How Can Your Business Keep Up With The Digital Transformation

How Can Your Business Keep Up With The Digital Transformation

Throughout the years, many companies failed to predict the coming step in our ever-evolving technological world. Nokia is one example of a company that once led the market but eventually lost out to the fast development that was unpredictable to its owners and employees.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t only apply to IT companies; many other companies failed to stand the test of time. According to Harvard Business Review, since the year 2000, many companies have announced bankruptcy, even companies in the top 500 list globally. So how can we avoid falling into the unpredictable trap that is technology?

1. Technological Upgrades

Technological Upgrades

Just because you can manage everything now, it is important to remember that manually enhancing your workflow will not work well for long. 

Instead of hiring a person just to write down the prices on your websites, invest in an automatic system that allows your sellers to write down the prices they want for their products. You can also enhance other departments in your company depending on their needs. 

For example, your HR department could use the help of an HR platform to record the sign-in and out of employees easily, calculate their vacation days and even calculate their payroll. Similarly, your digital marketing department might need a social media management platform to track everything and update your social media as regularly as possible. 

2. Back-Up All Your Data

Back-Up All Your Data

Wherever you work, your data always needs to be backed up somewhere. Invest in an online cloud depending on the amount of work and files you have on your hand. 

Hire IT experts to help you if you face any issues. Data in your cloud can be recovered even after a data loss disaster; there are multiple cloud disaster recovery experts in the world, and you can hire them to keep your data safe and secure. 

One mistake that many people make when it comes to saving data is keeping all the data stored in the email only, expecting email history to reflect everything. 

Now that Google announced that even files in your email are counted as a part of your primary 15GB storage space, it is time to think further than simple solutions. Experts have all the tools to help you keep your documents safe, so invest in backup solutions as soon as possible.

3. Encourage Innovation

Encourage Innovation

Creativity is no longer related to only writing, drawing, dancing, and singing. Even managers have many ways to be creative nowadays, and encouragement that will help you discover new ways to improve and enhance your business

If an employee ever comes to you with a new business plan, don’t think they know anything, instead study the plan carefully yourself. Did you know that even Steve Jobs’s ideas were rejected when he was a regular employee in a company? 

Imagine what would have happened if he had been given the opportunity where he was. Apple would have started elsewhere.

4. Set Up New Metrics And KPIs

Even the way you evaluate your work can be enhanced via technological analytics and multiple software. Every process in your company could be trackable and measurable via KPIs that are not manual anymore. For example, your HR software could track employees’ attendance and show you the ones who need your attention only.

The data analytics application can help you track conversions from your websites, and even your CMS can help you track the dates and categories your writers write in and the daily word count when needed. In the new digital era, everything is traceable.

5. Embrace Change

Embrace Change

Change is bound to happen, don’t refuse a smart solution just because you think it is too soon to introduce it to the market. If you own a company that manufactures a product of any kind, chances are you get a lot of investment calls from many start-ups; give these calls a chance to show you their products. Android started as a free source idea, but it grew to become the best mobile operating system in the world.

Imagine if your company led the world and introduced the next smart packaging solution or intelligent delivery system. It could happen if you leave your mind open.

Overall, technology is innovation and what you need to keep up with how fast technology is developing is to keep your mind open to changes, predict the future, focus on the result, and avoid adding extra steps to your workflow.

Then, once you are done with the previous steps, congratulations on a job well done; chances are your company will last long.

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