McAfee vs Avast

Despite the bouquet of sophisticated cybersecurity softwares available at the click of a button, hackers and other virtual mischief-makers are having a bash because of the ample amount of security loopholes found everywhere. It’s expected that cybercrime made hackers richer and far more advanced.

The issue is, there are far too many antivirus solutions around, which is why we’re going to make it simpler for you by reviewing two dominating cybersecurity giants to see which surpasses in the security aspect.

When we compare McAfee vs Avast, both are respectable antivirus softwares that offer solid security. Powerful yet simple, both provide comprehensive safety in comparison to all other softwares and fight against cyber threats. When it involves the crunch, however, which is better avast or McAfee?

After giving it a thought and going through some diverse testing, this is what we have found.

McAfee Pros

  • McAfee offers full-featured protection.
  • This is one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use antiviruses.
  • Reliability is well above average, but not superb.
  • Value: above average.
  • Money-Back Guarantee is 30-days-long.

Avast Pros

  • Compatible with all modern platforms.
  • Different levels of protection against malware.
  • Effectively detects phishing sites.
  • Plug-in for browsers to detect suspicious websites.
  • New passive mode for running multiple security products in parallel.

McAfee’s Features

The primary features from McAfee are Total guaranteed protection. This flagship software suite includes all of McAfee’s number one antivirus capabilities and perks, including:

  • Firewall – updated each day through the McAfee primary database, ensuring that new malware is not able to idiot the firewall because of outdated virus definitions.
  • Identity Theft Protection – indicators if your personal information like credit score card details or social protection variety are at threat at the Dark Web.
  • Optimization Tools – assist you in eliminating junk documents or records to help velocity up the general overall performance of your computer.
  • Permanent Delete – the function permanently erases sensitive documents, getting rid of any threat of ever getting out of your severe force and onto the broader Internet.
  • Virus Scanner – systematically examins your computer’s documents for viruses or hibernating malware present. It can instantly detect and eliminate those viruses once found.
  • Password Manager – stores all of your passwords in a stable vault, so you don’t have to take into account them.

Avast’s Features

  • Advanced Firewall – receives updates greater often to its virus definition databases.
  • Junk Filter – lets in to clear out your email inbox better.
  • Sandbox Mode – lets in to run any application you’re not sure of in a separate window that doesn’t change with the files in the rest of your computer.
  • Cleanup Premium – the device optimizes your pc velocity by casting off hidden junk and freeing up disk space.
  • Passwords Premium – it’s extra than just a password manager. Besides storing all your passwords, the tool signals you in case any of your passwords get leaked.
  • SecureLine VPNhides your IP cope with for safer, nameless browsing.

Anti-Malware Protection

When we discuss malware, we always use a term that stands for all potentially dangerous viruses or software programs designed to harvest sensitive data from your computer or device and upload it to the Internet. Malware protection is the single most critical part of an antivirus suite, so let’s check each brand’s approach to malware safety and check how they go by it.

In this McAfee vs avast comparison, both the company’s primary job is to protect your PC or device through firewalls present against malware and viruses. All these are updated continuously, but it seems Avast’s free firewall is less effective than McAfee’s Total Protection version, a more robust firewall system.

It is safe to say that both the firewalls do a good job when it comes to protection and are quite similar when you start to move into Avast’s paid software. Both the brands come with a built-in scanner that locates any potential viruses present on your system.

We observed objectivity as much as possible and took aid from an independent testing platform AV-Test to check the performance. It is a known organization that produces quality metrics and results based on softwares performance.

The AV-Test that we used is a great and useful test producer that checks antivirus software and compares them on the rating of performance, usability, and protection. While testing both avast vs McAfee scored top scores that indicate that the firewall is tremendous and highly secure. That is the core reason both these softwares are the top of the line in their league of antivirus softwares. However, Avast took the lead here and performed better than McAfee.

User Interface

Compared to an antivirus performance and protection, the user-friendliness aspect is on a lower end because it is not as important but something that should not be avoided because, as the software, you will be interacting with it daily to ensure that your device is 100% secure.

