15 Best LetMeWatchThis Alternatives

17 Best LetMeWatchThis Alternatives

Formerly known as Primeware, the free streaming website LetMeWatchThis was able to gain quick success and popularity among a plethora of streaming platforms offering the same service. This site came into existence after its predecessor, Primeware, was split into three websites – LetMeWatchThis, 1Channel, and Primewire. Although the other two sites also have their fair share of recognition, they did not do so for their third counterpart.

However, that does not mean LetMeWatchThis hasn’t had its fair share of troubles. Like most other streaming sites of this nature, LetMeWatchThis faced a lot of pressure from regulatory authorities for copyright infringement issues, resulting in the website being taken down in many parts of the world.

In today’s article, we list 17 of the best LetMeWatchThis alternatives that you can use if you can’t access the site in your location.

Top 17 LetMeWatchThis Alternatives

  1. WatchMovieStream
  2. 1Movies
  3. Solarmovie
  4. FMovies
  5. Popcorn Time
  6. PopcornFlix
  7. FlixGo
  8. SnagFilms
  9. OpenLoad Free TV
  10. Putlocker
  11. Afdah
  12. Panda Streaming
  13. Ganool
  14. CoolMovieZone
  15. 123Movies
  16. GoMovies
  17. AZMovies

1. WatchMovieStream


Thanks to their public domain license, Watch Movie Stream allows users to stream free movies and TV shows on the website. Besides not costing anything, the website is loaded with HD-quality content. That’s not all! Watch Movie Stream is accessible in most countries, which most other streaming platforms have a problem with. This website is our top pick for these reasons alone, although we recommend using a reliable VPN service to access the site fully and safely.

The website has vast amounts of content, which is also upgraded on a weekly basis so that you won’t miss any new releases. The quick search tool makes it easy to find precisely what you are looking for by narrowing down the desired categories such as ratings, release dates, and more.

2. 1Movies


1Movies is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to enjoy free TV shows or movies without signing up or registering. The user interface is clutter-free and well organized, making it appealing, primarily due to the colorful theme and categorized library.

Learning about any content you find on the website is also easy; with just a scroll and a tap, you can learn some basic information about the movie or TV series such as the ratings of the show, rotten tomatoes score, IMDB score, and more on a small window. This simple addition to the site makes exploring new content a joy.

3. Solarmovie


Another great substitute for LetMeWatchThis is the well-known and much-loved streaming site Solarmovie. This website is a worthy substitute for Let Me Watch This because of its similar library of content featuring movies and tv series, both new and old. However, in terms of ease of use and user interface quality, SolarMovie excels and is far better than many other streaming sites.

The library is neatly organized into different categories, which makes finding desired content extremely simple. You’ll be given Multiple non-authorized third-party links to choose from, which you can stream directly on the site. Finally, SolarMovie doesn’t burden users with too many ads, which improves the viewing experience.

4. FMovies


In terms of the look and feel of the site, FMovies has many similarities with SolarMovie as well as LetMeWatchThis, which makes the website an excellent substitute for both platforms.

The massive volume of content available on the site is truly impressive since FMovies feature new releases from different entertainment industries worldwide. One of the unique aspects of the site is its dark mode feature, which significantly improves the viewing experience.

The content available on the site is categorized according to different genres, release dates, years, and ratings. The most significant disadvantage of FMovies is the number of intrusive ads users have to search and stream videos. You need the patience to enjoy watching movies on FMovies.

5. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time’s aptly is the ideal streaming website for watching free movies as you munch on popcorn. The user experience provided by this site is very similar to Let Me Watch This, including their extensive database of content.

A great thing about Popcorn Time is that it offers its users the flexibility of either streaming the content or downloading their desired TV series or movies in a chosen resolution and file size with a few simple clicks. This feature alone makes the site unique among the thousands of other competitors.

Furthermore, you can choose from multiple download servers and streaming links for every video content. Downloading videos to watch later frees you from the hassle of intrusive ads and gives you the flexibility to enjoy content without the internet.

The Popcorn Time app is simple and easy to use.

6. PopcornFlix


PopcornFlix offers a more feature-rich experience than our previous pick, Popcorn Time. Besides providing you your desired movies and TV shows from its vast library, PopcornFlix has a unique feature that suggests trending content, which allows you to explore other fun stuff available on the site.

