Xbox one Power supply orange light? Try these fixes

Xbox one Power Supply Orange Light? Try these Fixes

If you have an Xbox one console at your place, you would be familiar with most of its hardware components and features; status light is worth mentioning in this respect.

You might have seen the status light numerous times on your Xbox device; basically, these status lights are quite advantageous in a way as these are supposed to make the troubleshooting process more straightforward. Each color indicates a specific state, such as usually you see a white light during the booting process.

Likewise, you can also see a few other colors like red, orange, yellow, etc., as an indicator of a specific problem; here, the orange-colored light is the primary subject of this entire discussion.

Basically, the orange light indicates the Xbox one power supply issue; you may see the orange light in varying states; in some cases, it starts blinking that basically occur due to an internal matter, while in other scenarios, you may experience a steady or constant orange light that mainly hints about the external problems.

My Xbox one won’t turn on

The Xbox one users often report an error in their Xbox one consoles in which they come across a black screen on the attempt to turn on Xbox One console, and the console show a consistent orange light to indicate there is something wrong with it. Note that this sort of issue is more common in first-generation Xbox one consoles.

This orange-colored indicator light turns on due to a built-in surge protection feature and illustrates that the Xbox one is not receiving enough power supply. Actually, in this particular problem, when a user connects an Xbox one console to a power source outlet, the console doesn’t get the required power, and an orange light starts flashing on the device; subsequently, the Xbox won’t turn on.

What causes the “Xbox one won’t turn on” issue?

Xbox one Power supply orange light? Try these fixes

Closer analysis may highlight various causes that might lead to such a troubling state; in this respect, we have enlisted a few here.

Power outage

If your Xbox one console isn’t booting accurately or you are encountering a black screen consistently, then meanwhile, you will notice a steady orange light too; all this occurs primarily because of a power outage issue.

The power outage is often considered one of the most common causes of the relative problem because, in such a case, your Xbox console doesn’t receive enough power required to work smoothly.

Clogged Xbox power brick

The Xbox one power brick is the core of the entire system, so it always needs to be in a good state. So, if the console is encountering some sort of booting issue, then the power brick might be clogged or dirty, and subsequently, it might be unable to supply the required power to the console.

Damaged Xbox power cable

Suppose the Xbox One console isn’t working due to the power outage. In most cases, a damaged Xbox one power cord or cable might be the primary cause of this power outage. A damaged line can neither get the power properly from the power outlet nor transfer it to the power supply unit.

How to fix Xbox one power supply orange light issue?

How to fix Xbox one power supply orange light issue?

The orange light or, in other words, power supply issue isn’t a critical issue because, as you might have noticed in the causes section, it is an external issue, so you don’t need to get messed with internal hardware. Therefore, it can be fixed instantly merely by implementing a few basic fixing tactics enlisted below.

Re-plug the Xbox one console 

Sometimes the Xbox one console may stop working due to any temporary glitch in the Xbox power cord or in the power source outlet. In such a scenario, you don’t need to implement the complex fixes initially; in the first place, you can try out the more straightforward tactics in order to get out of a problematic state.

  • So, at first, you need to unplug the power supply unit from the respective power outlet.
  • Wait for a specific period, about 10 minutes, then plug the power supply cable back into the power outlet again.
  • Afterward, you can check whether the issue has been resolved or not.

Change the power source outlet.

Many times, the power supply issue might be associated with the power source, too, because maybe the console isn’t getting enough power from the source, which is causing the orange light issue. So initially, you have to make sure the cable is correctly inserted in the power source outlet.

Secondly, you need to ensure that the respective power outlet supplies sufficient power to make the console work properly. To test the power outlet in this respect, you can either connect another device to the same outlet, or you may need to plug your Xbox one console power supply unit into any other outlet.

If in the first case, the new device works properly with this outlet, that indicates the issue is somehow in the console, while in the other case, if your Xbox console works correctly on plugging into a new power outlet, this confirms that the previous outlet was out of order, so you can proceed by changing the power source outlet of your Xbox console.

Reset the power supply unit 

Although earlier, we have suggested re-plug the Xbox one console, which was mainly associated with the power outlet connection with the power supply. However, if nothing works in your case, then you might need to reset the power supply unit entirely. To do so:

  • Detach the Xbox one power cord and all other cables from connected ends.
  • Then you need to wait for a few seconds (minimum 10 seconds) until the power supply fully resets.
  • Now, plug the cables again, which were detached previously. (Only plug the Power cable into the power supply outlet, and don’t connect your power unit to the console for a while).
  • Check if the LED light of the power unit is on or not; if it gets on, then connect the power supply unit with the console. (Make sure the LED light is still on before you turn on the console.)
  • Contrarily if the LED light doesn’t get on at all or blinks in orange color (before connecting power unit to console), that means the problem is with the console.
  • So, you actually need to replace your power unit with a new one in such a case.


The orange light in an Xbox one console is basically an indicator light that often depicts the standby mode of the console. Still, if it remains steady for an undefined period and consequently you come across a black screen on the console, then this is a matter of concern.

So, it is understood that the Xbox one won’t turn on if there is an issue with the orange power light. The orange light of the console has nothing to do with the internal structure of the console, as it is basically an external power supply issue.

If you are stuck in a similar problematic state, you need to make sure that the Xbox one power brick and all the connected cables are in good condition and there is no issue with the power source outlet.

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