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ByteFence, one of the not-so-known anti-malware programs, detects and blocks malware and often comes along with other security software; to be honest, I was actually surprised to find it in my computers.

ByteFence is a brainchild of Byte Technologies LCC, a relatively new name headquartered in the US. The software is built to protect Windows computers from all sorts of cyber protection, including crapware, spyware, and malware.

Note: ByteFence is not a fully-functional antivirus program!

Yes, some of you might be thinking that it’s a malicious program, as its distribution in the past was suspicious, coupled with its questionable entry into the system.

But lately, things have changed… It’s the label of being an unwanted program that has addressed so many bundling issues.

I am here to share my hands-on ByteFence review, highlighting its worth, safety, protection capabilities, workability… and everything that can make and break one’s recommendation for ByteFence.

In this review, I will take a closer look at ByteFence’s features, capabilities, strengths, weaknesses – so that you can determine if it is worth it or not.

Starting from its basic findings…

Its questionable distribution methods earned the software a soiled reputation, protected more than 59 million computers globally while blocked over 66 million malware.

There are two versions; the free version only scans PCs from malware and crapware. If the program detects threats, you will need the paid version to remove them.

First concern first,


  • No bundled installs
  • No unnecessary browser modifications.
  • Clean, organized user interface.
  • Affordable paid versions.
  • Light on the system.
  • Good browser protection and monitoring.
  • No intrusive ads.
  • Free scanner.
  • Quick customer support.


  • Detects limited files only.
  • Often detects unharmful files.
  • Can cause slowdown while scanning on older / limited-RAM machines.
  • Virus detection rates are lower than others.

Paid vs Free ByteFence – Is ByteFence Antivirus worth your money?

Yes, ByteFence is worth your hard money; being charged $2.08 per month for 1-year, $3.33 per month 6-month, $1.39 per month for a 3-year license, ByteFence is known to be affordable anti-malware.

No matter how good a free version is for scanning and finding viruses, Trojans, spyware, and whatnot, it’s not good for removing any. 

Next in line is safety!

Is ByteFence Safe?

For now, yes, it is safe. Before, users used to count it as a virus, but today, you will not find ByteFence in lists of viruses; sadly, it’s still not a very good anti-malware program, as it only fends off less-damaging malicious software, it means your computer wouldn’t be 100 percent safe.

Hold on,

How ByteFence entered my Computer?

Initially, ByteFence was designed for Windows PCs only, but now, it can be downloaded on Mac OS too; downloading bundled software like PDF Mac Master means you will be complemented with ByteFence without your approval.

Some other ways to give open-way for ByteFence to enter in your PC are; 

  • Clicking ads that usually redirect to sites with questionable content, such as porn sites.
  • Installing other software without reading its terms and conditions.
  • Downloading free programs that are often bundled with some freeware.
  • Clicking on unknown, unsafe links.
  • Clicking .exe attachments are shared in emails; this is an old practice among cybercriminals; even spam emails also host programs, including freeware.

Now, get back to review…

ByteFence Features

Interface – well-designed

An organized interface is one of the strengths of ByteFence, making it simple to navigate and quick to understand without any overly-complicated settings. 

It means every usable option is placed right at your fingertips; want to schedule scans, manage quarantined files and the app’s update status, or else navigate to the Settings tab and will find all the important features.

Simply go through their well-designed dashboard, where you will find a home tab, browsers tab, setting tabs, scan button, and stats.

Gamer Mode

ByteFence offers a gamer mode to let users play games without any interruptions, having alerts whenever there is a new version of the antivirus.

Browser Security

ByteFence specializes in dealing with programs such as Adware, Browser Hijackers, and other types of common software threats that are usually designed to target the user’s web browser. 

That is why it is crucial that within the Browsers section, ByteFence provides a very useful evaluation of the web browsers’ components installed on your computer system.

Real-Time Protection

ByteFence is known for its Real-Time scanning tool that detects threats, especially Malware and Crapware; means no protection for other red-zoned dangers, including ransomware. 

Bear repeating, don’t rely solely on ByteFence to protect your system from all dangers.

In this type of scanning, the antivirus checks for any malware 24/7, this always-on feature scans any documents, files, and anything you download on your machine. 

Virus Scanning

We know that malicious codes that can harm our computer, make changes/steal sensitive data or files are known to be viruses, thanks to ByteFence for being hard on these malicious codes. 

This virus scanner can perform both – a quick scan and a custom scan; the former can be used to check common areas for viruses, while the latter checks temporary internet files, computer memory, etc.

The automatic quick Scan launches as you install ByteFence after installation, scanning for up to 20-30 minutes on the average computer system.

Storage-consciousness for quick Scan requires around 1.5GB on a machine with 4GB RAM) – this isn’t too high when compared to other products.

Customer Support

Byte Technologies, the parent company, provides localized customer service via their global offices (one of them is in Delaware, USA, 1521 Concord Pike, Wilmington, Delaware 19803, USA) and partners; you can also request a support ticket via their support form.

For immediate queries, ByteFence Anti Malware’s online support is also available in these hours

  • US-6am to 5 pm, (Monday to Friday)
  • EMEA-9am to 7 pm (Monday to Friday)
  • Latin America-9am to 7 pm (Monday to Friday)

To help you further, there are also many frequently asked questions and answers on their support page; their wait time is less than four minutes, and frankly speaking, I find their technicians friendly and knowledgeable.

Conclusion – Is ByteFence worth it?

ByteFence Anti-Malware is a useful tool if you want an additional security layer, having a default antivirus solution. It is light on both pocket and system but limited in its scope. 

According to some users, ByteFence causes crashes on older systems due to multiple reasons like high RAM usage, so it is advisable to use this with stronger systems only.

For me, it’s not mindful to choose this malware over the ones that come up alongside reputable antivirus solutions such as malware protection is useless for complete all-round protection against cyber attacks.

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