13 Best Headphones for Mixing

13 Best Headphones for Mixing

If you require mixing headphones, choosing the best solution for your purpose will help you take your performance to the next level. Closed-back headsets are best for live studio recording because they allow you to listen to the recording without sound leaking into the mic. In contrast hand, many sound engineers may favor realistic and spacious open-back headphones for mixing. The best mixing headphones frequently contain a coiled wire to provide enough mobility in your studio. However, the decision is entirely subjective, and occasionally the differences seem slight and barely discernible.

13 Best Studio Headphones for Mixing – A Comprehensive and Well-Researched List

1. Sennheiser HD 800S

Sennheiser HD 800S

Sennheiser HD 800 S is the most fabulous open-back studio headphones. Unlike its closed-back cousins, Sennheiser studio headphones’ design allows audio to escape the ear cups and interact with the atmosphere around you, resulting in a more vivid and realistic soundstage. 

They include an extra detachable audio wire in the box along with a 1/4″ to 1/8″ adaptor. They also fit very well and have solid, premium quality. The HD 800 S is a well-made headset targeted for critical listening, as evidenced by its appearance. Large open-back ear cups and the headband are stabilized with solid plastic and aluminum. The earcups and headband are well-padded and have comfortable cushioning, making them suitable for lengthy sessions. Although it is a large headset, its design allows it to adjust the head well.

Additionally, the headset’s expansive ear cups provide a comfortable listening experience because they don’t exert too much pressure on the ears. The sizeable open-back ear cups of the headset allow for ample airflow, which makes it breathable and ideal for controlling temperature.

The sound profile of these professional open-back headphones is relatively balanced, with an accurate mid-range response that guarantees vocals and lead instruments sound clear and precise. They also have a well-balanced treble response that is neither shrill nor harsh, making them the best headphones for mixing. However, they have trouble recreating the thump and rumble of low bass, much like most open-back headphones do. 

2. AKG K701 Mixing Headphones

AKG K701 Mixing Headphones

The AKG K701 is an excellent headset for mixing and mastering. Despite being comfortable and substantial, the K701’s quirky design limits it to indoor use only. The headband strap is automatically adjustable to fit different head sizes and shapes, and the ear cups are big and well-padded.

Furthermore, the suede-like material gives the headphones a premium outlook, and even if you wear the headset for extended periods, it won’t make you tired. Although the headphones have incredible breathability, they are not portable like the other headsets in their class. It also has thick ear cups with a medium construction. The stability is average because the headset is unsuitable for sports or strenuous activities. The headset has a 9.77-foot cable that is not detachable, along with a 1/4″ to 1/8″ adapter.

The bass is excellent and reliable, and the headphones sound fantastic. The treble is above average, with the low treble being overemphasized. Additionally, the imaging and frequency response constancy is outstanding. Both the total harmonic distortion and the soundstage are average. However, noise isolation and leakage are not sound because of the larger soundstage. Their soft foam ear cushions coated in velour make them surprisingly comfortable to wear despite their enormous appearance. They feature the flat-wire voice coil design from AKG and have an open-backed, over-ear construction. 

They are excellent if you’re considering getting a new pair for mixing.

3. Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

With a reasonable price range and unique features, the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro is intended for studio use.

The DT 990 Pro is a robust and open-back headset with excellent design. It has a practical design and is relatively small. While the headband is entirely constructed of metallic material and has a gorgeous, detachable cushion cover, the earcups are coated in soft fabric for comfort.

Additionally, the tight fit on your head and the expansive, well-padded ear cups that snugly wrap around your ears reduce sound leaking. The headset’s outstanding breathability makes it pleasant for prolonged sessions.

Furthermore, it is relatively stable and undoubtedly not made for sports, making it inappropriate for strenuous physical activities. The cable is 3.77 feet long and isn’t removable. Along with the DT 990 Pro headphones, the box contains a 1/8″ to 1/4″ adapter, a manual, and a carrying pouch. The mids are almost faultless, and the bass range is well-extended, consistent, and superb. Although the treble is well-balanced, the sub-bass is a little underwhelming. 

Furthermore, although having outstanding imaging, the frequency response consistency could be better. The total harmonic distortion is excellent, and the soundstage is large. The headset’s isolation is poor, making it unsuitable for noisy areas. Overall, the headphones are fabulous and reasonably priced.

