Windows Defender Vs Avast

The time has changed, so does the meaning of convenience, especially in the realm of cyber-technology. Now, the internet is far from a safe playground, and we are giving away more sensitive data out there than ever before.

So, just to be on the safe side, we need a sturdy, future-ready antivirus program to protect our precious devices and data. 

Thanks to software developers, today, you will thank me too, after reading my understanding and data-driven analysis about one of the heated arguments – Windows Defender vs Avast – surfacing in the world of antivirus. 

What made me think about this Avast vs Windows defender debate? 

According to new research, from a known security giant; 

  1. It is revealed that in the last year only, more than 10.52 billion malware attacks happened.
  2. The most dreaded malware – Ransomware, is increasing by a 117% year-by-year
  3. Whereas, mobile malware attacks saw almost 100% rise during the year 2019.

And yes, with cyber threats, you can’t expect any specific forms; threats may reside in extensions like the one provided by Microsoft Office, that hackers use to hack into emails. 

The statistics convey only one message: you need antivirus protection, but which one?

No no.. don’t think about low-end security ones, they aren’t going to make a cut. 

Yes, their defences aren’t strong to resist this-age sophisticated malware attacks, and their signatures aren’t even updated frequently.

So, get ready to invest in a robust anti-malware protection – for complete peace of mind. 

Though both Avast and Windows Defender are best in their own manner, but, as they say… the winner is always one; for that ONE, you have to read this short Avast vs Windows defender analysis. 

Windows Defender Vs. Avast – A Quick Rundown of The Winner in Each Category

1. Features

Winner: Avast. When you compare security features, the Windows Defender comes with most of the tools that are necessary and important. However, Avast has a lot more to offer for premium protection with superior security products and technology. Users of the Avast premium service enjoy multiple advanced features that provide better defense against modern online threats.

2. Protection

Winner: Avast. Multiple independent evaluations have shown that Avast is the better software of the two. It offers superior protection against old and newer malware and viruses and has a lower number of false positives. It is more reliable and efficient.

3. User Friendliness

Winner: Avast. Windows Defender has a minimalistic and simplistic user interface that is good for beginners. However, there is some room for improvement in the Windows Defender UI. On the other hand, Avast has a more modern and intuitive user interface with some customization options and an easy-to-follow layout that is very user-friendly.

4. Pricing

Winner: Windows Defender. One cannot argue with the “free” price tag of Windows Defender. That’s right! Windows Defender comes at no cost with a Windows computer. On the other hand, Avast gives a free 30-day trial and multiple service packages priced between $59.99 to $99.99/year.

5. Customer Support

Winner: Avast. In this category, Avast is a clear winner because Windows Defender provides only ticket support to its users. Avast users enjoy one of the market’s best customer support services, including tickets, email, and phone.

Windows Defender

Launched back in 2006, Windows Defender is one of the most popular free anti-malware software with no purchasable upgrades of its antivirus. Just like any other software, this antivirus runs multiple scans – for detecting system errors and the presence of viruses. 

Windows Defender also offers a highly reliable firewall that will monitor all your online activities and keep you protected from hackers and other possible security breaches.

Why should you go for Windows Defender?

  • Lifetime Free subscription
  • Built-in with Windows
  • Quick boot time
  • Ideal malware detection
  • Easy to use

Why shouldn’t you go for Windows Defender?

  • Limited features as compared to Avast
  • Only for Windows
  • Unresponsive customer support


One of the age-old (released in 1995), yet still well-known antivirus programs – Avast antivirus is currently the most used guard against malware, viruses, and security threats across all the OS and platforms.

Thanks to its next-gen technologies!

Avast is not only a feature-rich software but also popular for being super-easy and simple usability. To never let your system be compromised, Avast keeps updating its potential.

Why should you go for Avast?

  • Easy to use
  • Regular software updates
  • Good range of features and tools
  • Lifetime FREE protection
  • Great customer support

Why shouldn’t you go for Avast?

  • Limited free trial
  • Got active only when there’s an update or if any malware detected


Windows Defender Antivirus

For most users, the average ones, built-in Windows Defender is enough, as far as fundamental protection is concerned. 

The best thing about Defender is that there’s no action needed to get the protection done; it means you do not need to do anything. The watchdog is just… there, in the background, running silently – looking for viruses and strange behaviors, while uploading malicious items for analysis. 