It is self-explanatory that good software will come with a fast and easy interface to maneuver and instantly understood and go by. Hence no one wants to struggle on a day to day basis to see how the software works.

Keeping that in mind, McAfee uses a centralized hub that splits its windows into multiple categories when you are assessing any part of your device. On the left side-rail, you can select a handful of features.

Looking at Avast, it also has a similar hub or panel that controls all of its functions. Still, it lacks a separate window where the buttons are aligned, which are highlighted with their purpose making it easy to understand for anyone who’s not familiar with using it.

But there is a small catch; the free version of Avast will give you a tough time with popup ads that will only stop when you upgrade to a premium paid version. This will annoy you to the most unless you have a lot of patience.

If we are to judge, both the McAfee vs avast software are competing head to head in this regard. The control panels are intuitive and easy to maneuver across, but McAfee could reduce those popup windows while Avast can work on their popup ads.

Compromise System Performance

While referring to the software, it’s essential to keep in account the impact the software will have on overall system performance because antivirus softwares slows down devices when running overall background scans simultaneously.

This is pivotal because if your antivirus slows down your PC while scanning, then no matter how great the software is, your system performance would be reduced, and the system will lag till the time it is being scanned.

While testing the system performance while using both the antivirus softwares, McAfee scored better than Avast giving it a high rating. Avast slows your PC slightly, and you will feel the lag in performance as well.

Pricing Plan

When it comes to pricing users, need to understand what they are getting in return for the cost paid. It is always important to calculate the benefits being received for the price you are paying, and it’s not always important to get the highest priced Antivirus if it is not serving basic security purposes.

Avast offers:

  • Premium SecurityPackage with Single Device for $59.99 /year
  • Premium Security Package with Multi-Device for $79.99 /year
  • Ultimate Package for $99.99 /year

Avast has packages that are inclusive with multi-payment options giving you the opportunity to do more than traditional payment plans. It comes with a promising 30 day free trial on all the packages giving you the option to test it then purchase it.

McAfee offers:

  • Individual Package: 1 device / 1-Year Subscription for $34.99/year
  • Multi-device Package: 5 devices / 1-Year Subscription for $39.99/year
  • Household Package: 10 devices / 1-Year Subscription for $44.99/year

All the packaged being laid down offer a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee inclusive of a 30-day free trial as well. 

Here we can say Avast takes the lead with better, more customizable packages. 

Customer Support

To get any McAfee-related help, go to its Help and Support section. You can either get help from McAfee’s Virtual Assistant, find solutions in McAfee’s Community forum, or through the FAQ section to find the answers to your queries related to McAfee. The FAQ section has simple and easy solutions to all common McAfee-related issues; most of the solutions include Youtube videos.

If you want help from McAfee’s professionals, you can fill in a form with your contact details and questions/issues, and an agent will contact you via live chat during working hours (Mon-Fri 7 AM – 7 PM CST). If you want quick help, you can contact McAfee via a customer service number.

McAfee goes far and beyond to maintain its promise to keep your system malware-free. Thus, if you encounter any security threats McAfee cannot identify and eliminate, the support team logs into your device using TeamViewer to help you solve the issue professionally. 

Avast’s customer support is not as impressive as McAfee’s. Nonetheless, it has a detailed FAQ section with professional solutions to all possible Avast antivirus-related issues. You can also talk to Avast’s agents via the toll-free number that operates 24/7. However, only the paid users of Avast are eligible to use the toll-free number to contact Avast’s agents. Whereas with McAfee, you can contact customer agents during your 30-day trial.

Which Antivirus Should You Consider? McAfee vs Avast

Is McAfee a good antivirus program? Well YES, but Avast is a far more superior Antivirus software that is ideal for day-to-day security from viruses and malware.

We came to this conclusion after verifying all the important factors that make an antivirus software unique and secure. By far, Avast surpassed all tests and obstacles, and we can recommend it will full authority.

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