4. Shure SRH1840 Mixing Headphone

Shure SRH1840 Mixing Headphone

Shure is an American firm that manufactures a wide range of wireless solutions such as mics, in-ear monitors, mixers, and headphones. The SRH-1840 is a reasonably priced, excellent-sounding headset.

The headset is practical in appearance and extremely expensive. It has a seven-foot-long, double-entry, detachable cord that is straight (not coiled) and serves as the connecting medium. The soft velour ear pads on the headset make them pleasant to wear even during long sessions, helping it feel comfortable despite not being very lightweight. The headband is additionally flexible and well-padded, which facilitates simple adjustment. It breathes well and leaks barely at all. 

The SRH-1840 is praised for its superb sound quality and is considered the best headphone mixer. The top treble and bass are outstanding. You will become completely engrossed in how SRH-1840 executes each note with great insight. Both the accuracy of the frequency response and the overall harmonic distortion are excellent. On the whole, the combo is terrific, but given the price tag that comes with it, it could be better.

5. Acoustic Research AR-H1 Headphone

Acoustic Research AR-H1 Headphone

The new planar magnetic headset has astonished a lot of audiophiles due to its features and innovative specifications. The AR-H1 model is a high-end, beautifully designed, and remarkably effective headset.

The AR-H1 is a pair of open over-the-ear headphones. The magnetic structure is made up of an 86mm rectangular diaphragm with single-sided magnets positioned in between. The headset has a luxurious appearance because of the combination of dark bronze and black details, metallic grills, and small, randomly placed equilateral triangles.

In addition, the headband end pieces include an embedded AR logo. The materials and construction appear to be of the highest quality. The driver baffle plate has a plastic finish, and the headband arm ends are made of synthetic materials. The top earpads are detachable and can be pulled off with a tug thanks to the memory foam and premium protein leather that renders them so fantastic. Five feet of 2.5mm mono plugs are present at each end of the cable.

Planar magnetic field driver headphones perform excellently in terms of performance. Excellent bass is combined with balanced mids and crisp highs. The frequency response consistency and breathability are outstanding and come with a thoughtful design. The headset’s soundstage is average, but its total harmonic distortion is high.

The excellent isolation levels and negligible sound leakage let you operate comfortably in congested environments. Overall, the headset justifies its price point and has a beautiful design.

6. Samson SR850

Samson SR850

Recent positive reviews and responses helped Samson become Amazon’s Choice. It has a straightforward look and provides tons of functionality at a reasonable price.

The headset is a semi-open-back studio headphone, but most of it is made of soft plastic because of the price. Moreover, the vinyl ear pads have issues with ventilation, which causes hot ears, making them unsuitable for longer sessions.

The cable, meanwhile, arrives undamaged and is tangle-free. The headband may be adjusted to fit the user’s skull size, and if used for prolonged periods, the only hearing issue you might experience is one related to temperature. Although relatively stable, the headset is not appropriate for workouts. The box includes a 1/8-inch to 1/4-inch adapter and a user guide.

Users admire the SR850’s performance, given its price range. Even if the sound quality differs from more expensive headsets, the price-to-performance ratio was surprisingly good. The headset’s mids are crisp and smooth, while the highs are detailed but occasionally could sound murky.

Additionally, the soundstage is transparent and spacious. However, the bass is only average. Although there is little sound leakage, the isolation does not meet high expectations. Overall, the SR850 is a fantastic deal at the current pricing.

7. HiFiMan Edition XS Headphones

HiFiMan Edition XS Headphones

The HiFiMan Edition XS is the successor of the HiFiMan Edition X, a pair of open-back planar-magnetic headphones. They differ from their ancestor in that they feature a narrower diaphragm and a more traditional headband to aid in reproducing details in tracks while minimizing distortion. They also feature the manufacturer’s “Stealth Magnets” technology to enhance audio quality.

The HiFiMan Edition XS headphones vary slightly from the rest of the manufacturer’s headset choices. Instead of a ski band headband, they have a standard headband. However, because of how big the headphones are, you have to add foam to the headband of the unit to make it more comfortable for the ears of the dummy head. There are silver grilles that rest on your jaw and feature an extended ear cup design. However, they are only available in the shade “Black.”