PopcornFlix is also far superior in user interface design and layout; the streamlined look is more user-friendly and easier to navigate. The best thing about the site is that it is free with no sign-up, registration, or subscription required to enjoy streaming in high-quality resolution. The quick search tool helps you find precisely what you are looking for with a few simple clicks.

7. FlixGo


The fantastic user interface of FlixGo is one of the standout features of the site. The pleasing design, simplistic layout, excellent organization, and dark mode feature make the user experience a true pleasure. As a Let Me Watch This substitute, you will fall in love with FlixGo because it has a lot to offer.

Thanks to its extensive library of content, the site caters to all age groups, from famous cartoons for the children to watch to movies and Tv shows for adults. The database is regularly updated to include the latest releases and new episodes.

Despite offering all its content for free, FlixGo Provides 4k video resolution for most videos to ensure the best viewing experience.

The website includes a handy thumbnails function similar to 1Movies. Although the streaming services are free with ads, users can also remove the annoyance of commercials by upgrading to the FlixGo VIP version, which costs only $2.99 per month.

8. SnagFilms


Snaga Films database is one of the most extensive in the industry, with thousands of movies, TV series episodes, reality shows, documentaries, and more. The website offers a premium service that removes ads and unlocks some exclusive features for a small monthly fee. The monthly subscription is for anyone who dislikes interruptions during their entertainment.

The design of the website is streamlined and modern. You will find some setting options to personalize your experience slightly. The opportunity to set search preference makes finding your desired content easy and precise. When you click on a show or movie, you will be taken to a page that will feature a synopsis and a link that will take you to the third-party links that you can click to start streaming.

The website also offers multiple content suggestions according to popularity and your search preferences.

9. OpenLoad Free TV

OpenLoad Free TV

OpenLoad Free TV offers a fantastic range of both the latest and newly released movies and TV series from all over the world.

The main reason behind OpenLoad’s widespread popularity is its regular content updates, due to which thousands of OpenLoad fans stay active on the website. Within a couple of minutes of uploading a new movie or the latest episode of a series, it has hundreds and thousands of views.

OpenLoad also has an easy-to-use, innovative interface with a well-sorted content library that allows you to find your desired content without hassle. Features like new video notifications and a smarter search engine make OpenLoad far more advanced than LetMeWatchThis.

10. Putlocker


If you are a fan of online streaming, then you should give Putlocker a chance. Why? Because Putlocker has the best collection of HD and FHD online streaming content, including classic and new movies and TV series.

Putlocker offers a highly impressive and accurate filter system that allows you to filter content according to type (movie or series), Year, Rating, Quality, Genre, Popularity, Date, Rating, and more. Apart from the intelligent filter system, Putlocker’s efficient search engine also makes content search fast and accurate.

The only con of Putlocker is the abundance of ads; however, you can skip the ads within a few seconds of waiting. All in all, Putlocker offers a better streaming experience than Let Me Watch This movie.

11. Afdah


Afdah is an excellent option for you if you want a reliable website that would link you to other streaming websites so that you can enjoy the best quality streams without any hassle. Afdah is a web scraper that connects or redirects users to other popular online streaming sites.

Whether you are looking for the latest or classic movies, TV shows, music, documentaries from various genres or countries, you never run out of options in Afdah.

Afdah is a reliable platform for online streaming fans! So, if you are one, then beware! Afdah is addictive! With Afdah, you will never have to watch the same video twice.

12. Panda Streaming

Panda Streaming

If you want to find the latest TV series episodes and movies, then Panda Streaming is the best. The website is jam-packed with series and movies from all over the world. All the content is safe from malware and available for free.

Similar to YouTube’s comment box interface, with Panda Streaming, you get to enjoy direct video feedback from previous viewers and contribute to it as well. Panda Streaming has recently launched the “rating” feature to help viewers find good quality content without wasting any time.

The intelligent website interface gives Panda Streaming an edge over other popular streaming sites, including Letmewatchthis.

13. Ganool


Ganool is one of the very few streaming sites that offer a smooth, uninterrupted streaming experience. The streaming interface is specifically designed to ensure an enjoyable streaming experience with zero lags or interruption every time.

To enhance the streaming experience, you can choose your preferred language before streaming and set the video streaming quality according to your internet speed. What completes the package is Ganool’s expansive range of latest movies and TV shows from across the globe. With thousands of movies in Ganool’s database, you always have something to watch and enjoy.

Keep in mind that you might have to deal with some pop-up and click-on ads while browsing the website and streaming. However, the number of ads is comparatively much lesser than other streaming websites.

