Sms And Mms Bring Value To Your Business

4 Ways SMS And MMS Bring Value To Your Business

Businesses are always looking for new and effective ways to communicate with stakeholders and specific clients. Being able to convey the latest products, prices, and ideas is crucial for businesses at any stage. Large corporations across the globe spend trillions of dollars in marketing, advertising, and communications every year.

While some mediums are free to sign up to, they can be pretty expensive to use, such as social media marketing. These mediums are usually far too pricey to use and just don’t suit the needs of smaller businesses, such as mainstream television advertising or newspaper adverts.

SMS and MMS marketing is a tried and tested marketing strategy that has gone out of popularity in the last few years. However, this can still be a great way for you to get your name out there and get in touch with people who should know about your business. Regardless of your industry and the scale of your operations, here are 4 reasons why SMS and MMS marketing are still relevant today and why you should consider them for your business in 2021.

1.  Truly Free Communication

Truly Free Communication

One of the biggest problems with marketing, especially for smaller businesses, is the required budget. More specifically, there is no guarantee that a marketing campaign will be fruitful. It is not uncommon for companies to spend millions in marketing only for the campaign to end up in complete mayhem. 

Choosing suitable solutions is critical for smaller companies that don’t have the room or the money for such blunders. SMS marketing is an extremely cost-effective solution, which makes it a great way to really optimize a marketing campaign. Even if it doesn’t start off too well, it won’t cost too much, and you can always tweak it in the long run and improve it.

2.  Easy To Automate

Easy To Automate

While marketing itself, such as getting air time at a channel, is expensive, the process of actually putting together the material and then executing the campaign is another expense to consider. Social media campaigns can be run repeatedly, but the social media marketing service can be pretty pricey, even if it isn’t a particularly expensive advert. 

The marketing professionals at Messente suggest you try an automated SMS or MMS sequence for your next automated marketing campaign. It is pretty easy to put together, doesn’t rely on the internet, is free to receive, and can be pretty cost-effective, even for an international audience. Moreover, you can get decently priced off-the-shelf solutions that will manage everything from SMS creation to actually sending them out.

3.  Easy To Analyze

Easy To Analyze

Getting the most out of a marketing campaign involves understanding your audience and crafting a message that resonates with them. More importantly, you need to do your research on user behavior in order to understand what works with them and what doesn’t. SMS and MMS marketing campaigns are easy to understand and, therefore, relatively easy to modify. 

Through a single dashboard, you can store, track, analyze and measure all your SMS campaigns. This way, you can make an informed decision when it comes to making changes and adjusting future endeavors to drive more traffic.

4.  Reliable


Different regions in the world have their limitations on the internet. In some areas, some services are unavailable, while in other regions, other services are limited. This makes it very challenging for a business to work out a digital marketing strategy that will target the masses and drive global sales.

Even different parts of the same country can have varying laws and regulations on the kinds of channels, sites, and other platforms that are made available. SMS and MMS marketing allow you access to all regions where people get mobile network coverage. This makes your reach to clients very reliable and huge as well.

Also, you have to consider that SMS marketing is something that spam filters cannot block. When reaching people through email, it can be hard to land the email in their inbox. SMS marketing does not face this problem. Moreover, it is just as fast, if not faster, than email, and it is also cheaper.

People without the internet might not receive your mail, but they will receive an SMS as long as their phone is on. Even if you are looking to run a campaign for a global audience, you have no severe limitations that you need to consider. The price will still be quite affordable, even for hundreds of thousands of messages.

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