The grip of these headphones is cozy. They have thick padding, and the headband material is comfortable. The HiFiMan Edition X and HiFiMan Arya are two more models from this manufacturer’s catalog, although the headband seems thicker. The headphones are also giant and might be too big for someone with a small head.

The sound profile of the HiFiMan Edition XS is comparatively neutral and ideal for a range of audio sources. They don’t have the low bass that closed-back headphones typically have, but they can offer more thump and rumble than the HiFiMan Ananda. They are a good fit for genres like classical or folk since the lead instruments and voices also sound distinct and present.

The bass accuracy of the HiFiMan Edition XS is superb. They offer just enough warmth and intensity to avoid overpowering or obscuring the other music in your collection. Audio leakage is a common issue with these headphones. Even at an average volume, if you’re listening to audio close to other people, they can still listen to you.

8. ADAM Audio Studio Pro SP-5 Closed-Back Headphones

ADAM Audio Studio Pro SP-5 Closed-Back Headphones

The Pro SP-5 Headphones are made under the ADAM Audio brand and are renowned for their excellent design and editing qualities. The product also produces excellent results for customers and is appropriate for mixing. The device, which belongs to the category of over-ear headphones, is one of the best closed-back headphones currently available.

The headphones also include S-LOGIC Plus technology from Ultrasone. The technology arranges acoustic objects in particular spatial fields. As a result, it produces organic imaging that simplifies customer mixing. The technology’s ability to reduce sound pressure, which significantly lessens in-ear fatigue, is another fantastic benefit.

Their construction offers the ideal foundation for sound isolation. A further benefit of metal shielding is a 98% reduction in magnetic radiation. It is also a great gaming headphone, which is another usage for it.

A decentralized driver is also a feature of the device, which ensures that audio reaches the outer ear before reaching the inner ear or eardrum in addition to the previously described characteristics. Consequently, the users get a three-dimensional hearing experience.

The ADAM Audio Studio Pro SP-5 Headphones are a classy, contemporary product with a closed-back appearance. Because it offers users a private environment, the tool is appropriate for mixing and editing.

9. Audio-Technica ATH-M70X Closed-Back Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M70X Closed-Back Headphones

ATH-M70X Closed-Back Headphones by Audio-Technica is another closed-back pair of headphones made exclusively for mixing. The instrument is packed with neodynamic drivers and can produce a wide range of frequencies without reducing performance. The device is also adaptable and ideal for studio applications such as mixing, recording, mastering, live performance, etc.

Additionally, these headphones are very portable, strong, and resistant to damage. Other notable qualities of the ATH-M70x headphones include comfort and portability. The wide frequency range allows consumers to hear even the lowest frequencies in the audio.

In addition, the device has a robust plastic frame that, when combined with an adjustable headband, gives it incredible strength. The headset’s quality has been updated by adding three different detachable and interchangeable cords, making it appropriate for most users.

However, these headphones produce low-end frequencies that may interfere with the bass response and produce distorted results. 

The outstanding qualities of these headphones make them a flexible product. The device’s significant features, such as a wide frequency range and interchangeable cords, make it ideal for mixing and mastering. Additionally, the headphones are lightweight and reasonably priced.

10. SoundWarrior SW-HP10s Headphones

SoundWarrior SW-HP10s Headphones

If you’re looking for good headphones for music, try SoundWarrior SW-HP10s. The lack of air vents distinguishes closed-back headphones from other types of headphones. These devices provide sound isolation by trapping the sounds inside the ear pad. However, another issue associated with this function is the overheating of headphones, resulting from the heat trapped inside the system.

Despite being robust and resilient, the product itself seems light and airy. Nevertheless, users may carry the headset anywhere they like without worrying too much about breaking it. As a result, these headphones fit the description of a portable gadget with unique features.

The product can be used for mixing and mastering and is generally rather good. The high-frequency level is beneficial for creating a proper mix. As a result, powerful audio can be generated using sources of little power because of low impedance.

The small and lightweight SoundWarrior SW-HP10s headphones are specific for professional use. They are flexible and produce reliable results. In short, if you’re looking for something professional, comfortable, and budget-friendly, SoundWarrior SW-HP10s is the best choice.

