to safeguard lives and properties cannot be overlooked, especially in a place where the peace rate index is low.

With the increase in human civilization, technological warfare materials are needed to secure lives and properties. During military operations, intelligence, data analysis, and fast communication are necessary for better services. However, modern technology has greatly assisted the military to be well-equipped to reduce the number of damages recorded during operation and facilitate better operations.

Here are ways how the military uses modern technology to improve its strategy:

1. Quick gathering and dissemination of information

Quick gathering and dissemination of information

Getting the right information has always been an important tool to aid every military operation and plan. Without the needed information at the specified time, it can result in significant damage. The military has effectively employed these tools to improve access to information through mass media and other communication devices, such as the internet. 

Currently, internet access from almost every part of the world makes information accessibility easier. This has made it easier for the military to get information from and disseminate any location—for example, the gulf war of 1991. Through the use of satellites, the world was able to see the U.S army on television. Thus, the military automatically creates pressure on other countries.

2. Close support for troops

Close support for troops

Over the years, the military has collaborated with sectors like aviation to develop equipment that can effectively assist troops and provide information for ground-based and naval forces. With the comprehensive research in aeronautics, engineers have developed different military aviation equipment such as modern aircraft carriers and fuselage adapted for explosive payload that can be used for defensive and offensive purposes. 

For instance, during offensive roles, some technological equipment like military aircraft can destroy the enemy’s major point of operation and support locations with provided coordinates. Also, in a defensive role, aeronautic technological devices such as drones provide digital information to ground-based forces and control centers by detecting any possible threat from the sky. 

Also, modern technology in military aircraft helps to detect threats from water and neutralizes submarines and different warships to safeguard and strengthen security on waterways.

3. Transportation of support resources

Transportation of support resources

Troops require basic materials at the battlefront such as food, ammunition, medical supplies. Therefore, a fast and reliable transport system is needed. With new technology in transportation, engineers have developed strong and fast military vehicles and aircraft to conduct airlift for troops and cargoes. Also, to provide logistics to forward bases and assist in rescue missions during disasters.

4. Information jamming

Information jamming

Access to information is an essential tool in the military for an effective operation. The military can destroy an enemy satellite, communication cables, and microwave antennas to obstruct communication with modern technology such as GPS and signal jammers. However, this ensures that the enemy finds it challenging to communicate with one another over that communication channel.

5. Weather forecast

Weather forecast

Weather factors are necessary during military planning. The use of modern technological equipment such as Rader helps in providing highly accurate predicted results of weather conditions of a particular location. The military also uses modern radar to provide days and weeks of weather results for rain, snow, hails, and more. This has helped the military know when it is best to carry out an operation or drill.

6. Processing of data

Processing of data

With the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the military, processing needed data is faster and more efficient. This modern technology has helped reduce administrative and non-combat staff work through forward-looking logistics, improves the reconnaissance and support system, and lowers the risk of troops through autonomous logistics. Also, in the assessment of military operations, this modern technology creates various simulations and exercises for troops, also helps monitor the fair assessment and promotion in the armed forces.

7. Surveillance

Almost every military operation is highly dependent on collecting, analyzing, integrating, and quick delivery of information at the required time frame. That’s why modern technology equipment such as sensors and other devices has been applied to provide the military with 24 hours full surveillance to detect any device or equipment that can threaten their security. For example, advanced sensors like an acoustic, laser, and magnetic types can detect mines in shallow water, submarines, and other sensory devices.

Modern technology has contributed extensively towards achieving a better security architecture in the world. Technology has helped promote peace, stability and also safeguard lives and property. The improvement of intelligence gathering, fast-tracking of location with GPS, and advanced technological equipment and weapons have enhanced military operations on air, water, and land.

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