b2bwoo review

B2BWoo Review

Everyone in the B2B industry has now heard of the phenomenal growth of B2B eCommerce and the massive opportunities staring right at them.

The big data showing how customer behaviors are changing and how your business buyers are craving for more convenient, consumer-like experiences has been making its rounds for quite a while.

And unless you’re someone who likes living in a bubble, you’d be definitely giving serious thought to how you can make the move.

But the more you think about it, the more stumped you feel. Getting an online B2B store is a big leap that feels impossible and very costly to make.

Enter B2BWoo, a wholesale solution for WooCommerce that helps you navigate the B2B eCommerce landscape safely and smoothly.

The Main Challenges You Face in B2B eCommerce

B2B eCommerce

One of the major challenges is to cater to the unique and complicated needs of your business buyers. Business buyers are very different from direct consumers, and so, the traditional eCommerce model where you display a product catalog and expect the consumers to easily self-serve and purchase online doesn’t work well in B2B. 

B2B eCommerce models are more personalized according to the way your buyers shop with you. And since each business is unique and your buyers can have totally different needs than other B2B companies, creating a one-fit-all solution for B2B eCommerce is way more complex than it is for B2C.

That’s precisely the reason why you don’t find many eCommerce platforms that can cater to B2B. And the ones that do – like Shopify Plus and Magento – will cost you a fortune to get up and running with your online B2B store. So, that’s our second challenge in the digital transformation of B2B companies. 

And guess what, most companies fall at the first hurdle and keep selling the old-school way– through phone, sales reps, and shedloads of emails. 

How WooCommerce Can Help Solve the B2B Challenge?

There are several reasons why WooCommerce is a good fit for B2B: 

  • It’s open-source: being open-source gives WooCommerce unparalleled flexibility and versatility. You can steer your eCommerce project in any direction you want by adding whatever features you like and integrating it with 3rd party software and tools. 
  • You can cater to your B2B audience’s unique needs: When it comes to setting up and customizing WooCommerce, the sky is the limit. Since you own the code, you can customize it any way you want. And so, you can add whatever features that you think will improve the buying experience of your buyers and help you sell better.
  • There is a huge community of WooCommerce developers and specialized WordPress services: this means you never run out of help. Whether you need a custom feature or want to get a WordPress maintenance service to keep your site secure and optimized, you’ll find someone who can help you. 

That said, let’s take a look at what B2BWoo is and how it can help you create a seamless self-service experience for your business buyers. 

B2BWoo – Is It the Ultimate B2B eCommerce Solution for WooCommerce? 

B2BWoo is a complete wholesale solution for WooCommerce stores. It’s backed by years of research into the B2B industry and the insights about what different needs business buyers have in different industry verticals and what challenges they bring to a company’s digital transformation process. 

B2BWoo caters to almost all the challenging needs and demands of different business buyers in different industry verticals. That means whether you’re an auto-parts manufacturer or a distributor of heavy grade industrial machinery, B2BWoo will have the features you need to cater to the unique challenges of your business.

In other words, it’s a one-fit-all solution for B2B eCommerce!

B2BWoo Features – The Most Wholesome, One-in-All Package 

B2BWoo offers a range of features designed specifically to cater to the complicated needs of business buyers. Here’s a run-down of what it offers: 

Dynamic Pricing Structure

Dynamic Pricing Structure

One challenge most commonly shared with B2B companies is the ability to offer custom pricing to different sets of customers. So, a B2B company might have different payment terms with different buyers, and they need to display a pre-negotiated price to them. In other words, a one-price-fits-all rarely works in B2B business models. 

To accommodate this, B2BWoo allows you to create complex pricing rules by creating user roles and customer groups and offering role-based discounts by associating your customers with those roles and groups and offering different prices based on those. 

A Seamless Quotation Engine

Another common but difficult-to-digitize need of business buyers is custom quote requests. Business buyers often request custom quotations based on the quantity they need and other customization requests. To facilitate communication between the buyer and sales reps, B2BWoo offers a very powerful quotation functionality. 