As I already mentioned… you will not see any annoying upgrade notifications ever, and no need to pay for anything additional.

The only downside of the program is it still, sometimes, tends to flag innocuous software as malicious, and there are no such features to detect every critical detail of the software being installed or run on the system.

It’s just like, with Windows Defender, you will get what you see; a few years ago, there were a lot of false positives about Defender, which has vastly improved, but still, the software is not fool-proof.

FAQ: Is windows defender better than avast?

For Windows 8.1 or 10 users – If you already have Defender, you have a couple of decent parental controls, a built-in, though one-way, firewall,  gaming modes, and a proper antivirus protection; you don’t need upgrades to buy even, everything is then and there.

Avast Antivirus

This is the program that comes to mind when thinking of antivirus or basic system protection, and that’s why it’s the most recommended one; right from inception, I guess Avast kept the standard higher than all of its rivals, or better to say, followers. 

And yes, Avast is also the most-repeated winner of AV-TEST for “Best Virus and Malware Detection;” would you still question its reliability and authenticity? 

In a nutshell, Avast removes all the unwanted items to get your computer back to its initial state as quickly as possible.

Other than keeping an eye on the viruses, Avast also boasts an awesome built-in password manager and also warns users if their Wi-Fi network seems insecure.

FAQ: Which is better, Windows Defender or Avast?

As far as features and system weight is concerned, Avast is the best – believe it or not, Avast uses way fewer system resources than Defender; this might not be your concern but for those using older computers or low-end models. Avast is also a winner when it comes to UI – it is just… intuitive.

There are features that Avast have, but Defender doesn’t, including; 

  1. The Software Updater that automatically keeps all the software on your computer updated.
  2. Gaming Mode that lets the users keep playing games interrupted.
  3. Rescue Disk – to deal with massive computer emergencies, if they occur; this feature often comes in paid versions of antivirus but Avast.
  4. Email protection.

User-Friendliness – Windows Defender vs Avast

Another important aspect that I want to review for both Avast and Windows Defender is their user-friendliness. 

Let’s compare both software’s user interfaces and check which one is winning.

Windows Defender follows a minimalistic yet straightforward visual aesthetic – like you open the software, and within several clicks, say hoops, and you reach the primary dashboard which is the Windows Security Center, where you can control the software’s basic operations and advanced features.

Its interface is also quite neat and clean, with everything laid out well; to reach different operations and modules, check out it’s left-hand grouping.

Sadly, with Windows Defender, you cannot schedule scans – it may be frustrating for you but worry not, you can still run different types of scans.

Avast’s interface is also intuitive yet straightforward, dominated by loud-coloured themes; the best thing is that even those who aren’t computer literate can utilize everything that Avast is offering.

Opening the software, you’ll see a large green checkmark, located in the centre, indicating that your system is okay, if the check mark changes to a red exclamation mark, it means there’s something wrong with your system’s health. 

Just beneath the icon, you will see a quick scan button, letting you to immediately begin a smart scan.

On the left-hand rail, there are some significant features divided into four categories, and all are self-explanatory: Status, Privacy, Protection, and Performance.

Additionally, you will also see some customization options too, like schedule scans, reduce the number of automatic scans – to fine-tune your experience; less automatic scans means freeing more processing speed for other tasks.


Since there’s no comparison as such in pricing between Windows Defender and Avast, as only the latter offers a full suite of antivirus products, with limited freemium features; the former is a free program with no paid-for upgrades. 

Avast premium plans are as follows; 

For more information, click here.

Customer Support – Avast vs Windows defender

For most of us, including me, customer support is essential, and it should be responsive too –  for making the final decision; comparing Avast and Windows Defender, you will see the clear difference in each of their customer support.

Windows Defender offers ticket support only, whereas, with Avast, offers email, phone, and ticket support. So, if you ask which of this anti-virus software is better, then I am sorry, there’s no definite winner.

I would appreciate it if Avast, knowing that the company charges a fortune, should have offered live chat support. 

And yes,  like other free security programs, Avast Free Antivirus also offers several online resources, including installation tips, extended help, and some basic FAQs and a direct link to the company’s support pages.

Who’s winning… Avast or Windows Defender

In a couple of words, I would say for necessary protection Windows Defender is the best, whereas for extended security, mainly to keep current threats away from your system, Avast is the BEST.

So, suit yourself!

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