11. Sennheiser HD 200 PRO

Sennheiser HD 200 PRO

The closed-back Sennheiser HD 200 PRO headphones are the ideal mixing headsets at this price range if you have a tight budget. They create professional sound quality without breaking the bank.

The HD 200 PROs include neodymium drivers that produce clear sound with a solid low-end. With a more significant frequency response, these headsets have plenty of room to analyze every frequency in your music. You can be confident that the mix you receive when using these headphones will be accurate in terms of the acoustic properties and intensities.

They have soft, lightweight earpads and a cushioned headband that doesn’t stress the head. Because they are so light, it doesn’t matter that they fit a little snugly on the head. The ear cushions give the headphones superior noise isolation, which keeps outside noise out. Despite their high density, they are relatively light in weight.

The HD 200 PROs are excellent for recording, mixing, and editing because they don’t let any audio leak into the microphone. They make good mixing and mastering headphones that can also be used for DJing, attending live performances, and private listening within the studio.

The Sennheiser HD 200 PROs can be the best headphones for music production if you want something within a reasonable budget. They are solid and comfy, but if you have a giant skull or wear glasses, they may feel tight against your head and pressure your ears. They provide a balanced, crisp tone overall, making them a fantastic option for novices.

12. Grado Labs PS2000e

Grado Labs PS2000e

Even though Grado Labs may not be a well-known name in the audio world, they have more than 60 years of industry experience. It took approximately one and a half years to make the PS2000e professional reference headphones for studio mixing.

The PS2000e headphones have an open-back design and are comprised of metal and wood, having a large leather headband with extra padding, a hand-carved maple wood interior, and a smoked chrome finish. Therefore, they provide a distinctive, intended effect with fantastic tones.

The wood-metal combination reduces harsh frequencies, ringing, and harmonic distortion. For an accurate display of your audio data, the PS2000e eliminates signal coloring. 

A new panel and a driver grill ensure that the audio signal from the diaphragm is diffraction-free. The driver’s housing lessens echoes and distortion. The PS2000e reproduces a vast sound stage with accuracy. Each note sounds very detailed and expansive when played over these headphones.

The frequency response range of Grado Labs is comprehensive, ranging from 5 Hz to 50 kHz. They’re undoubtedly audiophile-quality headphones, but they lack the coloring that audiophile-quality headphones heavy metal should have.

Despite being the priciest, the Grado PS2000e headphones are undoubtedly among the best mixing headphones. The maple wood enhances the headphones’ sonic effectiveness, and they have astonishingly accurate sound.

13. Focal Listen Professional

 Focal Listen Professional

Focal is a well-known producer of high-quality audio devices. Following the footsteps of the legendary Spirit Professional model, the Listen Professional closed-back headphones have been under development for a very long time.

The titanium-coated dome on the Mylar suspension aids in broadening the frequency range and breaking up the low end. Precise mid-range frequencies, soaring high-end, and strong bass with minimum distortion are all present. The frequency response range is perfect for mixing and mastering. The ear cups are composed of firm, heat-sensitive memory foam and are covered in microfiber. The headphones have a silicone-lined headband that molds to your head for the most comfortable listening experience while you’re in the studio for an extended time. The package contains two oxygen-free copper cables. You may use one of them with your smartphone to make calls or control your music because it has a remote and microphone.

The Focal Listen Professional headphones’ rapid folding, lightweight, and portability make them ideal for mixing and mastering. They are compatible with smartphones and have strong drivers and passive noise isolation. They are, therefore, perfect multi-purpose mixing headsets. Low-distortion Mylar and titanium drivers are features of the Listen Professional headphones that make it simple to access top-notch music.

If you’re a producer searching for a versatile pair of headphones, the Focal Listen Professional models are a great solution. 


When selecting headphones for mixing and mastering, tread carefully. Closed-backs are more helpful in reducing outside noise. Even though they are great for hearing in noisy, crowded environments, they cannot perform the best job of mixing and editing realistic sounds. On the other hand, open-back headphones typically offer a better soundstage and provide a more excellent acoustic sound than being stiff and pressing on your eardrums.

Although open-back headphones are more precise and ideal for mixing and mastering; however, closed-back headphones will suffice if high-quality open-back headphones are out of your budget range.

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