How To Use Technology To Improve Your Restaurant

You might not realize or just haven’t thought about it, but technology plays a large role in your restaurant. From the computer, you enter orders onto the oven that cooks your food and even the products you’ve chosen to put on the shelves. Each is controlled by some form of the computing device and most likely connected to a network.

But what does this connectivity – this interconnectivity – really mean? It means that, in addition to the products you choose and the standards by which you hold your employees accountable, technology also determines how well your restaurant runs.

The three main things that can be improved in a restaurant through the proper use of technology are speed, accuracy, and service. Find out how to improve each of these three aspects in your restaurant by reading the following steps.

Improve Speed

Improve Speed

This is about improving the time it takes for a customer’s request to be received, processed, and returned to the customer. This includes both taking orders, preparing food, and making payments. Some people think that they can manage without computerized systems for taking orders and processing payments. But the truth of the matter is that a system can help you immensely in making more money and serving your customers faster, thus earning your restaurant more money.

That said, not everything costs so much. Do you know you can get a free POS software and hardware system? If you don’t know where to get such, you should check out POS systems online and choose what you prefer.

A lot of POS systems today integrate credit card processors. This makes it easier to accept payments and allows you to receive the money faster. It also helps that these separate items are combined into one system, making processing orders much more efficient.

Technology improves accuracy

Technology improves accuracy

In the food and beverage industry. Let’s take a look at how technology can help your restaurant improve its accuracy monitoring system. In restaurants, accuracy is a key factor in maintaining safety standards. By being more accurate in food and beverage monitoring, you would better keep your customers healthy.  

It’s easy to monitor with technology. The use of cell phones in our daily lives makes it easier for us to monitor accuracy in our food and beverage systems. The cell phone can be a restaurant’s best friend or a tool to make a mistake. The cell phones’ GPS tracking system shows your real-time location, which would help you find any errors with your orders to make sure the customer gets the correct order.

You would have faster service, and your customers will be happy because their food has been delivered quickly. In the end, you’ll see that there are many ways technology can monitor accuracy in your restaurant business that will benefit you. 

Using technology to improve your services

Using technology to improve your services

The good news is that there are many technologies to help you do it, from CRM systems to online reputation management tools!

You should install a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. A CRM system will help you organize the contacts that lead to your website, download their information, follow up with them or get reviews. You can then turn these verified leads into customers! If you already have a CRM system, make sure you know all the database’s characteristics to determine if it can help you or not.

It is also important to add your website on all your other social media profiles (Facebook fan page, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and let them automatically direct updates to each of them. You could also create a blog on your website and ask for reviews from customers published on different websites.

Include a live chat function on your site so that potential customers can speak to you directly! Some restaurants have reportedly increased their revenue by 30% just by answering questions more quickly. You could also include subscribing to newsletters or deals through the website, so customers don’t have to remember all the discounts you give. Send a monthly or weekly newsletter about news on your business or special offers!

The last thing you should do is to use apps for your restaurant. If customers rate a 3 star on a review app and they would like to get more information about the experience, for example, you could send them a message with an offer. Maybe they are not satisfied with the food, so you can directly ask if it was because of your service or maybe your wine menu is not efficient enough. You could also use apps to estimate the estimation time of the dishes!

A restaurant can use technology to improve their services and provide better customer service to increase their revenue. With the three core uses shared above, you can improve your business.

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