Technologies Changing the World of Car Racing: Electrification and VR

Technologies Changing the World of Car Racing: Electrification and VR

The automotive industry is undergoing a huge amount of change. Moreover, these changes are large-scale because the world in which we live is also changing every day. 

We see that changes are now being fully implemented regarding the complete rejection of oil and gas fuels. Amidst the headlines, we see more and more automakers claiming to produce exclusively eco-friendly car models.

However, not all automakers are hurrying to change their production radically. Italian manufacturer Ferrari S.p.A. has been saying for a long time that they will be the last to stop making cars with internal combustion engines. 

However, now we see how the company’s management has changed its position and announced that in 3 years we would be able to observe the appearance of a fully electric model. 

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One area where significant changes are taking place is auto racing. In this article, we will talk about what technologies are changing the world of car racing.

The emergence of a new class of racing

One of the high-profile events that happened 10 years ago was creating a class of auto racing where only electric cars take part. At the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, you won’t hear the roar of engines, you won’t be able to smell gasoline, and you won’t see flashes of fire from exhaust pipes. 

The emergence of this racing class was because the organizers wanted to influence the popularization of electric cars in every possible way. They wanted to create a place where they could do all kinds of research and development to accelerate the transition to eco-cars. 

Here motorsport fans can see how the world’s leading car manufacturers are the main participants in these competitions. Since its inception, competitions have become so popular that now they are held in almost all corners of the planet. 

At the moment, 7 seasons of racing have already passed, and it can be argued that the organizers and creators of the competition are successfully carrying out their mission. 

Competitions have become where a severe rivalry is unfolding between the most high-tech cars. Moreover, their vivid presentation has a special influence on their popularization worldwide.

Reasons for excellence and innovation

Reasons for excellence and innovation

The first thing worth noting why this championship is a new milestone in car racing is that a huge number of Formula 1 drivers have become drivers taking part in this competition. Among them are Heikki Kovalainen, Jaime Alguersuari, Kamui Kobayashi and many others.

Here you can observe how harmoniously high technologies and environmental principles are combined. Racing cars during movement do not pollute the environment at all. 

At the same time, one might think that these competitions are not particularly spectacular since it is unlikely that electric cars can overtake Formula 1 cars. They cannot overtake, but the gap between the two classes is hardly perceptible if we evaluate the dynamics.

Another advantage is that each rider can use only one set of tires per race, thus reducing the environmental impact further.

The use of virtual reality in auto racing has become an equally important factor. Today, many competitors use car simulators to practice race tracks and improve their performance. These simulations are incredibly detailed and accurate. Here, every driver can use all the settings and functions as if he were sitting in his racing car.


One of the most spectacular championships in the world has a special mission. The essence of the task is to draw viewers’ attention to the problems of environmental pollution and popularize electric vehicles. Moreover, motorsport uses high technology. Racers can use virtual reality to hone their skills.

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