All One Piece Arcs in Order

All One Piece Arcs in Order

If you’re a fan of the legendary manga and anime series, “One Piece,” you’re in for a treat. In this extensive guide, we will explore all the One Piece arcs in order, taking you on an incredible journey through the vast and captivating world created by Eiichiro Oda. From the East Blue Saga to the current arcs, we’ll delve into the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew, the Straw Hat Pirates.

East Blue Saga: Where It All Begins

East Blue Saga Where It All Begins

The “All One Piece Arcs in Order” adventure kicks off with the East Blue Saga, the foundation of the epic tale. This saga consists of the following arcs:

1. Romance Dawn Arc

The Romance Dawn Arc introduces us to the protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, and sets the stage for the remarkable adventures to come. Luffy’s encounter with Coby and his dream of becoming the Pirate King lay the groundwork for the entire series.

2. Orange Town Arc

Next up is the Orange Town Arc, where Luffy faces off against the sly Buggy the Clown. It’s a test of strength and determination as Luffy and his crewmates navigate the challenges of the Grand Line.

3. Syrup Village Arc

In the Syrup Village Arc, the Straw Hat Pirates encounter Usopp and learn about the legendary pirate hunter, Yasopp. This arc adds depth to the crew’s dynamics and explores the importance of dreams.

4. Baratie Arc

The Baratie Arc takes us to the Baratie, a floating restaurant where Sanji, the Straw Hat Pirates’ cook, works. Luffy’s battle against the fearsome Don Krieg is a highlight of this arc.

5. Arlong Park Arc

The Arlong Park Arc is a pivotal moment in the series as Luffy and his friends confront the tyrannical fish-man Arlong. This arc explores themes of freedom and justice, setting the tone for future adventures.

Grand Line Saga: Navigating the Uncharted Waters

After the East Blue Saga, the One Piece arcs take a grander scale as the crew enters the Grand Line. Here are the arcs that make up this exciting saga:

6. Loguetown Arc

Loguetown Arc is a crucial stop for the Straw Hat Pirates, as they approach the entrance to the Grand Line. It’s also where Luffy learns about Gol D. Roger, the Pirate King.

7. Reverse Mountain Arc

Reverse Mountain Arc features the crew’s encounter with Laboon, a giant whale with a tragic past. The arc highlights the importance of friendship and promises in the world of One Piece.

8. Whiskey Peak Arc

Whiskey Peak Arc sees the crew welcomed by the residents of Whiskey Peak, but things aren’t as they seem. Luffy and his friends must navigate this deceptive island to uncover the truth.

9. Little Garden Arc

Little Garden Arc takes us to a prehistoric island where the crew faces the giant warrior giants, Brogy and Dorry. This arc showcases the crew’s resilience and determination.

10. Drum Island Arc

In Drum Island Arc, the Straw Hat Pirates arrive at Drum Island, where they encounter Dr. Hiriluk and his unusual medical practices. It’s a heartwarming tale of hope and sacrifice.

11. Alabasta Arc

The Alabasta Arc is a sprawling saga where the crew becomes embroiled in a conflict between the royal family and the rebel army. Luffy’s battle against Crocodile is a highlight of this arc.

12. Jaya Arc

Jaya Arc takes us to the sky island of Skypiea, where the crew encounters the enigmatic Sky Island inhabitants. This arc delves into the concept of dreams and the pursuit of happiness.

13. Skypiea Arc

In the Skypiea Arc, the crew reaches the legendary Sky Island, where they face the formidable “God” Eneru. The arc explores themes of belief and divinity.

14. G-8 Arc

G-8 Arc is a filler arc in the series, offering a light-hearted break from the intense action of Skypiea. The crew must outsmart the Marines to escape from the base.

15. Long Ring Long Land Arc

The Long Ring Long Land Arc introduces the Davy Back Fight, a unique pirate competition where the Straw Hat Pirates face off against the Foxy Pirates in various challenges.

16. Water 7 Arc

Water 7 Arc is a critical juncture in the series, with the crew’s clash leading to Usopp’s departure and the revelation of the ancient weapon, Pluton.

17. Enies Lobby Arc

The Enies Lobby Arc is a high-stakes battle as the crew infiltrates the judicial island to rescue Nico Robin from the clutches of the World Government.

18. Post-Enies Lobby Arc

Post-Enies Lobby Arc sees the crew’s reunion and their journey to Water 7 to rebuild the Going Merry. It’s a touching and reflective interlude in the story.

19. Thriller Bark Arc

The Straw Hat Pirates encounter the spooky and enigmatic Gecko Moria in the Thriller Bark Arc. This arc is filled with horror, mystery, and unforgettable moments.

20. Sabaody Archipelago Arc

Sabaody Archipelago Arc takes us to the archipelago where the crew faces the brutal realities of the world when they cross paths with the Celestial Dragons.

21. Amazon Lily Arc

Amazon Lily Arc introduces us to the all-female warrior tribe and their leader, Boa Hancock. Luffy’s interactions with Hancock are a highlight of this arc.

22. Impel Down Arc

In the Impel Down Arc, Luffy must navigate the treacherous prison to rescue his brother, Ace. The arc is a thrilling descent into the depths of danger.

23. Marineford Arc

Marineford Arc is a monumental clash between the Marines and Whitebeard’s forces, with Luffy desperately trying to save Ace from his impending execution.

24. Post-War Arc

Post-War Arc deals with the aftermath of the Marineford War, as the crew faces the loss of Ace and its impact on their future.

The New World Saga: Onward to the Final Frontier

The New World Saga Onward to the Final Frontier

As the Straw Hat Pirates enter the New World, the stakes are higher than ever. Here are the arcs that continue their journey:

25. Return to Sabaody Arc

The Return to Sabaody Arc explores the consequences of their actions at Sabaody Archipelago, leading to a two-year separation of the crew.

26. Fish-Man Island Arc

Fish-Man Island Arc takes us to the underwater world of Fish-Man Island, where the crew confronts the racial tensions between fish-men and humans.

27. Punk Hazard Arc

Punk Hazard Arc sees the crew venturing into the icy and fiery island of Punk Hazard, where they cross paths with old foes and make new alliances.

28. Dressrosa Arc

Dressrosa Arc is a sprawling saga where Luffy and his allies confront the warlord Doflamingo and his tyrannical rule over Dressrosa.

29. Zou Arc

In the Zou Arc, the crew arrives at the giant elephant island of Zou, uncovering the mysterious history of the Mink Tribe and the importance of the Road Poneglyphs.

30. Whole Cake Island Arc

Whole Cake Island Arc takes us to the territory of the powerful Big Mom Pirates, where the crew aims to rescue Sanji from his arranged marriage.

31. Reverie Arc

Reverie Arc is a political interlude that explores the global repercussions of the Straw Hat Pirates’ actions, including the rise of the Revolutionary Army.

32. Wano Country Arc

Wano Country Arc is the current epic saga where the crew enters the isolated and samurai-themed Wano Country to take down the tyrant Kaido and liberate the land.


In this comprehensive guide, we’ve taken you through all the One Piece arcs in order, from the East Blue Saga to the ongoing Wano Country Arc. The world of One Piece is rich, diverse, and filled with intriguing characters, epic battles, and powerful themes. As the Straw Hat Pirates continue their journey to find the legendary treasure, the “One Piece,” the adventure is far from over. Dive into this captivating series and experience the magic of Eiichiro Oda’s masterpiece for yourself.

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