14. CoolMovieZone


Cool Movie Zone is another notable alternative to Let Me Watch This for several reasons. The most important reason is its outstanding range of HD and FHD content. If you love streaming 720p and 1080p videos without interruption, then CoolMovieZone is an excellent option. The website interface is simple and does not require any membership.

Note that the website might ask you to share your login/membership details. Please don’t make the mistake of sharing any personal data because it might trick you into signing in to a different website that’s anchored on CoolMovie Zone.

15. 123Movies


123Movies has a significant position in online streaming websites. It is also amongst the oldest streaming websites, with hundreds of thousands of fans across the globe.

The main reason behind 123Movies popularity has always been its ever-increasing selection of movies and TV shows from countries worldwide. You can easily find an expansive range of HD and FHD movies and series from countries including Brazil, South Korea, Australia, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Spain, China, France, India, Japan, Russia, United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, South Africa, United States of America, and more countries.

You can also select movies according to the genre, popularity, year, video quality, and more. The website interface is intelligent and hassle-free, so you don’t have to be tech-savvy to find your favorite content on 123 Movies.

Since 123Movies does not share licensed content, it has been through several episodes of temporary and permanent bans. However, you can easily find an active and safe mirror site of 123Movies. Our only complaint with 123Movies is its limited range of classic movies. We hope that 123Movies will improve the collection in the near future.

16. GoMovies

GoMovies is one of the best LosMovies alternatives, especially if you talk about the range of content and the interface. You will surely be impressed with GoMovies’ extensive content library that updates regularly, so you never miss the latest movies and newest episodes of your favorite series. 

GoMovies is widely recommended because of its massive range of content from all over the world. We love that all the movies on GoMovies are neatly organized according to genres and countries. The user interface of GoMovies is clean and simple with featured categories, including Hot, Top Favorite, Top Rated, and Top IMDb. To make the content search easier, you can use the accurate search bar that leads you to your desired content within seconds. 

The streaming experience on GoMovies is seamless and lag-free. Most movies and series are available in HD and FHD with multiple streaming links. The biggest con of GoMovies is the abundance of ads. You would have to close numerous ads on every step of content search, selection, and streaming. 

17. AZMovies

AZMovies is another widely recommended streaming site. The main reason behind its widespread popularity is the massive range of content for free streaming. The AZMovies team actively adds the latest and classic movies to their range, so you always have something new to stream for free. 

All the movies and series on AZMovies are available in HD and FHD quality. However, the latest content is sometimes available in low video resolution, but they get updated to higher video resolution within a few days. 

Finding content on AZMovies is never a hassle because of its well-organized categories and accurate search bar. The video streaming quality is also lag-free; however, having a stable and fast internet connection is necessary to enjoy a smooth streaming experience in HD or FHD. 

Like other free online streaming platforms, AZMovies also has an abundance of ads, so we highly recommend using a reliable ad blocker while browsing and streaming on AZMovies. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does LetMeWatchThis offer free online streaming?

Yes! Let Me Watch This is a free online streaming service for watching and downloading TV series, movies, and other streaming content.

Question: Is LetMeWatchThis compatible with multiple devices?

Yes, you can stream all of your favorite content via Let Me Watch This on several devices at a time. If you want to have a pleasant streaming experience, make sure that your internet connection is stable and fast.

Question: When will LetMeWatchThis come back online?

Due to the abundance of illegal and copyrighted content on LetMeWatchThis is under a ban for an unstated time period. We can only hope that I’ll be back online sooner than later.

Question: Are LetMeWatchThis alternatives free?

Yes, most of the alternatives of LetMeWatchThis in this list offer free, safe, and fast online streaming services. 

Question: Are free online streaming sites safe?

It is important to remember that free online streaming sites can cause security risks; therefore, install security apps like antiviruses and VPN services. Also, remember that these websites might have an abundance of pop-up and click-on ads, so activate your pop-up ad-blocker to improve your streaming experience. 


It is a huge challenge for Let Me Watch This fans to find an alternative without a single doubt. However, we are confident that our 17 best LetMeWatchThis movies alternatives will help you find several safe and reliable options with all of your favorite online streaming content.

The best thing about this list is that you will find several alternatives that offer a more expansive range of online streaming content from various genres and countries. We hope that you’ll enjoy your time with these alternatives until Let Me Watch This is back online.

Which LetMeWatchThis alternative do you use? Share your favorite alternatives in the comments.

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