How to Use Video to Build The Brand

There are far more videos being watched now than ever before. This is mainly thanks to the unlimited Internet and bloggers with their videos about everything in the world.

In general, users prefer visual content and video to all other options for presenting the information. Here’s an example: you can write a soulful post on social media about something very important, and it will be ignored. Or you can post a short top-10-funny-facts-about-brand clip and get hundreds of thousands of likes. 

So how do you build a brand with the video? We will tell you below.

Why use video?

The modern economy is more built around the concentration of human attention. Attention has become the new currency. In the struggle for the clients’ attention, brands have to generate more and more video content: now, it is impossible to broadcast with one video and play it all year round.

Video, even intuitively, seems to be an effective form for getting attention. Another advantage of video is that it allows you to convey more information within the framework of one-touch and, as a result, evoke strong emotions.

But here are four more reasons to use video to promote your brand:

Video improves SEO

Social platforms like Facebook or Instagram love videos. As you upload videos to these platforms, viewers become more engaged and spend more time on the site. This builds trust with visitors and signals to search engines that your site has quality content.

Google loves videos. If you add engaging and informative videos to your site, they can appear on the first page of the search engine giant. According to pallid statistics, if you embed a video on a website, you are 53% more likely to appear on the first line of Google search results. So it’s a boost for brand awareness.

Since Google owns YouTube, the influence of videos on a site’s search engine rankings has increased dramatically. If SEO keywords are considered gold, then videos are no less than diamonds. They are extremely powerful and, if used wisely, can change the life of your brand.

Videos increase conversions and sales.

Actually, this is one of the main reasons for using video in your content marketing strategy. Videos can turn your visitors into loyal customers.

According to surveys, about 74% of people who watched a video explaining a product or service subsequently purchased it. So, from a business perspective, it’s worth starting to create product/service videos right now.

Video marketing builds trust.

Trust is the foundation of your business’s growth and revenue. For a brand, building trust is a goal in itself. The whole concept of digital marketing is based on building trust, brand loyalty, and long-term relationships with potential customers.

There is no more effective tool than professional video content when it comes to spreading your message to your audience. And when we talk about industry experts, YouTubers can be the most powerful social media players to drive a brand. Make a deal with famous YouTube stars to promote your brand in the digital space effectively.

Videos have a high return on investment

This is another important reason for using video in your brand marketing strategy. More than 83% of companies say video provides a high ROI.

There was a time when video production was an expensive and time-consuming creative process. Still, thanks to online video creation tools, there are many vibrant and eye-catching amateur products on the Internet.

When creating a video, remember that your content is a brand voice. Regardless of the video concept, if the content is powerful, it will have an impact on people. Research has shown that people prefer to watch videos that clearly explain a particular service or product.

What kind of videos should the brand create?

Let’s take a look at what video content can be applied to boost brand awareness.

To share your product for the first time, the following formats are suitable:

  • top/best X: for example, five ways to use your product or five alternatives;
  • a brand story revealing the first idea of creation and steps of realization;
  • behind the scenes: how the team lives, how the product is created;
  • an interview with you or industry influencers;
  • an employee video that introduces a team, a specific influencer, or company culture.

To engage the viewer, the following are the best:

  • Video of an entertainment nature. The main thing is that it is tied to the product. You can even have something meme-based following the TikTok trends of 2021;
  • life hacks using the product;
  • A daily vlog on a related topic.

For training purposes, you can shoot:

  • how-tos;
  • animated video guidelines;
  • product overview and tutorials;
  • interactive with the audience through video, for example, AMA sessions or quizzes;
  • announcement of important news;
  • product reviews.

What software can become useful for video production?

  • Video editors. Video editing is a process that allows you to create the desired impression and dynamics, to engage and call to the desired action. Programs like WeVideo or OpenShot will do.
  • Video converters. Sometimes, you record a video from an iPhone or a drone, often recorded in a not the most common format – MOV. But the Internet demands the format, and for your video to be most widespread, convert large MOV to MP4, which is more common.
  • Live streaming tools. Streaming services have become very popular lately. They also create an opportunity for brands to grow by allowing them to interact with audiences in real-time, host workshops and conferences. Wirecast is one of the most popular in this niche.

Wrap up

The reasons why video marketing is needed to build a brand are innumerable. And the ones listed in this article are enough to convince digital marketers to use video if they expect to achieve head-spinning results.

Video marketing is becoming more and more popular, and your competitors are probably using it. Follow trends so you don’t end up on the sidelines.

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