This quotation functionality allows you to display a Request for Quote button on every product, which redirects the buyer to a special quotation portal where the buyer can submit the quantity needed and his price bid. 

The sales rep, on the other end, has access to his own quotation portal that allows him to view the quotation requests and respond to them by offering his own price or by accepting the bid offered by the customer. 

Email triggers facilitate the communication between the buyer and the sales rep, and separate quotation portals on both ends allow both parties to easily accept or reject quotations. 

On accepting, the buyer is redirected to the checkout process where he can place the order for the price negotiated between them. 

Custom Payment Methods


Many business buyers have special payment terms with you like net 30 or net 60. B2BWoo allows you to personalize the checkout form for individual customers by offering them an option to choose the payment terms they have with you. 

A Wholesale Lead Capture Form

A Wholesale Lead Capture Form

The great B2B experience starts with a signup. To personalize the buying experience for your buyers, you need to first recruit them into your wholesale program and save their data. To do this, you need a signup form with an admin approvals functionality. 

B2BWoo allows you to add a customizable signup form to your site with a simple shortcode and activate admin approval so all new user signups will have to be approved by the seller before they are given access to the product pricing. 

That brings us to the next feature on our list: Price gating for non-logged-in users. 

Price Gating for the Public

One of the norms in the B2B industry is not to display product prices to the general public. It can be to prevent the competition from getting a head start or because the company offers a customized quote based on the specific requirements of the buyer. 

Whatever the case may be, B2BWoo offers a simple feature to gate pricing for non-logged-in users and instead shows a “Sign Up To View” button on products. 

Custom Catalogs

Another unique and demanding challenge in the B2B industry is to create custom catalogs for your buyers and only display products that are relevant for them. 

For example, if you’re a supplier of custom apparel, you’ll want to show the products customized for the buyer that is browsing your site instead of showing all the products in your catalog. This improves the buying experience by a huge degree. 

B2BWoo includes a Catalog Visibility feature that allows you to create custom catalogs based on different factors like user roles, customer groups, individual customers, geo-location, and average order value. 

Corporate Account Management

Then comes another challenging demand of B2B buyers – the need to manage their buying teams and create workflows that align with the way they make purchases. 

B2BWoo includes robust Roles and Permissions functionalities that allow you to add a corporate account instead of an individual customer account. Your buyer has the ability to add his own team members in the company account and assign them roles and permissions. With features like cart sharing, buyers can create workflows that align with their buying process and allow them to self-serve their own accounts. 

Customer Experience Optimization Features

B2BWoo includes many other features that optimize the customer experience and make it easy for business buyers to buy online from your store. These include: 

  • Product tables that make it easy for customers to browse through your catalog and find what they need to buy
  • Quick order forms that facilitate bulk orders through a simple order form with an additional CSV import option.
  • The ability to place recurring orders automatically by setting a schedule of when you need them. 
  • A checkout solution that allows buyers to save and manage multiple addresses so they can conveniently place orders for multiple branches and offices. 

B2BWoo Pricing

When it comes to buying B2BWoo, you have two distinct options.

B2BWoo Wholesale Plugin Bundle


The B2BWoo Wholesale Plugin bundle includes a bundle of plugins that offer all the features listed above that cater to the unique needs and challenges of B2B buyers. 

If you already have a technical team that can maintain and optimize your WooCommerce store on a regular basis, you can grab the B2BWoo Wholesale Plugin Bundle and start selling wholesale with its incredible wholesale features. 

The B2BWoo Wholesale Plugin Bundle is priced at $99.

B2BWoo eCommerce Platform 

Alternatively, you can also sign up for the Fully Managed and Hosted B2BWoo eCommerce Platform, which gets you started without any hassle and without the complexities of regular maintenance. 

The B2BWoo eCommerce Platform is currently in the beta phase and is seeking beta testers for its program. 

Reach out to them if you want to jump on board and start your B2B digital transformation. 

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