Steam Error Code 105 4 Solutions That Can Fix It

Steam Error Code 105: 4 Solutions That Can Fix It

If you’ve encountered the frustrating Steam Error Code 105, fear not – you’re not alone. This hiccup in the gaming world can put a damper on your digital adventures, but worry not! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of Steam Error Code 105 and present you with four solutions that can swiftly kick it to the curb. Let’s dive in and get your gaming experience back on track.

Understanding Steam Error Code 105

Understanding Steam Error Code 105

Before we jump into the solutions, let’s unravel the mystery behind Steam Error Code 105. This error typically occurs when there’s an issue with your network connection, preventing Steam from reaching its servers. This can be a result of misconfigured DNS settings or other network-related glitches.

Checking Your Network Connection

Troubleshooting Your Network Settings

To tackle Steam Error Code 105 head-on, start by scrutinizing your network settings. Ensure your DNS settings are correctly configured. Sometimes, a simple switch to Google’s public DNS ( and can do wonders. Navigate to your network settings, make the necessary adjustments, and restart Steam. This might just be the quick fix you need.

Flushing DNS Cache

A common culprit for Error Code 105 is a corrupted DNS cache. Fear not – flushing it is simpler than it sounds. Open your command prompt and type ‘ipconfig /flushdns’. Hit Enter, and voila! Your DNS cache is now as good as new, and Steam might just be too.

Firewall Woes

Whitelisting Steam in Your Firewall

Firewalls are digital gatekeepers, and sometimes they can be a little too strict. If Steam is being blocked, Error Code 105 might rear its ugly head. Head to your firewall settings, locate Steam, and make sure it’s whitelisted. This should grant Steam the access it needs, bidding farewell to the pesky error.

Temporary Disabling Your Firewall

If whitelisting doesn’t do the trick, consider temporarily disabling your firewall. This is not a permanent solution but can help identify if the firewall is the root cause. If Error Code 105 vanishes, you’ve found your culprit, and you can then adjust your firewall settings accordingly.

Browser Extension Interference

Browser Extension Interference

Identifying and Disabling Extensions

Believe it or not, your browser extensions could be the silent saboteurs triggering Steam Error Code 105. Some extensions, especially those related to privacy or security, might interfere with Steam’s connection. Disable them one by one, restart Steam after each, and see if the error persists.

Using an Incognito Window

When in doubt, go incognito! Open an incognito or private browsing window, which disables extensions by default. If Steam connects smoothly without Error Code 105, you’ve likely identified the culprit – a misbehaving extension.

VPN Woes

Disconnecting Your VPN

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are fantastic for privacy, but they can sometimes clash with Steam’s servers, causing Error Code 105. Disconnect your VPN, restart Steam, and see if the error bids adieu. If so, you may need to tweak your VPN settings to coexist peacefully with Steam.

Trying a Different Server Location

If disconnecting your VPN doesn’t resolve the issue, consider trying a different server location. Steam servers might be having a tiff with your current VPN server. A quick switch might just be the ticket to a seamless gaming experience.


In the realm of gaming, encountering hiccups like Steam Error Code 105 is almost inevitable. However, armed with the knowledge provided in this guide, you’re well-equipped to tackle this issue head-on. From tweaking your network settings to outsmarting your firewall, these four solutions are your arsenal against the pesky Error Code 105. Now, go forth, fix those issues, and let the gaming commence!

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