Best Assault Rifles to Use in Destiny 2

3 Best Assault Rifles to Use in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has plenty of weapons for you to choose from. The developers have done a remarkable job by adding a plethora of them. Each one is different from the other, and multiple types of weapons are available. We have Shotguns that are deadly in close-ranged scenarios, Snipers that can help you get ranged kills, and so on. However, today we’ll be talking about some of the best Assault Rifles in Destiny 2. Also, if you’re planning to increase your character’s Light Level, then you might wanna check out the Light Level Boost as it can help you speed up the process. 

3 Best Assault Rifles in Destiny 2

3 Best Assault Rifles in Destiny 2

Assault Rifles are considered the perfect all-rounder weapons in Destiny 2. These weapons are perfect for multiple situations. While they are extremely useful in close to mid-range gunfights, they can even help you target enemies that are a little far away. This makes them a popular choice among players. Assault Rifles can deal a decent amount of damage with each hit. They are also not that difficult to control. However, not every Assault Rifle is going to help you dominate a match. Therefore, it’s important to know which ones are the best. 

To help you out, we are going to mention some of the best Assault Rifles that we found in Destiny 2. Keep in mind that the following list is based on our personal preferences. Some of you might find other Assault Rifles better than these ones, and that is totally okay as it’s different for everyone. So without any further due, let’s dive into the list.

Ether Doctor

The first Assault Rifle that we would like to mention is the Ether Doctor. This is a Legendary Kinetic Auto Rifle that can help you dominate every fight, that is if you learn how to control it first. The thing which makes this weapon one of the best in Destiny 2 is its ability to use both Sights and Scopes. Thanks to this, you can use this weapon in different ranges. 

The Ether Doctor is capable of firing 600 rounds per minute. Furthermore, it has a great magazine size as it stores 41 bullets in its clip. Thanks to this, you won’t have to worry about reloading your weapon again and again. Its reload speed is also pretty decent and better than some of the other Assault Rifles present in the game. Overall, it’s an amazing weapon that you should try in combat. 

Gnawing Hunger

Next up, we have the Gnawing Hunger. This is another Legendary Auto Rifle, but this one is based on Energy. Like the Ether Doctor, this one can also fire 600 rounds per minute. However, its magazine size is a little bigger than it, as this one can store 43 bullets. Furthermore, its range is also significantly better than the Ether Doctor, having set at 53. This means that the Gnawing Hunger will let you target enemies that are even farther away. 

Unlike the Ether Doctor, which allows the player to change its Sights and Scopes, this one lets you choose from different Barrels. While this may sound appealing to some, it might be a negative point for others as you’re stuck with a short sight that comes equipped with the Gnawing Hunger. But if you’re fine with that, then the weapon is an absolute beast in combat, and you’ll enjoy going on a killing spree with it. You can also use Accurized Rounds with this weapon, which will increase the range by +10. 

Arc Logic

The Arc Logic is a Legendary Energy Auto Rifle that has the same clip size as the Ether Doctor. Furthermore, its range is also similar to it. It offers an Adaptive Frame and has a pretty quick reload speed, better than a lot of other ARs in Destiny 2. While its stability might not be as great as the weapons mentioned above, you can improve its stats with the right perks and Barrels. And as it features Barrel options, you can not change its Sight. This means that you will be stuck with a Short Range Sight while using the Arc Logic. While some players do love this Sight, there are much better options available. 

Just like the Gnawing Hunger, the Arc Logic can also use Accurized Rounds. Thanks to this, you can increase the weapon’s range by +10 and target enemies that are at a great distance. In terms of perks, it is recommended to get something that can increase its reload speed, such as the Outlaw perk, and pair it with another perk that can increase its damage output. This way, you’ll have a weapon that reloads instantly and can take down the target in only a few hits. What more can you ask for?

Rangefinder also works pretty well with this weapon, as this will increase the effectiveness of the range and improve zoom magnification. This can help you overcome the problem of being stuck with a Short Sight Range. 

These were some of the best Assault Rifles in Destiny 2. These weapons can help you in both PvE and PvP activities. An important thing to keep in mind is that having these weapons isn’t going to be enough to help you dominate a match. You will need to learn how to aim properly because if you’re not landing all of your shots on your target, then you’re just wasting your time. Therefore, make sure to improve your aim as well if you want to get better at gunfights. Another wise thing would be to learn the recoil pattern of your weapons, as this will help you control them better.

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