Best Monster Hunter World Mods

Best Monster Hunter: World Mods

Who doesn’t like action role-playing games?

Thanks to pioneers for introducing games like Monster Hunter; so, if you want to make your role of a Hunter more exciting, go for its’ Mods!

Today, I am here with a list of the best Monster Hunter: World mods!!

But first, lemme tell you how I come to know all of these mods?

Initially, Monster Hunter: World was released on PC; ever since, its modders are making efforts to come up with unique, innovative approaches – to make the Hunter experience and break.

So, what I did, I just did a detailed search of MHW mods online and came up with a lot of options for you. With these best Monster Hunter: World Mods, you’ll be rewarded with anything, everything, right from some basic visual upgrades to something that will turn your favorite Elder Dragon (Nergigante) into the Tank Engine (Thomas).

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When it comes to PC, you will find so many options – to intensify your monster hunting experience; I am listing some of the best mods so that you can improve the visuals, reduce grind, and spice things up… in your own way.

I will make sure I will be updating this list with new mods, so don’t forget to check back.

All-time Favorite Monster Hunter: World Mods

Mod: Souvenir’s Light Pillar – Find your favorite items easier!

souvenirs light pillar

Hunting monsters is difficult yet challenging, though the game is supposed to be; so make sure you are keeping an eye on all the incoming attacks while being aware of the surroundings and dealing with instant damages… all at once

While managing to break off that monster part, you’ll be desperately hunting away from your desired enemy for the last 30 minutes or more, and guess the last thing you want? Of course, it is to lose sight of it.

With the Light Pillar mod, you don’t need to worry about missing out on any dropped items since it never misses out to lighten up any of them, making them easier to track.

Note: the mod only shows items located within a certain radius, so get ready to get your screen too cluttered.

Mod: Monster Weakness Icon Indicator – Don’t let your monster gets weak

Monster Weakness Icon Indicator

This mod is for having a neat quality of monster life, giving up some of the not-so-necessary work in preparing for a hunt.

We all know that before getting to know the elemental and body part weaknesses, MHW requires the player to track and battle a monster multiple times.

And once you unlock this info, you’ll be needing to launch your Hunter’s Notes every time – to reference a specific monster.

However, with this mod – Monster Weakness Icon Indicator, you can see all the weapons you’ll need; you may ask where? It will be in the quest selection screen.

World of Transmog – To edit your Armor’s appearance

World of Transmog

How come a Monster Hunter player is not interested in making questionable fashion choices with its character – to get some decoration slots and sometimes master certain skills.

Having the World of Transmog mod means you will have control over the appearance of your hunter’s armor without compromising your special skills or slots.

The mod also lets you swap your current weapon skin or armor in favor of another while having all the desired characteristics of whatever you have equipped with.

Make sure the mod doesn’t work with every item in the game; it means you’ve to extract the armor and weapon files yourself; worry not, there are plenty of tutorials to guide you through.

1 Zenny Shop – Cost-down your favorite items

1 Zenny Shop

One of the things that eat away your morale is the cost curve (due to certain items or upgrades) that steeps higher as you play more and more.

The egregious examples are armor upgrades; here, the rule is simple – rarer the armor-sphere, higher the cost; this actually makes the game feel gritty and often hinders the story progression.

So, if you also want to reduce the grind and ensure you can afford anything you want, install the 1 Zenny Shop mod now! 

This way, you can cost down the most wares to a single penny.

Extra NPCs in Astera Gathering Hub – Move your important NPCs to the Gathering Hub

Extra NPCs in Astera Gathering Hub

Do you also feel tedious to constantly travel from one point to another to craft a weapon and then a third to check out?

No more! 

The Extra NPCs in Astera Gathering Hub mod is there to streamline the entire process by taking all your important vendors and NPCs and relocating them to your Gathering Hub.

Note: It only works with NPCs, including Argosy Captain, Smithy, Botanist, Resource Center, Tailraider Safari, Elder Melder, and Researcher.

SmartHunter – Overlay – How’s your Monster Health During Hunts?


This mod creates an overlay that tracks a monster’s health, including all body parts, and a bar that reflects how close it is to get enraged.

Not only your monster health, but this overlay also keeps a record of how much damage your team members have dealt, making it easier for you to figure out which one of your buddies is failing to pull their weight in a tough fight.

The only downside with this mod is that it shows accurate damage to the host player only.

Clear Hunter – Can you remove The ‘Bleached’ Visual Effect and Boost Colors?

Clear Hunter

The only not-so-cool aspect of the World is to have inconsistent environment aesthetics; the credit goes to the bleaching effect that is often caused by the game’s engine.

So, if you’re also facing faded environments and textures, get the Clear Hunter mod now and enjoy much more clarity than ever before.

I won’t exaggerate; the change will not be as clear as night and day, but noticeable enough.

Bonus Mod – MHW Mod Manager, so that you can keep your mods Organized

Planning to use multiple mods? 

Make sure they may not be in conflict with one another and end up messing up your game.

For this, I have MHW Mod Manager, making it easier for me to organize and uninstall all my existing mods hassle-freely.

Got some other interesting Monster Hunter: World Mods? Feel free to ping me in the comment section below!

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