NGL Stand For

What Does NGL Stand For?

Internet slang has become a communicational trend of the present era; people tend to use slang words more often while communicating with the Internet community, either on any social media platform or web forum. 

In this connection here, we have chosen a slang word NGL that has become a Google Trend right now and is pretty popular, especially on Reddit & Twitter. NGL slang is just like the TBH (to be honest) that people at present are extensively using; both slangs almost convey a similar meaning.

What is NGL meaning?

What is NGL meaning

You may have seen various people using ngl slang in text messaging, so if you are confused over the term and don’t know what ngl means in texting, then you have landed in the right place as here we will define NGL meaning and other related facts.

Ngl stands for “not gonna lie” or “Not going to lie.” NGL text meaning may vary depending upon the narrative situation as it is a sort of confession towards a particular situation or state, or we can call it the expression of your feelings or emotions. In other cases, it can be used to validate your vulnerability or honesty by emphasizing a particular statement.

Examples of NGL 

Example #1: NGL, but I’m not too fond of this play.
Example #2: This is so far the best application NGL.
Example #3: We haven’t planned anything, NGL.

History of NGL phrase 

History of NGL phrase

If we hark back to its history, it is said that the “Not going to lie” slang originated in the last century and was added to the Urban dictionary as an NGL abbreviation in 2010. A few years back, it wasn’t this popular, but now, it has become a trending phrase over the internet & social media platforms.

Can NGL be written in lower case?

Generally, we see NGL written in upper case, but it isn’t mandatory to always write NGL in capital words; you can also write it in lower case, so it’s totally up to you how you prefer to use it. Likewise, ngl can be placed at the start or end of a sentence; either way, it won’t affect the NGL meaning in the text.


The trend of using NGL slang word is at its peak across various social media platforms; however, if you’re unaware of what does ngl mean on Snapchat, Facebook, or any other platform, then you need to go through this brief but informative discussion, as here we have also explained the NGL history and usage ways to demonstrate what does NGL mean in text, regardless of the usage context.

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