Razer Basilisk Ultimate Review

Razer Basilisk Ultimate Review

When it comes to a gaming mouse, Razer comes to mind, as it has been one of the most-favorite mice of the current time; one of its killer additions is the Razer Basilisk Ultimate.

This latest yet premium wireless gaming mouse has set a new standard, having smarter internal and external features.

At just $169, the Razer Basilisk Ultimate wireless gaming mouse offers ideal performance paired with an adjustable scroll wheel packed in a comfortable design. You will love its first-person-shooter (FPS) style and cool charging dock.

Following the family heritage of ergonomic right-handed design, the Ultimate by Razer is an all-purpose wireless gaming mouse for gamers who want to pull out all of their favorite stops.


  • Perfect for right-handed gaming experience with solid thumb support and feel
  • Wheel-tilt inputs
  • Wireless operation 
  • No noticeable input lag
  • Attractive charging dock
  • Strong sensor


  • A bit pricey
  • DPI paddle could be short for people with big hands.

Design and Comfort

Design and Comfort

Razer Basilisk Ultimate features a slick, black shell dazzled with Chroma RGB lighting. It weighs around 107 grams (3.77 ounces) and of 4.6 x 2.79 x 1.49 inches in size – it’s like a good size and weight, isn’t it? 

Aesthetically, the gaming mouse sports a boxcutter-shaped panel surrounded by a glossy black accent with an RGB-lit Razer logo at the palm rest. There are the left and right clickers with an RGB-lit scroll wheel and two DPI buttons.

On the right side of the mouse, there’s a graspable panel to keep your ring and pinkie finger, and another on the left for your thumb, where you will be having two discrete buttons and a multifunction paddle. 

And, on the left side, there’re grip curves outward at the bottom to give your thumbs some rest. Both sides, along with the left and right mouse buttons, there’s a thin RGB lighting zone. 

To charge the mouse, there’s a slot for a micro USB port at the front of the mouse, which can be used for the wired mode, and the underside there houses the 2.4-GHz wireless USB dongle in a plastic door. Even it’s a rocker – that helps to change the resistance – is also awesome. 

Thankfully, this sleek peripheral lacks the sharp edges that many of its decent rivals.

The Basilisk Ultimate is comfortable to hold, and to ensure a comfortable, firm grip; there is a rubberized material on either side of the mouse. 

With this mouse, it’s easy to adjust the scroll wheel’s resistance, using a smaller wheel located on the underside of the mouse. 

Gaming Performance 

Gaming Performance

Gaming with the Basilisk Ultimate was a zen-like experience, thanks to its fast button actuation and a high-class optical sensor. 

The best thing about Basilisk Ultimate is its Focus+ Optical sensor that lets you automatically calibrate itself for different surfaces. Do you know, its sensor is extraordinarily accurate and responsive? It’s just due to the optical switches behind every button. Even its movement and clicks felt almost instantaneous, keeping aside all the fears of a wireless input lag.

I played twitchy FPS titles like Counter-Strike, Basilisk Ultimate, Remnant, and Doom; the DPI settings were optimal; it’s the convenient placement of the sensitivity adjustment buttons also made it quite easy to downshift.  

The only discomfort was its less-than-ideal placement of the sniper button that I ignored entirely. 

Razer Basilisk Ultimate has an edge in performance over its close competition; all credit goes to its hardware and its optical switches that use an infrared light beam, giving the mouse a response time of 0.2 milliseconds.

The Basilisk Ultimate also has asymmetric liftoff, smart tracking, and motion sync. As per the Razer, it has a tracking speed of 650 inches per second (IPS) and a sensor with 99.6% resolution accuracy.

The company also claims that its wireless technology is 25% faster than other gaming mice.

Features and Software

The Basilisk Ultimate comes with a bunch of new tech, and it’s powered by the Razer Synapse app.

With Razer Basilisk Ultimate, you can configure 11 programmable buttons via its Customize tab; you can also change the DPI up to five stages, each number goes from 100 to 20,000. Using the Lighting tab, you can customize the 14 RGB lighting zones, which gives you full access to Razer’s Chroma tools, you can also design your own in Razer’s Chroma Studio. 

The Basilisk Ultimate lasts 100 hours on a charge; it means you can play games for 5 hours a day for 20 days. 

A pro tip: If you’re planning for long sessions gaming, I would recommend you turn the lights down or off completely.

And yes, the Basilisk Ultimate’s optical switches are way durable than any other; claimingly, it boasts 70 million clicks.

Talking about its software – Synapse, it respects gamers’ time and convenience; Synapse is what a mature software suite should look like: powerful and intuitive.

Do we recommend the Razer Basilisk Ultimate gaming mouse?


The Razer Basilisk Ultimate, being not entirely flawless and slightly expensive, is one of the bests; thanks to its weighty feel, superior optical sensor and switches, optimum build quality, a neat charging dock, comfort, and easy customizability, an adjustable scroll wheel, all coupled with ideal performance actually justify the splurge. 

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